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The 8 Show korean drama review
The 8 Show
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by Amine Benrejeb
29 dias atrás
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money,power and its effects on the human's mind

I binged watched this beautiful show for the whole day and I was sooo satisfied watching it .. the artistic direction in this show is really amazing. this shows basically show you how capitalism ( money and power combined) can effect someone's mental health .. how society made people think ,behave and act and how its all related to how the cruel reality made them this way ..) this show is very philosophical so i don't expect everyone to like it ... but for me this is the best show I've watched in a while ❤️
and chun woo hee (the psycho 8th floor) the range of actinggg that she gave for this character I was amazed by her ...
conclusion if you like psychological philosophical shows this will be your show
if you are here just for action you might not like this.
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