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Hi! 你好! This is Peachey Blossom!

I'm a YouTuber who uploads the latest Chinese drama OSTs with English translations and lyrics. Click here to subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

I love peach blossoms, cats, and watching Chinese dramas. 

My favorite actress is Zhao Lusi (赵露思). I love her versatile acting and her cute, bubbly personality! 

Other actresses I really love are Ju Jingyi, Yang Mi, Yang Zi, Dilraba Dilmurat, Cheng Xiao, Zhao Liying, Bai Lu, Landy Li, Tian Xiwei, Zhou Ye, Esther Yu, Lu Yuxiao, and Yang Chaoyue. 

Some of my favorite actors are Xiao Zhan, Chen Zheyuan, Leo Luo, Cheng Lei, Lin Yi, Liu Yuning, Gong Jun, Tian Jiarui, Neo Hou, Yang Yang, Dylan Wang, Tan Jianci, Xu Kai, Cheng Yi, Ryan Ding, Leo Wu, and Zheng Yecheng.

My YouTube Channels & Other Social Media

My Main Channel - Peachey Blossom
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I upload the latest Chinese drama OSTs with English translations and lyrics daily. I also upload full OSTs and playlists of all the latest Chinese dramas. 

My Second Channel - Peachey Blossom FMVs
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I upload FMVs (fan-made video edits) of different Chinese dramas every time I complete a drama. I also upload shorts and other fun content.

My Third Channel - Peachey Subs
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On this channel, I upload interviews, behind-the-scenes, or other fun Chinese drama-related videos, and then I also translate them to English.

My Back-up Channel
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In case something happens to my main channel and it gets taken down, I have my back-up channel so that I can continue to upload videos for all my viewers!

My Instagram Account - Peachey_Blossomyt
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On my Instagram account, I upload the latest Chinese drama news, so if you want to receive news on new dramas airing or new dramas filming, you can follow me!

My Ko-fi Account - Peachey Blossom
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My Ko-fi account is for donations and commissions. Everything I do on my YouTube channel is not monetized, so I do not earn any money. However, donations are greatly appreciated for all the hard work I put in! You can also commission me to translate past Chinese drama OSTs or Chinese drama interviews here.

My Discord Server - Peachey Blossom's C-Drama Server
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On my server, you can chat with other Chinese drama lovers! We also host gamenights and other fun events.

My Spotify Account - Peachey Blossom
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On my Spotify account, I create playlists for all the latest Chinese drama OSTs.

My Favorite Chinese Dramas

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
The Untamed
Ashes of Love
Love and Redemption
The Starry Love
My Journey To You
Back From The Brink
A Journey To Love
Word of Honor

Till the End of the Moon

Who Rules the World
The Legend of Yun Xi
The Oath of Love
Hidden Love


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