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~About me~

• Prf : Chomsky from Trollhunters
• Serial thriller watcher
• Guilty pleasure : makjang & romcoms
• Don't trust my CW list
• Dropper

• Binger (somtimes)
• OST lover
• Spoiler hater
• Feeds & Chill
• My humor is cringey


It doesn't make sense but generally, 7.5 is for average dramas/movies while 10 is for the ones which made me ignore their imperfections and I don't rate 5 or less 'cause I won't finish watching anything I believe it deserves this rating. 


I usually write reviews when I have inspiration. Through them, I want to share my general thoughts or/and talk with more depth about the story.

Average words per review : 1027

As you see, I tend to write a LOT because, I may not know how to start writing a review, but I don't know how to stop writing either.

My reviews are the reflection of my opinion so they aren't objective. Thus feel free to disagree, disagreeing is, in a way, helpful too. Also, please don't mind the reviews' rating as it's just a number whith a different value to every watcher.
Below I categorized some of my reviews because they are different from the typical ones. Click on the picture to read  the review.

Reviews with plot analyzation or/and theories

Reviews with webtoon comparison

Strangers from Hell is one of my favorite dramas. I haven't written a review about this drama but there is a review-analysis on youtude (made by TwoTenEast ) which I  like very much.

 Click on the poster on the right to watch the video.



Thank you for reading!

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