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Zoo japanese movie review
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by kythestar
Nov 12, 2020
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A nearly perfect movie

Wow. I found this to be a nearly perfect movie. It completely bowled me over.

A strong movie not for the faint of heart. Each segment will draw you in deeper. Powerful stuff. Hard to watch at times. Each segment is very short yet manages to get a lot done. This one is a roller coaster and I am surprised more people don't talk about this movie. The one word that best fits this is "BRUTAL". This movie shows you don't have to load up on guts and gore to put a viewer through the wringer.

It’s an anthology movie of five stories, based on the excellent dark fantasy collection ZOO by the Japanese author Otsuichi. I didn’t realize it as I was reading the stories, but they were perfect for adaptation to the screen. All the episodes are excellent. A lot of this is not easy to watch. Not because it’s gory, but because it’s emotionally wrenching. If you’re not wrung out by the end of this sucker, you kind of scare me. And that’s hard to do.

The "SO Far" title looks suspicious because it's meant to mean "significant other far (apart)." I think it's best to view this tale as a metaphor for divorce and how it impacts the child and puts them in weird, awkward situations where they must choose between the parents. In this regard, this segment is brilliant and felt realistic to me. It can be needlessly confusing with many ways to interpret things, but that adds more to think about. And that milf...
Beautifully filmed by five different directors, the author’s strong storytelling ability holds the whole thing together. If you like Japanese fantastic cinema, don’t miss this.

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