Wowow Inc. (株式会社WOWOW; Kabushiki-gaisha Wauwau) is a private satellite broadcasting and premium satellite television station in Japan. It is headquartered on the 21st floor of the Akasaka Park Building in Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo. Its broadcasting centre is in Koto, Tokyo.

Wowow mostly rebroadcasts movies, but is also well known for showing or co-producing original anime series (e.g. Trinity Blood, Cowboy Bebop). What I have observed in my drama journey:

  1. Wowow generally produces investigative, mystery dramas, often adapted from top-selling Japanese novels.
  2. The characters tend to be more realistic and thus, we see less of the dramatic, exaggerated manga-like acting from the cast.
  3. Watching the dramas feel almost like watching movies (possibly because of what Wowow usually does). Yet, it does not feel like draggy and the background feels concise and necessary to understand the story. [This, and how good the story is, often makes me watch the entire drama, at one go, where available.]
saezurika Dez 27, 2022
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