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No More Bets chinese drama review
No More Bets
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by Beckypanda
Fev 2, 2024
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Musical 9.0
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Honest Review

This movie made 3.8 billion RMB box office so I was curious and after watching it, I totally get why. It is off the bat captivating and a very realistic subject we can all relate to. Who doesn't want to make some fast cash? Cyber fraud is very real nowadays playing into the minds of those struggling wishing to make a quick fortune. It is base on a true story which is totally my thing but I would not trust all the details with any China movie/drama. However it is directed beautifully, well cast, fast pace, engaging, relatable and a great subject to warn society about a very real problem. I would say every actor did their job but female lead and the villains shined the most and their characters are more challenging.
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