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My art teacher told me once that perfection is really difficult to achieve and I take it as a way to see everything in life, because of that I give scores based just in feelings, no technical points, acting, production etc. This is how I translate my scores:

10: Almost impossible to achieve, I feel a really deep connection to this story, it's the one I rewatch when I feel down. Favorite of favorites.

9-9.5: My favorites. These shows gave me butterflies while watching them. I can't stop to recommend them!

8-8.5: I loved this shows, but I didn't fall in love with them, probably they are very funny or cute because I love light-hearted shows, you must watch them I don't think they will disappoint you!

7-7.5: Wonderful stories, I understand when people gives them higher scores but they didn't give me a lot of feelings so this is my standard for shows that I liked, I think they are really good stories but don't make me feel so much. 

6-6.5: They were okay, I wouldn't recommend them but if you are bored you can watch them, maybe you like them more than me!

5.5 or less: I give those scores to those shows that were boring, I didn't understand some of their points or they just made me mad. Fewer points = More boring or more angry.


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