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Patricia Naumann Tan


Patricia Naumann Tan

Ride On chinese drama review
Ride On
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by Patricia Naumann Tan
Nov 6, 2023
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New Jackie Chan Movie

It is wonderful to see a new Jackie Chan movie, though seeing this movie does really show how much age has caught up to Jackie Chan also. The movie has alot of humor in it, started with humor but ended up really tearing up at the end. It is a very touching move. You may want to watch it with a pinch of everything nice and stop side tracking movies. Animal activists etc, please..... if you wanna pick a movie, there are tons of movies that includes animals including the olden times - even the English movies. If you want to watch a movie, watch with an open mind.

Overall, it is a really good show to watch - hey it's Jackie Chan after all! - and all the casts did very well in this movie. The songs are also nicely paired, I love the duet Jackie did (was rather hard to find also - without any snippets of the movie in the song. It is definitely worth a first watch, the rewatch would have to base on individual thinking of the movie.
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