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aside from the 2nd FL are the same acctress... they kind of share few similarities

-ML married the FL not completely out of love
-FL is the one that is really invested in their marriage
-ML's first love is the 2nd FL (again, played by the same actress in both dramas)
-ML and 2nd FL are really close and in some parts they acted like they don't know each other because of what other people might think of them
-2nd ML is very much supportive of the FL
-ML gets jealous when 2nd ML makes moves on the FL
-ML commitment to the marriage is kind of unclear. I mean they don't want divorce but they don't seem invested in the marriage as well
Recomendado por Beatrix - Mai 3, 2023
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Both shows checks the different points mentioned below:

- first love
- high school to adult hood
- 2nd chance
- time jump
- reunited
- nostalgic
Recomendado por Beatrix - Dez 12, 2022
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both movies have the following

-high school to working life
-first love
-time jump
-mutual understanding
Recomendado por Beatrix - Nov 27, 2022
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The two movies have some similarities in terms of:

-time jump (high school to adult life)
-first love
Recomendado por Beatrix - Out 28, 2022