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Shang Gu Realm


Shang Gu Realm

Nothing much to say about me. I'm more likely to watch fantasy, historical/custom than modern dramas. However, I will literally watch anything that peaked  my interest and then it will depends on the first few episodes to keep me going or drop it. But I am a very reasonable person so I tend to keep watching until I lose interest in the drama. Don't worry, I don't like to rate a drama that I drop unless I watched 80% of the drama because I deem it unfair to the whole team that worked so hard on the drama. There's the saying "don't judge a book by its cover", my ratings follow this. If I don't know and haven't seen enough of the drama, I won't give it an unfair rating. I said it's an unfair rating because all dropped drama receives low ratings base on what i've witness people do here on MDL. And MOST of those who drops a drama haven't even seen atleast 20% percent of the drama.

I've watched kdrama, cdrama, jdrama, Thai lakorn, and sometimes Indian dramas(only thai dubbed because it's hard to find eng sub for indian dramas available in my region). In the past I've watched mostly thai lakorn because although I can't read or speak the language, I can understand it. Now I'm watching more Cdrama more than any other country because they have more fantasy type of dramas.

I don't watch a drama just because I like the actor or actress. They will be the reason I know about the drama but the storyline is the final factor in my decision to watch the drama or not. Once I watch the drama, I will rate it base on the storyline, acting,ost,visuals,productions, character develpment, etc. My favoritism on actors&actresses  don't have an influence on my ratings.

That is all about me. I'm a very simple yet complex person, depends on what the subject is. Thanks for reading! ╰(*°▽°*)╯


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