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Almost No Romance drama

It can be friendship , teamwork, action , thriller , melodrama or psychological drama (almost no romance).. romance is not in  focus( it may…

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They are the couple who never give up on their relationship. one partner or both the partners stick like a glue no matter what happens. In…

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Chinese Healthy relationship dramas

I like how Chinese drama are changing and how they started showing true relationships with less misunderstanding, almost no painful unnecessary…

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Understandable separation

These drama have less misunderstanding and more mature and  real relationship. They  might get separated  but it’s not because of any evil…

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Romance with sexual intimacy(nothing dark or violent )

These drama have more than just kiss. In these drama lead couple have  sexy hot  intimate moment, real kisses( not dead fish kiss). These…

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Sad ending/open ending/ time jumps separation * spoiler *

Shows to avoid if you hate these troupes. TIME JUMPS K-dramas use the time jump in almost every show, and it just doesn't ring true that when…

40 titles 14 loves 13 comments
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Action +romance

dramas have both ACTION and ROMANCE.  leads are SMART AND PROFESSIONALS. ACTION doesn’t mean physically fighting , it can be medical, law,…

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Chinese and Korean mini web dramas

Mini dramas with good  story and  romance. Something for short break. 

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Long distance relationship dramas

In These dramas their is no breakup but Main leads definitely have to stay apart. Some dramas do show this  realistically that they were in…

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slow and healing romance dramas

These drama are slow, beautiful, meaningful with romance. These drama might touch sensitive topic, may be some drama are little emotional but…

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Long but worth it

Long but definitely worth your time.Never in the favour of Long dramas  but these dramas truly changed my perception.Personal favourites

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