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In Rainy Forest, In Deep Ocean, On Foggy Hills <3


In Rainy Forest, In Deep Ocean, On Foggy Hills <3
Uma Loja Para Assassinos
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Jan 25, 2024
8 of 8 episódios vistos
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No geral 9.5
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.0
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Guns Gadgets Gangs Bombs Foes Alliance !!

" A Shop for Killers" is a stylish new wave action kdrama about the survival of his nephew "Jian," who was targeted by suspicious killers after her uncle's death " Jin Man " .

This was a really excellent action thriller with amazing fight choreography, suspense, and action sequences. Each episode that is DARK, violent, psychotic, and wants to kill everyone, survival. The cast gives outstanding performances, and the plot is gripping and interesting overall. Each actor gives excellent performances as their respective characters.


Modern style explosive action sequences :-

Unlike other classic K Action dramas using feasts in high-voltage action, I'm sure this drama standout as a modern classic action drama with complete new Action sequence adaptation like Modern age guns, Drones, Robots, and other modern fire arms. Kdramas are well known for best filming locations that we explore new places in S Korea through the kdramas freely, but in this drama the most important point out aspect is " Singular location story telling " this makes A Shop for Killers as an unique action thriller in classic K Actions.

Director completely adopted modern machine attacking style ( drone bombs, automatic machine guns carried by drones and ' DRONE GUN TACTICAL ' realistically advanced and exaggerated cinematic scene featuring bombs, drones, and a highly skilled Sniper attacks on Jin-man's home that whole scene is really terrific, warehouse underground technology. Close combat action scenes just wow !!


the first four episodes focus on introducing the viewers to the characters, setting up bonding between uncle Jin-man and Ji-an, and establishing the relationships between other supporting characters and Ji An. This drama takes its time with its delivery of story progression, so it allows us to get to know Ji An's life with her uncle, her childhood and build the mystery surrounding Jin Man.


It is rare to see simply because being in a singular location is not exactly a cinematic experience (to some watchers) and it can be extremely challenging to tell an entertaining story from primarily one place. But, when it is done right, and a director nails the blocking, and shot design, and there is a compelling narrative, it can create some of the best cinematic experience out there, so just trust the director work here before dropping the drama. Also for me this is the first time I'm watching a singular location story telling in K drama ( watched in movies ), For me the director and cinematographer succeeded in this aspect providing a gripping story telling with quality camera work and good colour grinding.


Directing writing is error-free - Though it's an eight-episode drama, some characters aren't given enough screen time. Overall, however, the drama's creators did an impressive work of presenting it, keeping the action and suspense at the same level from start to finish. In Singular location story telling Cinematography plays a crucial part ' Quality work of Cinematography and Camera work shines in every scene. And the director writer's excellent effort Brightens in every episode, amazing story telling with flashback connects to present story, outstanding screenplay that helps to understand the story progression easier.


Lee Dong-wook as Uncle Jeong Jin Man who played perfectly as an elite mercenary and an uncle who hides secrets throughout the eight episodes. Unlike the soft and witty appearance he showed in his previous works, Lee Dong-wook gave freshness with a normal but mysterious and sometimes grim face.

After watching Kingdom, Connect, it's normal to anticipate same level of quality acting from Kim Hye-joon and she delivered exactly what I expected perfectly, outstanding performance. The relationship between uncle and niece was attractive, fun and emotional. She gave an excellent performance in both action-packed scenes and deeply emotional ones.

Seo Hyun Woo ( Flower of Evil ) heated screen with his dark role, this is my first to see him in dark roles, never expected from him, i think he's perfectly fit to dark roles, i want to see him again as a Antagonist.

Such cool acting. Park Ji Bin watched his previous Drama ' Blind ', he got same type of role here but well performance by him as Jung Min.

Geum Hae-na as So Min-hye is a top-tier assassin with stunning action sequences created a great impression on her character role, she impressed me more after Jin Man.

Jo Han Sun as Bale as psychopath mercenary, He got less screen time but whenever he appears on screen it's just a firing moment, especially his eyes are really scary.

Child actor Ahn Se Bin impressed me more, she perfectly captured micro emotions of her character and same perfectly conveyed them.


As an action fanatic, I relished each and every action scene, delivering the ultimate action dramatic experience. In addition to having an action plot, it also shows a strong emotional connection between every character, which captures our interest in drama.

I enjoyed 8 eps, the plot not only focuses on the Ji-An survival and on her uncle Shop as primary story ( black market selling weapons and arms) but also drama runs with revenge plot in secondary story.
The eight episodes were masterfully directed, providing a compelling story. The plot and how it develops are what matter most, considering all the thrilling and suspenseful aspects of A Shop for Killers make you the best dramatic experience.

Just go watch and enjoy the drama.

If you are looking for fast paced action thriller you will binge to watch this drama !!



Where is Jinman vs Bale story ?

In the meantime, Jeong Jin-man's biggest enemy, Bale, has yet to make any moves to carry out his threat to murder Jeong Jin-man's relatives and friends.
Yes, there is no specific ending of Bale like Seong Jo. Now everyone's question is Where is Bale? What happened to Babylon ? He's the main guy for the whole consequences, but the drama ended without his ending, so they will cover these questions in season 2 ? although ending is just perfect for every character who died and who is alive.

It's also unclear what made Jin-Man to supposedly die and then reappear, where he's hiding till to end ? So many unsolved questions left in 8 eps. These all led to the possibility of a potential season 2 with big story like Babylon, Bale and new enemies, I hope makers will plan to bring after they left us in a middle of puzzlement.

(Personal review) - Shinnosuke_Lee

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O Pior do Mal
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Set 27, 2023
12 of 12 episódios vistos
Completados 3
No geral 10
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 10
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The Best Korean Neo-noir, with action packed bromance ! A New MASTERPIECE In K-Neo Noir !

Reminder :- “ This work will not be about who is evil or who is good, but about everyone becoming empty and lonely in the end” . It will penetrate the hearts of viewers with noir action with deep emotions set in the 1990s, Totally It's an intriguing story of betrayals, loyalty, and allegiance in which each character strives to achieve what is important to them.

➟ Critical Analysis :-
While “The Worst of Evil” is an exceptional series, it may not be suitable for those seeking a light-hearted watch. Its unrelenting darkness and morally ambiguous characters can be unsettling. Additionally, the series’ brevity leaves audiences craving more, but perhaps this is intentional, leaving room for speculation and discussion.

➟ Conclusion :-
In a landscape filled with crime dramas, “The Worst of Evil” Season 1 stands out as a gripping and thought-provoking masterpiece. Its exploration of moral decay, outstanding performances, and impeccable direction make it a must-watch for fans of the genre. Brace yourself for a visceral experience that will challenge your perceptions of good and evil

➟ Emotional Resonance : -
What truly resonates with “The Worst of Evil” is its unapologetic exploration of morality. It doesn’t shy away from depicting the darkness that resides within its characters. As the lines between good and evil blur, it prompts viewers to question their own moral compass. The series leaves a lingering sense of unease, forcing introspection long after the credits roll.

Themes and Tone: “The Worst of Evil” grapples with themes of power, loyalty, and the blurred lines between good and evil. It’s an unflinching look at the criminal underbelly and the corrupting influence of power. The tone is dark, gritty, and unforgiving, perfectly complementing the story’s exploration of moral ambiguity.

➟ Acting and Characters :-
The cast delivers stellar performances across the board. Ji Chang-wook’s portrayal of Park Joon-mo is nothing short of captivating. His transformation from a dedicated cop to a cunning infiltrator is a testament to his acting prowess. Wi Ha-joon as Jung Gi-cheol brings an eerie charisma to the leader of the criminal organization, making him both menacing and oddly charismatic. Im Se-mi’s Yoo Eui-jung adds depth and emotional complexity, BiBi's Hae Ryeon role contributed more buzz to the series, it's her first drama( small screen appearance) but she delivered magnificent performance ..

➟ Direction and Cinematography :-
Han Dong-wook’s direction shines in “The Worst of Evil.” His ability to build tension and maintain suspense is commendable. The series is visually striking, with a noir aesthetic that enhances the ominous atmosphere. The cinematography captures the neon-lit streets of Gangnam and the shadowy underpasses, creating an immersive experience, it's complete masterpiece in Neo-noir genre

➟ Score and Production Design :-
The haunting score elevates the series, enhancing the sense of foreboding. It’s a perfect companion to the dark and moody production design. From seedy nightclubs to dimly lit alleys, the attention to detail in the set design is exceptional, corridor action

➟ Special Effects and Editing :-
While “The Worst of Evil” doesn’t rely heavily on special effects, when they are used, they’re seamlessly integrated. The editing is crisp, allowing the story to flow smoothly across its 9 episodes. There are no wasted moments, every scene serves a purpose

➟ finally :-
"It is not a story that you can watch with the family for a good laugh, but you would be able to feel something new,"

------------------------------------------------------ENDING SPOILER -------------------------------------------------


After completing the drama everyone's question is

1) Why did Joon Mo kill Ki-chul ? ?

From What I understood is...

" Jung Ki-chul's suicide is a curse aimed especially at Yoo Eui-jung.He is a man who has liked her since childhood.He's a man who tried to get out of the dark for himself. The guilt of driving such a man to death can last a lifetime to Eui Jung. Park Jun-mo shot Ki-chul because he wanted to free his wife Yoo Eui-jung at least by taking responsibility for Jung Ki-chul's death alone.

2) Did Park Joon Mo Yu Eui-jung broken up ??

In the last scene Joon Mo visits Jung Ki Chul's grave, he left his wedding ring, hinting that he and his wife had broken up. At same time we can watch the chain of Eui Jung ( Ki-chul gave her to in their teenage) on Ki-chul's grave it means she ends Ki-chul's love there , this the chance for their new life. Hope they will meet again after sometime and start new life.

brought by:- Shinnosuke_Lee

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Meu Nome é Loh Kiwan
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Mar 1, 2024
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No geral 10
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 10
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Incredibly Fantastic ! EMOTIONAL, EVOCATIVE and POIGNANTE !!!


My Name Is Loh Kiwan is an emotional rollercoaster romantic thriller that takes you on a thrill-filled journey in Belgium. The story runs smoothly from sadness to action-romance-beyond realism the harsh reality of refugees. The plot is well-paced, with the main characters developing progressively the dark tone of rom element keeps the audience entertained. Every one character's actions are legitimate and dependable on eachother, running with Loh Kiwan and Marie story, it represents story between Father-daughter, Mother-son. My Name is Loh Kiwan carries a wide range of all genres that can be really liked by anyone ( watchers). The cast of every character truly symbolizes their specific roles, delivering how the characters feel to life. Loh Kiwan triggers an indication on other cinematic brilliant works of the Korean film industry.

[ 10/10 !!!! ]

Outstanding Soundtrack, top quality Cinematography (Loh Kiwan Close-up shots are good) Visually amazing every scene by setting dark tone; the film displays beautiful atmospheres that reflect each character's existential experience.


Song Joong-ki's physical appearance conversion, and emotionally charged makeover are certainly the film's standout paths. His physical appearance is the centerpiece that allows ourselves to emotionally. engage with the story in a deeper way. He again shown the versatility of his acting with this movie. Giving a chance to Debute director is really a good challenge. He took the challenge and deleveried his acting in new way proficiently. Song Joong-ki as Kiwan has won the hearts of the audience. His versatility is beyond words and after you’ve seen his other projects, it is proved how easily he molds himself as per the requirements of his role.


Loh Ki-wan's transformation from at risk to strength is prominent, while Marie's struggles with addictions and issues with her family throw depth to her character. Their on-screen chemistry surpasses geographical boundaries, and their love story narrates overwhelming feeling of mutual suffering and redemption that connects to watchers. As i expected the climax made me cry, especially Choi Sung Eun acting like suffering from outside circumstances and dealing with her own emotions Loh Kiwan feelings will make everyone emotional. And Song Joong-ki classic in climax leave good impression on his character development.


Debute movie of Director Kim Hee-jin, she utilised her cast perfectly within the small looking big story, i really appreciate her work of Loh Kiwan, because it's her first movie and cast like Song Joong-ki Choi Sung Eun so I doubted there's a some pressure on her but after watching the movie I understand I was worng.
She carried masterfully every scene. Although it's an adaptation the movie writer brilliantly delivered the script with heart touching lines. Loh Kiwan standout with unique mix of traditional story telling with amazing scenes that make you enjoy and emotional feel in every moment.The performances of supporting actors such as Lee Sang-hee, Kim Sung-ryeong, and Cho Han-chul are also excellent.

[ Finally ]
South Korean Film makers never fail to deliver a movie from Intense battles to emotional tales, and western entertainment media appreciate Korean Film Makers as " South Korea is a goldmine of original ideas and storytelling talents ". And we can saw it from Loh Kiwan.

Definitely one of the most memorable films I've seen. This movie may inspire, sometimes horrify, or send you into an existential crisis, but it will make you think about something new by the time you finish it. Despite its dark underlying themes, the film ultimately delivers an appealing message of hope and endurance, leaving viewers with a sense of satisfaction and emotional ride..

brought by -- Shinnosuke_Lee

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O Assassino e o Brinquedo
56 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Fev 10, 2024
8 of 8 episódios vistos
Completados 1
No geral 8.0
História 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 7.5
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Enjoyed But !! Something turned out missing.

Don't expect more !!!

I expected another best thriller from Director ' Lee Chang Hee ', Thriller/Mystery/ Action Webtoon adaptation + top casting currently trending combination, also casting like Choi Woo-shik and Son Suk for the plot. It started very well, from a person accidentally killed another person but escaped by his luck. Increased my curiosity, Let's see what happens next from here, but after the fifth episode, it totally went down. Although Good screenplay, but messy story telling and narration sometimes confused me. Once the schoolgirl suicide story starts, drama takes speed to run forward. Yes, I expected let's see what they would bring up in their next cases this time to define law and vigilantism equally or justify the perfect answer to law and vigilantism. But once this story ends, that's where drama starts with a lack of thrilling elements or next-case-setup aspects.

Plot Setup :-

For the crime thriller genre,'the crime cases are crucial to give a good outcome for the thriller experience, like why they killed, what's their motive, and most importantly, how the investigation develops from ep to ep by solving them and how they reached the killer, but in this drama they got weak cases, weak investigation setup, and I surprised how quickly they solved the cases. Yes, it's an 8-episode drama, but in that case, if they focus on big-case investigation by giving background on small cases, then it would be a good thriller.

A plot twist is a top darma/cine aspect that introduces some new element into a work of fiction that either radically changes the expected direction or outcome of the story, or sheds new and startling light on prior events in the plot or indicates the one's drama/movie ending, after watching slow pre climax eps I'm excited to watch which type of plot twist they planted, but once plot twist revealed, I didn't understand it's weak writing or weak plot.

Drama weak points :-

• Messy story telling/narration
• Less thriller elements
• rushed crime cases solving
• plot holes
• failed to create suspense

Drama Strong points :-

• Actors acting
• Son Suk, Choi Woo Shik characterization song
• Cinematography
• Screenplay

The writer failed to give a more thriller/tight script, and the director failed to bring the best output from the drama using thriller elements, but what I liked and what is the good point in this drama is Choi Woo Shik, Son Suk acting, and also in the last episode, Lee Hee Jun, a wonderful performance from these trio. Especially Son Suk, as a neglected child and a cop working for the law and justice, given his well-settled performance. Choi Woo Shik's characterization is a bit dissatisfying to me; in fact, he gave a decent performance as an ordinary student and a dark no-mask vigilante. But there is no strong characterization this time, or it's for me to expect more raw characterization from him in a thriller like The Witch. Once he justified his killings, there was no character development for him, and he became a side character in the last episodes. At this point the Writer and Director failed to utilise his potential fully. Yes, plot looks great but it only get hit when the writer polish the adaption more.

Direction and other Departments :-

I like the director's "Lee Chang Hee' works. I watched his previous works, "Stormer from Hell" and "The Vanished." Both are good crime thrillers. His taking clearly marks thrilling elements in those works, but when it comes to Killer Paradox, it looks like he failed this time, but in some episodes he showed his mark.

The background score is crucial for thriller mysteries; there are times when background music saved some scenes. It’s important to add the right sounds and music in the background of suspenseful scenes to avoid confusing the viewer but except in some eps there's no right moment of background score.
Cinematography is good, especially some slow motion shots are excellent !!

As a thriller lover I enjoyed but not completely ! ! !

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Colher de Ouro
38 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Mar 18, 2024
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 9.0
História 8.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.0
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Waited for this drama since the day when they announced the cast and production crew.. Because this is another collaborative drama between Ahn Bo-Hyun and Writer Kim Ba-da after " My Name " is one the best Action thriller. Did they got another hit ? Let's See..

Premise feels simple " _ " However, the plot setup and story narration make it exciting to watch and move forwards to explore the comedy thriller.


It's unique to find comedy-action-mystery-thriller aspects in one drama; typically thrillers erase the humor plot and increase the seriousness of the story, but Flex X Cop effectively combined its four parts and delivered an enjoyable drama. Not only is it a comedy thriller, but it also has a continuous secondary plot about a family troop and their conflicts, including a father who seems to care while ignoring his own son, and a kid who craves his father's love but is constantly turned down by his stepmother.

It's an amazing blend that guarantees each episode is interesting, every case solving is thrilling and you're kept on edge. Especially the Psychiatrist Case-ep is really wonderful given that the case is the critical point of Jin Isoo's hunting dream break down. Let's appreciate the very good cinematography.


A unique mixture of adrenaline-pumping action and funny entertaining moments. "Flex X Cop" hits the perfect balance between solving serious criminal cases, entertaining and deliveries comradeship between the leads and their fellow detectives. Good character development. Female lead develops from unsettling detective who overlooks the ML because of his social status to an understandable person, like a buddy who helps him find his path in every difficult moment. And Rich pampered Conglomerate Son to be a good officer; he wants to prove himself since Jin Isoo is a cop who has a responsibility to defend and enforce the law.

Overall a enjoyable drama with engaging story.. Good acting from every actor..

They announced season 2 :)..

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Nov 8, 2023
8 of 8 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 9.0
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 8.5
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Vigilante - The story of A dark hero, without super power's fighting for Justice ! !

➥ Intro / Reminder :-
It's a story about law and vigilantism with sub story about evil fighting the more bigger evil & became an evil with fighting against evil.. Protagonist ( Nam Joo-hyuk) when facing the criminals that the law had freed, displayed a calm, clear smile and a refined madness that was not beyond at the top.

➥ Short synopsis:-
"Vigilante" is an action thriller in which Kim Ji-yong ( Nam Joo-hyuk), who lives as a "Vigilante" who defends the law during the day, judges criminals who have avoided the law at night, and people with different purposes face each other fiercely.

➥ Detailed Analysis :-
If you're a fan of intense dramas with a gripping plot, well-developed characters, and an thought-provoking exploration of moral complexities, then The vigilante is a must-watch drama.
Excellent and Wow. That's all I can say. I was freaked out about this drama, because I loved the first two episodes. after reading 25 episodes of webtoon I had high expectations. And it exceeded those And truly the Best drama to bring a webtoon so chillingly and realistically to real life ife.

The acting was excellent, The action was good the action here is based more on suspense and violence.The story was great. The characters were diverse and interesting. However, the drama does not only deal with the catharsis of crime and punishment.It makes the viewer think constantly about the justice system.
Criminals getting away from the law is a problem that the show brings up, and vigilantes need to step up and do something about it. There are important questions that this brings up about the legal system and how people can help keep the peace.
And in 5th ep When Ji-Yong comes face-to- Jo-Heon about the errors in the legal system, the moral ambiguity of his vigilantism is highlighted. This sparks an intriguing debate about righteousness, morality about law and the shifting boundaries between right and wrong makes Watchers to think what is correct in present society is Vigilantism or Law this one is my fav scene of Vigilante. The conclusion of Vigilante will cause viewers to reconsider what justice and the law are. The public remains unaware of Ji-Yong's identity as the vigilante at the final episode, Viewers are also at ease to judge whether or not the vigilante's actions can be justified morally by this point of view. Despite his efforts, Ji-Yong is successful to preserve his identity under wraps, some things are out of his control.

➥ Nam Joo-hyuk :-
Nam Joo-hyuk, who is challenging the action genre for the first time in his life through 'Vigilante', to create realistic and realistic action, he received weight training, boxing, judo, and martial arts, he lived in his character role here "The law has a hole. Now I'll fill the hole.With the line, "This is justice," he shows charismatic appearance, armed with intense action and cool eyes that punish criminals with a deep black hood.. his black hood and police uniform, create a completely different atmosphere, making us look forward to his first action thriller completed with his delicate and detailed acting.

➥ Other departments :-
The cast is full of top quality actors including Nam Joo-hyuk, Yoo Ji Tae, Kim So Jin, Lee Joon Hyuk
The Remarkable Direction, Cinematography, Music and the Acting, editing, sound, score, visuals, and action are all top notch. The series' cinematography and storytelling skills especially shine during action scenes and scenes with shocking twists. The depth of the characters and the complex plot development make this series fascinating.

➥ Direction:-
Despite being Choi Jeong Yeol's first drama, he handled it very well. The drama showed his potential in 4 episodes, which is enough to anticipate more entertainment from the next episodes..

➥ Conclusion :-
Vigilante, the intriguing webtoon adaptation that offers a unique twist on the vigilante genre, blending character development with intense action, making it a must-watch for fans of action and thrillers and exploration of complex moral themes..
( Personal Review )

Vigilante" who judges criminals with his own justice, and throw a new topic to viewers about the law and what true justice is.

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Out 11, 2023
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Musical 10
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a well made Korean Noir film in current generation... Song Joong-ki's new side ⭐

-- Korean Neo Noir genre is one of the best genre in South Korea, it's proved again --

➠ Reminder :- Hopeless ( Hwaran) does not allow laughter or hope for a single moment. The dark and cruel scenery of the small town shown in " Hopeless" (Hwaran) and the shameful life of the human group make the audience will feel realistic story. Even the small possibility of the ending is good, so it is even more painful and refreshing.

➠ Theme :- Movies are noir in terms of genre, but the framework of the narrative is close to the story of growth.It is through irresponsible adults, young people who have become monsters themselves to escape danger, and the existence of helpers who cannot lead them to the full sun but sympathize with the pain.

➠ Intro :- " Hopeless" (Hwaran), leaves us deep afterimage in the hearts of the audience with its overwhelming immersion and stellar performance by actors, proved once again the intense ensemble of the two actors, Hong Sabin and Song Joong-ki. Hwaran", which proved to be the best movie in 2023, is a deep and intense noir drama that depicts the stories of characters living in a hopeless world in different ways with solid characterizations.

➠ the story analysis :-
" Hopeless " ( Hwaran), is a movie about shadows symbolizing darkness in art.When the light is strong, the shadow becomes longer behind it, so there is hurt in glory, sadness in joy, and pain in growth.It captures portraits of those born under shadows where light cannot be seen from birth, while at the same time implying that those living in the dark will go toward light and find their image.Rather than the grand meaning of salvation, the power of the two men who dream of rescue in a disaster-like reality is impressive...

➠ direction - cast :-
The powerful direction of the new dire"The film emphasizes that affection and loyalty between people can be the last bastion to overcome even the unbearable pain through characters living in a world without hope in different ways." the energy of the new Hong Sa-bin, who expressed it well, and Song Joong-ki's acting transformation come fresh. Attention is focusing on whether the film, which received great attention in Busan, will create a new wave in the theater district.

✰ Will SONG JOONG-KI got sucess with his transition from Protagonist to Antagonist ???
- Yes, Not all actors can effectively make the on-screen transition from hero to antagonist, so when they do,it’s truly a triumph to appreciate. Song Joong-ki who provide an intimidating, menacing, downright horrifying performance helped elevate Hwaran to the next level " Hopeless " (Hwaran)

brought by - Shinnosuk_Lee
( Personal Review )

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Sem Sangue
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Abr 12, 2024
10 of 10 episódios vistos
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No geral 9.5
História 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.5
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Disney+ Strikes Again: [Blood Free ] Offers a Fresh and Unique Cinematic Experience

Writer - Lee Soo Yeon ( Stranger series )
Production House - Disney+ ( Dominating Netflix from last year )
Actors - Ju Ji Hoon, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Hee Jun ( Versatile actors )
And the plot all these elements caught my attention to watch Blood Free.

"Blood Free" marks a compelling departure from conventional K-drama narratives, introducing audiences to a captivating new genre known as "The Blood-Free Drama." This innovative approach, spearheaded by acclaimed writer Lee Soo Yeon and produced by Disney+, offers viewers a refreshing alternative to the typical bloodshed and violence often associated with the genre. Instead, the focus is on nuanced storytelling and character-driven narratives, setting a new standard for K-drama excellence.

If you think the drama is boring after watching few episodes don't make to drop it because The story will take new side from Cultured Meat to organs transplantation that where our main lead got some small super power with unexpected events. From this is where drama went to it's peak to track the mastermind behind blast and the rival new strategic attacks starts on Blood Free. We guess who is the Mastermind who is the main villian and who are the betrayals and who are the loyalty but somewhere our predictions goes to worng a little. Keep us in suspense who are they. With the Sci-fi plot the makers never neglected the mark of the storytelling with combination scenes of Woo Chae Won & Yoon Jae Yo to make a perfect picture of the story and their character motivations, and their chemistry, to keep us root for their pair give more. And another that -- Lee Soo Yeon mark in Emotional development of her works are exceptional, because majority of story contains with the suspense and thriller or Investigation elements, so with the limited space for emotional development it's really hard to handling the balance between limited emotional development and those elements (I saw them in other dramas, not comparing but saying how the writer perfectly placed all of them equally in her works.) But we can really make tears by some characters irrespective of main characters or supporting characters in her dramas, she showed her mark again - making good emotional development with bounded characters depth ( not to spoil here, you can experience it when you watch the drama ). Some Episodes feels bit bore but i think it's common in sci-fi thriller because this drama dealing with 10 eps sometimes it will miss some actual pace. But for me it was good paced and well structured story with serious paced story narration.

Yes, The drama's serious and well-paced narrative will keep you on the edge of your seat, expertly crafting a thrilling experience that's more focused on intellectual suspense than action-packed sequences. While the action scenes may be limited, the few that exist are impactful and satisfying. However, it's the unexpected moments of humor and heartwarming camaraderie between Woo Chae Woon and Kim Ho Seung that truly shine. Their brief but poignant bromance is a masterful stroke of storytelling, leaving you with a lump in your throat and a deeper emotional investment in the characters' journeys.


1. Intricate Plot: Led by writer Lee Soo Yeon, "Blood Free" boasts an intricately woven plot that keeps viewers engrossed from start to finish. The story follows Yun Ja-yu as she navigates the complexities of saving her company while delving into political intrigue and personal backstories, eliciting intrigue and speculation about the underlying mysteries.
2. Futuristic Setting: The show's exploration of the conflict between humanity and technology offers a compelling glimpse into a future world from the present. Through advanced technology disrupting the food chain, "Blood Free" presents thought-provoking themes that resonate with contemporary environmental and ethical concerns.
3. Exceptional Cast: With Ju Ji Hoon, Han Hyo Joo, and Lee Hee Jun leading the ensemble, "Blood Free" benefits from the talents of versatile actors who breathe life into their characters and infuse the narrative with depth and authenticity.
4. Cinematic Excellence: The cinematography in "Blood Free" is visually stunning, complementing the intricacies of the plot and enhancing the overall viewing experience. Each scene is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the story and evoke emotion in the audience.
5. Han Hyo Joo & Ju Ji Hoon On-screen chemistry :- Their on-screen chemistry is truly amazing! While we're still in the unknown about a potential romance plot, and there aren't any hints suggesting one, their dynamic chemistry is enough to make the drama more enjoyable and entertaining, even amidst the intense survival storyline. Their chemistry is a compelling aspect of the show, and we're loving it!"

Plot seems potential but -
• Demanding Attention: Given the complexity of its plot and thematic depth, "Blood Free" requires viewers' full attention to grasp its intricacies and appreciate its nuances. Casual viewers may find it challenging to keep up with the narrative without dedicating sufficient focus.
• Initial Impressions: As with any new series, it's essential to give "Blood Free" a fair chance beyond the first few episodes. While the opening scene sets the stage for the main storyline, the true depth and complexity of the drama unfold gradually, rewarding viewers who invest time in exploring its themes and character dynamics.


The Cinematography and the graphic CGI is brilliant, i don't know how to express this experience but i really felt the same vibes with
Hollywood movie " Blade Runner 2047 " like - drak tone cinematography in first episode ( it's clearly what I felt, so this may be different to every watcher ).

And Any chances for rom :-

Perhaps there's a strong chemistry without any romance. After watching four episodes, it seems like the upcoming episode will primarily focus on the female lead's survival and the pursuit of catching the mastermind behind the bomb blast. If they introduce a romantic plot between characters with strong chemistry, it might overshadow the main plot. Given that the writer is from the "Stranger" series, it wouldn't be surprising if she follows a similar formula, focusing more on chemistry rather than romance. However, I hope she incorporates a bit of romance this time. The scenes between them just make me want to see a new romantic drama again. 😩


"Blood Free" emerges as a groundbreaking addition to the world of K-dramas, offering a compelling blend of suspense, drama, and science fiction. Through its innovative approach and thought-provoking themes, the series challenges traditional conventions and invites viewers on a captivating journey of exploration and discovery. With its stellar cast, intricate plot, and cinematic brilliance, "Blood Free" will stands as a testament to the limitless creativity of K-drama makers and promises an unforgettable viewing experience for audiences seeking something truly extraordinary. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of "Blood Free" and embark on a quest that will leave you enthralled and enlightened.

brought by :- Shinnosuke_Lee

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Rainha das Lágrimas
393 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Abr 23, 2024
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 200
No geral 7.5
História 6.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Musical 9.0
Voltar a ver 6.0

OVERHYPED - OVERRATED - Nothing Fresh Except for the CAST, One More Wasted Potential.

"Queen of Tears" is a highly anticipated drama that unfortunately falls short of its potential. Despite boasting an impressive cast and crew, including Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won, Park Sung Hoon, Director Kim Hee Won, and Writer Park Ji Eun, the series fails to deliver a truly groundbreaking narrative.

One of the main issues with the drama is its lack of originality in storytelling. While the initial premise may seem promising, the plot quickly becomes predictable and fails to introduce any fresh elements to keep viewers engaged. As a result, the story plateaus early on, leaving audiences wanting more. The drama's themes of love, family, and power were not explored in a nuanced or thought-provoking way. Instead, they were presented in a simplistic and superficial manner, without any real depth or complexity

The chemistry between the leads, while acceptable, lacks the spark needed to elevate their performances. Kim Ji Won delivers a solid portrayal, but her character's development feels shallow and fails to fully explore the complexities of her role as the wife. Similarly, Kim Soo Hyun's performance falls short of expectations, with his character feeling one-dimensional and lacking depth, relying solely on the actors' performances without proper story and character development may not always yield the desired outcome. A great drama isn't just about having talented actors; it also requires well-crafted stories and fully developed characters. While strong chemistry among the actors is crucial, it's not the sole factor for success. Having talented actors is important, but writers and directors must also write a compelling story and develop strong characters. If they don't, the production will miss its full potential.


The character development in Queen of Tears falls short, with the main characters feeling more like archetypes than fully fleshed-out individuals.
• Kim Soo-hyun's character, Baek Hyun woo, suffers from poor writing, with his motivations and emotions feeling unclear and underdeveloped. His acting performance, while competent, doesn't bring any new depth or nuance to the role, making it feel like a rehashing of his previous performances.
• In contrast, Kim Ji-won's character, Hong Hae In, is well-written up to a point, with a clear and compelling backstory and motivation. However, her development stalls midway through the drama, and her character feels like a trope. Her performance is decent, but not enough to save the character from feeling like a missed opportunity.
• Park Sung-hoon's character, Cha Jae-wook, is a one-dimensional villain, portrayed as a ruthless and cunning businessman with no redeeming qualities. While his acting performance is settled and convincing, the character feels like a caricature, with no nuance or complexity.
• Kwak Dong Yeon's current character is similar to his previous role in Vincenzo. He plays a lovable but clueless person again. He does a great job of making us feel happy and sad at the same time. His character shows how hard it is to prove yourself in a rich family, where no matter how hard you try, you always feel like you're not good enough. Director Kim Hee-woon knows how to bring out the best in Kwak Dong Yeon, so she used his character like same as in Vincenzo but bit characterization this time.
• The supporting actors deliver solid performances, adding much-needed depth to their respective characters. Kwak Dong-yeon, Lee Jo-bin, Lee Mi-suk, and Na Young-hee all bring their characters to life with their performances, making them feel more fully fleshed-out than the main characters.
• Themes of power, family, and loyalty are explored in the drama, but feel underdeveloped and lacking in nuance. The plot is predictable and formulaic, with characters making unrealistic and contrived decisions to further the plot. With some supporting actors manage to shine in certain episodes, the overall acting of the main leads remains stagnant. Additionally, while the cinematography may be technically proficient, it fails to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

• One saving grace of "Queen of Tears" is its phenomenal soundtrack, which succeeds in enhancing certain moments throughout the series. However, this alone is not enough to salvage the drama from its reliance on tired tropes and underutilization of its talented cast.

The production's grand scale and impressive attention to detail make it a richness visual treat, leaving a lasting impression on ours with beautiful costumes and sets. Each character's design is unique and detailed. The scenery is amazing and makes you feel like you're in a different world. The production is big and impressive by TvN

• The pacing of Queen of Tears was sluggish and meandering, with an overabundance of repetitive scenes and a lack of meaningful plot advancement. This made the viewing experience feel like a tedious obligation, rather than an engaging and immersive escape. The slow burn of the narrative failed to build tension or suspense between the characters or main characters , instead, it felt like a monotonous trudge through familiar tropes and clichés. The repetitive nature of the storytelling made it difficult to become invested in the characters' journeys, and the lack of plot progression left viewers feeling frustrated and disengaged.

• Rom-com and family-centric k-dramas often rely on familiar tropes and storylines, but that doesn't mean the execution can't be fresh and engaging. To breathe new life into these genres, it's essential to focus on character depth. By crafting relatable, well-rounded characters with unique personalities, backstories, and motivations, the story can feel more dynamic and unpredictable.

• The cameo appearance of Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo in Queen of Tears was a thrilling surprise for K-drama fans, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to TVN and Director Kim Hee Won for reviving the Vincenzo nation three years later. This impactful cameo was more than just a brief appearance; it brought a significant boost to the drama, particularly in Episode 8, leaving a lasting impression on the K-drama lands.
(Upto 8 episodes )
• In the intricate tapestry of the rich business family, Every character is precisely placed within the carefully crafted mosaic of rich business family's story The family setting, a complex web of relationships and alliances, is expertly crafted to reveal the intricate dynamics at play. From the cunning machinations of the queen dowager to the tender moments of familial love, every character's design and motivation is carefully orchestrated to drive the plot forward. In Queen of Tears, the family setting is not just a placement, but a living, breathing entity that shapes the destiny of our characters and the fate of the drama

Beautiful ending :) loved it. I'm so grateful for the incredible cast and crew of Queen Of Tears ! .. thank you for giving your hardwork memorable drama to our kdrama fans.

Overall, Queen of Tears was a enjoyable one but a wasted potential due to its overreliance on tired tropes, poor character development, slow pacing, and lack of nuanced themes. With a more innovative approach to storytelling and character development, this drama could have been something truly special.

In conclusion, "Queen of Tears" disappoints as it fails to break new ground in storytelling and falls short of leveraging its impressive cast and crew to their full potential. If you're a fan of the cast, it's still worth checking out, but be prepared for a narrative that doesn't quite live up to its full potential.

Note -
Thanks for reading my review! I want to emphasize that my comments are solely my personal opinion and are not meant to offend or criticize any actors or the drama. I'm sharing my genuine thoughts and I'm grateful for your understanding. - @Shinnosuke_Lee

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Tell Me That You Love Me
45 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Dez 1, 2023
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 8.5
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.5
Voltar a ver 8.0
Esta resenha pode conter spoilers

Nostalgic, Colourful, Magical joyous melodramatic experience.

-- Refreshing drama--

The series, which is based on a hit Japanese show of the same name from 1995 ( written by Kitagawa Eriko) is a throwback to the soft and melancholy romantic tales that were popular on Korean television. Instead of feeling out of date, this evergreen story of love, longing, and loneliness is a nostalgic journey into the nostalgia path.

Let's See :-
two people who met on Jeju Island came together like destiny and gradually became closer. However, there is also an episode that provides more insight into Jin-woo and Mo Eu difficult lives. Jin-woo, who was falsely accused, and Mo-eun, who faced countless failures in the process of realizing her dream, both of them became aware that the path they took was not the same, easy. Two people with their own shortcomings gradually become closer and develop love. Yes, It is pretty popular for two people with wounds to cross paths and heal each other's wounds, but it depends how the story processed with character development.

Tell Me That You Love Me is a clean classic melodrama" that meet for the first time in a long time, writing the essence of classical melodrama in kdrama. Jung Woo-sung and Shin Hyun-bin are at the center of it. They two proved their true value of clean performance by delicately portraying the narratives of Cha Jin-woo and Jung Mo-eun, who started from chance and were led like fate with their deep acting like a melodrama. The emotional performances of the two actors were enough to create a tight sense of immersion in the stories of those who are healing and growing through communication with each other. Each line or dialogue provides deep meaning of life and depth of the story. Sometimes It is not easy to make watchers to feel emotional with words/actors ( I watched some dramas they failed to create emotional impact on watchers with good actors ) but in this drama the director succeeded to create emotional impact by using scenario without big words.

Actors acting :-
Cha Jin-woo, the main protagonist ( Male lead Jung Woo Sung) conveys his emotions through sign language in place of words. Because of the nature of his character, it ( his character) does not convey emotions through dialogue, however it conveys deep an impact through the eyes and sign language. The straightforward storytelling that appears typically also leaves a solid impression.
Mo-eun main protagonist ( Female lead Shin Hyun bin) sees Jin-woo's emotions through his eyes, Mo-eun cannot exchange his emotions and feelings through dialogues with Jin-woo, but she does with her heart. She impressed with her acting. Park Jin-joo added a smile to each appearance with a lively and cute appearance that added charm as Oh Jiyu

Direction and other Departments:-
The simple story is clearly adapted by Kim Min-sung (The Sound of Magic) and elegantly framed by director Kim Yoon-jin, who previously breathed life into the acclaimed romantic drama Our Beloved Summer. The cinematography and camera work refreshing.Music director Nam Hye-seung's performance is also important. Sometimes music that replaced the language and emotions of the characters created a sense of immersion.

Tell Me That You Love Me belongs to the recent category of so-called “healing dramas” – deliberately slow and soothing entertainment designed to be an antidote to the hectic lives of modern Koreans.
melodrama" that met for the first time in a long time, writing the essence of classical melodrama. The stories of Cha Jin-woo and Jung Mo-eun, drawn with their eyes and fingertips, resonated beyond excitement. Jung Woo-sung and Shin Hyun-bin are at the center of it. He proved his true value by delicately portraying the narratives of Cha Jin-woo and Jung Mo-eun, who started from chance and were led like fate with his deep acting like a melodrama. The emotional performances of the two actors were enough to create a tight sense of immersion in the stories of those who are healing and growing through communication with each other.
I really enjoyed this kdrama with a very realistic love story, portrays modern generation people struggle in relationships and sometimes people break up because they get scared or they don't know how to show or deal with their feelings, so many things can happen in relationship. But it all depends on us how to overcome from those obstacles like express our feelings clearly and erase misunderstandings with good talk. As we see in this drama the both main protagonists Jin-woo and Mo-eun were responsible of their misunderstandings and everything else that led them to break up, but they don't have any proper reason to breakup but misunderstanding led them to end their relationship. But at the end they meet again and took the second chance to start over again their life which made a perfect ending for this drama by giving simple deep message " If two people are meant together, eventually they'll find their way by overcoming from their obstacles ".

It was a beautiful kdrama, totally recommendable for those who enjoy really heartwarming and slow paced and stories.

Brought by :- Shinnosuke Lee.

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De Volta às Raízes
61 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Dez 31, 2023
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 2
No geral 10
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 10
Voltar a ver 9.0

A story about where you can find yourself !! GREAT CAST ! FINEST DRAMAIC EXPERIENCE !!

_The beauty of Healing rom kdrama Visual aesthetic of Jeju Island _

Don't get low ratings, This is one of the best drama in kdrama land placed All time top 50 kdramas in South Korea and also worldwide.. I enjoyed every episode, highly recommend to every kdrama lover. Don't let negative reviews negative comments ruin your drama.. just go and watch and enjoy the show, if you haven’t started watching it yet you’re literally missing out, its so good every episode has the perfect balance of laughter, sadness, romance and friendship..the cast is so good and the mains have chemistry!



After suffering a fall from grace, a photographer returns to her hometown and bumps into her childhood friend — rekindling an unfinished romance.

The perfect teamwork between director Cha Young-hoon and writer Kwon Hye-joo plays a big part in the spotlight of "Welcome to Samdalri" as a clean life drama.



- best siblings trio
- best friendship/support system
- best romance
- great family dynamics
- best moms!!!
- great hometown people
- great life lessons
- great story unfolding
- quality cinematography.

(Story progression, acting.)

Welcome to Samdal-ri offers a simple and familiar package, but unlike many other K-dramas it offers rounded characters, most of whom share strong chemistry, and evinces a confident sense of humour. And the story gives equal importance to all characters, what i observed mostly in healing dramas the plot/story mainly focuses on main protagonist stories but what I like in Welcome to Samdalri is how it's given more important story scope to side characters.

The structure of the story, which has been densely stacked since the beginning, is showing its light toward the second half and showing its backside properly. This is because the story that have been sprinkled slowly are recovered one by one in an unimaginable way, giving a pleasant feeling.

The show’s early comedic highs make way for a more emotional tone after Sam-dal makes peace with what happened to her in Seoul. With the tension of her career hiccups growing distant in the rear-view mirror, the drama turns to the issues between Sam-dal and Yong-pil’s families


Acting/cast 10/10 :-

Not only Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun, but everyone is the main character! a colorful smoke feast that fills Samdalri. Welcome to Samdalri" features various characters with dense narratives that can be written in a mini-series with each character as the main character, filling the play with abundance.

The reason why each story could shine more was because of the actors' stellar performance, which could not be found as a hole in acting. Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun created a romance unicorn couple with their hard work. In addition, he captured all the detailed emotions and sublimated each character's narrative perfectly into his own. Kim Mi-kyung, Seo Hyun-chul, and Yoo Oh-sung captivated the small screen every time they appeared with their deep emotional performances. The reason why the tangled thread of their emotions and the process of finally unraveling them were able to come convincingly was because of the actors' luxury acting.

Cho Jin-dal (Shin Dong-mi) and Cho Hae-dal (Kang Mi-na), the first and third of Samdali's official "Three Sisters of Horror," are their own distinct characters, and they have perfectly built up the chemistry of the three sisters, which is not common on the small screen. In addition, Ha-dal's daughter Cha Ha-yul (Kim Do-eun), who sends a fact bomb with sharp insights that are not like a nine-year-old child, joined the team, completing the invincible laughter hunting combination.

⁠|| ♡ The best slice of life & healing drama with deep message ||

However this drama perfectly balances multiple stories. Excellent storytelling, well-developed characters, and heavy emotional depth, also this drama masterfully connects themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the enduring power of friendship. I would like to say, This series holds the viewer's interest, promising a captivating narrative journey that explores the complexities of love, destiny, along with family relationships. Life in a city is intertwined with people. Countless people who are so involved seem to be "my people," but it is when they face difficulties that the substance is revealed.

There's a scene the title of the photo exhibition, which was canceled due to controversy over power abuse, is "Human, My Person." Cho Yong-pil, who came to the exhibition, which was considered to be my person but was eventually canceled, leaves his name in the guest book that the exhibition staff is about to throw away. The drama is trying to convey the warmth of a person who stays by their side until the end even if everyone leaves, such as a hometown and makes Viewers were deeply immersed in the story of each and every one of them, and they cried and laughed with the people of Samdalri.


-- Well directed Despite some flaws writing is impressive, Quality cinematography. I will 10/10 to direction, director well known for his previous projects, but this works of his standout from his previous projects. His work brandish on every character role, succeeded in using actors potential work.. Director Cha Young-hoon, who has a warm gaze on people, focused on the detailed emotional lines of each character, but created a calm wave in the hearts of viewers with his delicate directing ability that does not miss the clean Jeju
-- Soundtrack, It remastered 10 colorful tracks across all generations with comprehensive emotions such as dreams, hometowns, youth, and friends, words that often appear in Cho Yong-pil's music, giving viewers warm empathy and deep lingering feelings.
-- Cinematography provides a quality framework, each frame adds more beauteous to scenes. Especially the Jeju Island view just wow..
-- Well-formed SCREENPLAY and superb EDITING i loveeee them..i love how the flashbacks are the exact moment when it's needed..
-- Bonus plus point is " EPILOGUE" story telling section, they show perfect short stories in Epilogues at the end of Episodes.
-- Writting is impressive but writter failed in to create more dynamic characterization of ML & FL. except this flaw, his work shines in every scene, especially the Second Half grandstand as his best work, the dialogues and conversations between main characters helps to get emotional from Watchers. It will be best of best drama if the writer concentrate more on subtle plot like choosing emotional not as comdey track..


Jeju Island provided a quaint countryside setting that contrasted the bittersweet life and love story of each character. And it has been memorable. Welcome to Samdal-ri' stands out not only for its engaging storyline but also for its beautiful cinematography capturing the charm of Jeju Island .

➥ MORE MORE -- why watchers are saying disappointed

As a Ji Chang-wook fan, I'm extremely happy for him to get accepting the portrayal of Young Pil, considering that based on his filmography, this character role is unique to those in his previous dramas, indicating his versatility. Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hae Sun are two acting powerhouses. Everyone knew that Kdrama fans are expected more rom from them, but I feel they disappointed. What I'm trying to say here is the fact that there is nothing to be disappointed about it, because this isn't a full-fledged romance drama; it's a slice of life/healing drama with a romance subplot. But the scenes between Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hae Sun give us pure rom vibes, which is enough to fill those as rom.:)

Due to not big enough marketing and promotions by JTBC Production House, Welcome To Samdalri didn't succeed in creating buzz among kdrama viewers. However, what is more surprising is that Welcome To Samdalri ranked #1 some convective weeks on Netflix in some countries solely due to the masterclass acting of Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hae Sun, as well as the performances of other actors and the drama's quality content. This highlights the quality of the drama is gain popularity without proper promotions. Yes, I accept that there are certain flaws in the writing, but the writer and director did their best to perfectly convey what they wanted to show us.



Some are saying the 3 main supporting characters are dragged on screen and captured more screen time, let's see about for their, they are strong point in emotional development of story, especially second half hits with their phenomenal acting.

1) Kim Mi-kyung( Samdal mother ) who is stimulating the tears of numerous daughters in the small screen with her deep maternal love like a "people's mother," portrays various aspects of the character by enthusiastically playing Go Mi-ja, the mother of Jo Sam-dal (Shin Hye-sun), the chairman of the Haenyeo.

2) Yoo Oh-sung ( Young Pil father) the owner of the inaccessible acting inner workings, is showing a heavy presence by exuding a different aura in every scene that appears as Yong-pil's father, Jo Sang-tae, who has been missing his late wife, Boo Mi-ja, for decades in his heart. He is a very friendly father to his only son, Yong-pil, but he stands upright like a huge mountain that can't be crossed when it comes to three months. At the same time, the complex state of mind that sometimes softens due to the past times we have been close has been revealed everywhere.

3 On the other hand, Seo Hyun-chul plays Ko Mi-ja's husband, "Cho Pan-sik," showing the charm of Samdal-ri's other pure man and cute younger man, he is taking care of his wife, who is suffering from heart pain, until the middle of the day. His presence as a father also shone.


Every detail is connected to the story. Its like a big ball of puzzle unfolding and solving itself. Every single Actor is award worthy. Subtle emotions of Ji Chang-wook & Shin Hae Sun make you swoon! A journey to healing and self discovery.
A must kdrama for every kdrama fan and this drama gives a simple message to the current generation that it's very important to have loving people in life, whenever if world turn against us there's always ready to remind that have "our people" to us who support us unconditionally and give us warm and arms when we are in trouble. I will recommend this drama to watch/enjoy with your family 🙂 best drama for family weekend to watch..


Welcome To Samdalri Actors about their drama

Ji Chang-wook -
Shin Hae Sun -
Kang Mina -
Shin Dong Mi -
Cho Yoon seo -
Yang Kyng Wo -

News&link source from Korean News Naver.

Brought by :- Shinnosuke_Lee

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29 dias atrás
12 of 12 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 7.5
História 7.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 8.0
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Hide': A Suspense Drama that Misses the Mark.

Despite its promising start and the attraction of thriller and suspense tags, 'Hide' ultimately falls short of delivering a gripping experience. While the initial episodes set the stage for a suspenseful ride, the predictable plot twists and lack of genuine surprises leave much to be desired. The recurring theme of cheating as a subplot feels overused and detracts from the overall suspenseful atmosphere the drama tries to create.

However, 'Hide' does have its strengths, notably in the stellar performances of its cast. Lee Bo Young shines in her portrayal of Na Moon Young, skillfully capturing the nuances of her character's various roles. Lee Chung Ah also impresses with her portrayal, adding depth to her character beyond mere stereotype.

Unfortunately, the inconsistent pacing and frustrating plot developments, such as Cha Sunge Jae's continuous escape from arrest despite being a known culprit, hinder the drama's ability to maintain suspense. While the cinematography and soundtrack are serviceable, they fail to elevate the viewing experience to a higher level.
The suspense thriller development in "Hide" falls short of expectations, failing to effectively cultivate doubt or intrigue among its characters. Instead of carefully crafting a narrative that keeps viewers guessing, the drama quickly reveals which characters are dubious or on the side of good by the fourth episode, robbing the storyline of its potential for genuine suspense.

'Hide' may offer moments of enjoyment, particularly for fans of the Thriller/Suspense genre, but it ultimately fails to live up to its potential as a gripping thriller.
Good pick for Thriller lovers..

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The Hidden Dragon
13 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Jan 2, 2024
10 of 10 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 8.0
História 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 8.5
Voltar a ver 8.0

The Journey of a Weak student.

I watched this one solely for Im Si-wan because he never fails me as an actor. Im Si-wan never compromises on his dramas, no matter how much appreciation his works get in return. As a professional actor, his work is outstanding, including this one. It's been a long time since I watched a pure comedy drama. Byung-Tae (Im Si-wan) calls himself White Tiger (the strongest and most powerful student who actually transferred to his school) and takes that false identity to his advantage in order to avoid bullying and change his life.

Each episode is amazing and makes me laugh at every moment. The first half of the story is totally hilarious, filled with humour and fun. At the same time, a dark event makes this drama more interesting in the second half. Ep 06 and 07 are great. They are worth mentioning as I admired Im Si-wan’s outstanding acting here. Overall, it gives a rollercoaster of emotions and every cast member acts very well. I think the drama succeeded in providing a good balance of humour and dark elements.

review by;- Sinnosuke_Lee
edited by:- Kdrama_Judge ( )

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Estranhos do Inferno
6 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Jan 5, 2024
10 of 10 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 9.5
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.0
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The Best psychological thriller i ever watched !!!

short synopsis:- The main protagonist, Yoon Jung Woo (Im Si-wan) lives with his mother and an elder brother who suffers from a mental illness. After failing to find employment that fit his needs, one day his collage senior offered him a job in Seoul. He agreed to the offer and moved to Seoul.After arriving in Seoul, he found a motel in a redeveloped area which suited his budget, despite the fact that he would have to share the kitchen and bathroom with other residents. He eventually discovers that the other residents are strange and suspicious, mainly the dentist Seo Moon Jo (Lee Dong-wook).

The drama delivers a fantastic job of capturing the unpleasant and dark atmosphere of the small, filthy dorm with strange and frightening neighbors of a motel. The director and writer were successful in keeping the story moving at a steady pace while balancing the dark and horror elements.
Screenplay plays crucial to reveal plot twists in this drama and make to think the characters are illusional or real. And the characterizations perfectly designed like webtoon ( i haven't read )..
This drama acts like an eye opener to not ignore those who need help.
And the psychological manipulation does not just come from any one person or thing. It comes from people, their physical surroundings and the greater society.

Two main protagonists:-
Im Si Wan was excellent in his role given his career best performance and Lee Dong-wook, Compared to his previous roles, his character in this drama was entirely dii different. You'll witness a completely different side of Lee Dong Wook that highlights his versatility as an actor.

Finally:- Strangers from Hell gives the best psychological thriller experience with a superb cast, outstanding direction and Screenplay with a completely gripping story.

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Vinte e Cinco, Vinte e Um
5 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Mar 24, 2024
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 2
No geral 10
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 10
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Esta resenha pode conter spoilers


All beautiful things will eventually come to an End, and sometimes it happens much earlier than you'd like to..

25 21 It's a unique drama about youth which highlights young love while beautifully stating the lives of the 5 protagonists. The protagonists and drama takes you back in time to your youthful days that you cherish the various viewpoints on life in different stages of life. Mostly 25 21 delivers the valuable life lessons like it centers on pursuing one's dreams, mother-daughter relationships, sacrifices, first love, friendship, and family, rather than just romance line it covers every element from love to family relationships.

Yi Jin & Hee do love story is beautiful, realistic and heartbreaking. Throughout their journey we can find one's real love, supportive and care towards our loved ones.

I enjoyed the platonic friendship between Ji-Woong & Seung-won because not every close person can be lovers for me it's more than love called friendship. I like Seung-won character & her personality bold and honest straightforward person.

Bona masterfully portrayed her Ko Yu-rim character it represents many of us in today's generation, like complexities, as an ideal and fresh-faced star fencing player on one side but a struggling 19-year-old on the other side.

And the mother daughter relationship between Hee do and his mother is more realistic. Baek Yi Jin family story would represent the family affection and parental love, brothers relationship beautifully..

And one the best part is they choose the 3 Major World contemporary issues to run their story in these days. And WoW they perfectly dealt with the contemporary issues like the IMF crisis, 9/11 and COVID 19 pandemic how this are effected the real lifes of people in those days.

Screenwriting & Direction & Cinematography departments cast departments :-

Another element that can be appreciated about Twenty-Five Twenty-One is that director Jung Ji-hyun has used nostalgia as props rather than mere timeline elements. The director has also maintained a fast pace for the storytelling, keeping the audience engaged. It requires a team effort from the cast, crew, and writer to create an experience for the audience that can move us from tears to outrage to laughing in minutes.
We deeply value their efforts.
The cinematography is also one of the key highlights of the drama. Many Korean dramas carry outstanding cinematography, but I'm marking this as one of the best aspects of Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Dramas typically use a variety of lighting effects ( Colour grinding) to differentiate between two (or more) story timelines. Interestingly, in this drama, they used the same colour filtration. This helps the story telling ( narration ) to connect the two timeframes of the story displaying that certain feelings and experiences travel from present to past generations of characters.

It’s hard for me to imagine anyone else playing Hee-do and Yi-jin and other 3 main characters but them. The entire cast delivers excellent performances, but Kim Tae-Ri as Hee-Do and Nam Joo-Hyuk as Yi-Jin stand out for their ability to capture how the characters support one another.

Ending :- There is absolutely nothing about this series that I dislike. Especially the ending.. The ending received mixed responses simply because Most of the watchers wanted/expected Yi Jin & Hee do end up together irrespective of the story point, but it was unexpected they gave a realistic ending and in my opinion that is what ultimately makes the ending memorable and satisfying. It reflects our real-life scenarios and characters from everyday life.. Yes, in real life or fantasy ( drama world ) not everyone lovestory and gets a happy ending, How
1) Most people don’t end up with their first love because it depends on the circumstances around them.
2) Not everyone doesn’t choose love over their career.
(be rational)
3) Nothing is predictable, that is what the drama is about so as a kdrama lover we are always ready to adapt new/realistic endings not criticizing them badly.

It's a complete nostalgic ride, I may never encounter a coming-of-age drama like 25 21, It's literally created a deep, unique spot in my Heart. This drama made me cry, laugh, and experience all kinds of emotions and 25 21 - overall a love-friendship-inspirational drama for every viewer irrespective of age. The side characters and friendships were equally important as the lead couple, the humor was wonderful and the time span the backdrop presented the story with an enjoyable contemporary environment.
I recommend this drama to everyone who loves kdramas.

My Favourite Line " Life is precious. Let’s love with no regrets while we’re alive " - Baek Yi Jin 🌻

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