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BG: Personal Bodyguard 2
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Nov 6, 2020
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I'm sorry if there's a lot of grammatical mistake, English is not my first language.

After binge watch this drama from the first season, I feel like the season 2 is a disappointment compared to season 1. There is a few major change in this season, most notably the series become a "buddy cop" type of drama instead of a squadron (if you watch this season you will know why).

Although the second season have a more interesting episodic story and character, but the main plot is not as interesting as the first season. the first one is kinda make you want to dig more about Shimazaki's (KimuTaku) and Commander Murata's (Takaya Kamikawa) past, but the second season doesn't have one. To describe it, it's the usual "David vs Goliath" story.

The acting is as good as the first season. but the love-hate relationship between the main 2 character is a bit off for a buddy cop drama, probably due to it having seven episode.

Speaking of why is it only have 7 episode, i think the pandemic could be the main cause and it's acceptable. you can see some re-shoot and there's a bit of plot hole in the series. the show feel rushed after the 4th episode, i think they're once planning a 9-11 episode.

Not the best show to watch if you're not the main lead fan or a fan from season 1. I hope that they can do better in the third season.

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Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!
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Fev 7, 2021
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Worth the hype! (Short review)

Plot: This movie is basically Crows Zero 2 but with "over the top" comedy. My only disappointment in this movie is that the movie exclusive lead is kinda ruining the movie, without him the movie would be just fine.

Acting: Much better than the drama, most of them improved so much. Also props to Kanna Hashimoto and The teachers they did well as ice breaking characters.

Music: one of the weak part of the movie, a bit meh and forgettable.

Overall: The movie is much better than the series, just need a bit of improvement. Solid A from me.
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Yoiko no Mikata
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Jan 29, 2021
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short review

A heartwarming drama that involved a passionate substitute male preschool teacher that give 101% for the children.

Acting: Not the best, but i think Sho is criminally underrated during his early acting career. He is really into this role and it seems like he is a legit substitute teacher, the only issue for him is that he is overexaggerating in some parts of the drama. The supporting cast is great, especially the Supervisor and "Ojichan-sensei".

Music: Perfect. more/less it's a mixture of Disney music (used in cheerful scene) and K-drama (used in sad/tense scene). it successfully make me (heavily) crying in most of the episode (as a person whose eyes only a bit watery when watching 1 litre of tears). If only they didn't repetitively use Ruppina's song over and over in every episode i would give it a 10.

this drama is a bit old, but decent. my issue with this drama (other than the one that i mentioned above) is that it's too long for a drama that Involved a preschool setting. many unnecessary scene, making it feels to formulative.

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