Ji Wei Yu
My Favorite Drama Friendships of 2020 (Historical and Supernatural)
Editoriais - Jan 30, 2021

This is one of two parts of my favorite friendship groups in dramas released in 2020 that I watched, featuring historical and supernatural dramas.

Beyond the Radar: Ancient Detective
Resumo dos episodios - Ago 22, 2020

Not all gemstones are meant to sparkle. Then, what makes this uncut gem of a drama worth the watch? Discover the mystique behind the Ancient Detective...

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Woo Do Hwan receives offer to work with Kim Soo Hyun in a new OTT K-drama!
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Jeon Do Yeon Meets Ji Chang Wook to Claim Her Compensation in "Revolver"
Notícias - Jul 15, 2024

Watch the second trailer

Yu Tim

Ji Wei Yu
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  • Primeiro Nome: Ji Wei
  • Sobrenome: Yu
  • Native name: 于济玮
  • Nacionalidade: Chinese
  • Gênero: Male
  • Nascido: julho 27, 1994
  • Idade: 29

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