₍ᐢ..ᐢ₎ Living embodiments of the word 'Talent' ഒ

Or the word 'Pretty' as I'm shallow and I like good-looking people. Also, they're not ranked in any order, I love them all equally and, honestly, quite shamelessly at that. ( ⚆-⚆;)

Windchime Out 12, 2019
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  • Ni Ni


    Still can't believe 'The Flowers of War' was Nini's first work. From subtle expressions to the character's aura, she nailed everything. Every. Single. Thing. Her performance was so amazing that Yumo is going to be one of those characters I'll never forget in my whole lifetime. In the flowers of war, she was surely a rose — the most memorable flower. You can't say the word 'flower' without thinking of a rose first, just like how after watching that movie I won't be able to not think of her whenever I see the word 'actor' because she defines that word for me. 

    Some people are actors but very few are born to be actors, and she's surely the latter.

    First Movie (of hers that I watched and discovered her from): The Thousand Faces of Dunjia

    Favourite Roles: Shi Tie Qingting/Iron Butterfly — The Thousand Faces of Dunja & Yu Mo — The Flowers of War

  • Ding Cheng Xin


    Some people are talented at singing, some are talented at dancing, some are talented at acting, and some are blessed in the brain department. But this guy, this fucking guy, has it all. I can't even do one thing correctly while he's an all-rounder. Not fair ( ︶^︶) =3

    First Movie: Painted Skin: The Guo Jingming Edition 

    Favorite Roles: Xiao Wei — Painted Skin, Po Xiao — Wuliang, Lin Shuo — Obsessed with Heart & Ding Miao Miao — 21 Days with an Alien Cat

  • Lu Yu Xiao


    I love Shangguan Qian way too much to not add the actress who played her into this list. Not sure how to put it into words nicely but Shangguan Qian looked like she would tear me up until I resembled a fine dust if I stepped one foot into her personal space... I like that. I enjoy fictional men who look like they can kill me and women who would actually kill me, I'm bi in a very 'bitch with an unhinged taste' way.

    First Drama: My Journey to You

    Favorite Roles: Shangguan Qian — My Journey to You

  • Arthur Chen


    I'm never going to shut up about how badly I want to boop his perfect nose. One day, I'll open an art gallery dedicated just to him and his beautiful nose because he's a freaking art piece and deserves to be appreciated EVERY SINGLE DAY BY EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE EARTH. 

    First Drama: Ever Night (yes, I've been stanning his nose since 2018)

    Favorite Roles: Moran — Haoyixing, Ning Que — Ever Night, Chen Baojin — Gold Panning, Ha Zhabu — My People My Country, Duan Bowen — Secret Fruit, Xin Jun — Sacrifice, Li Xun — Lighter & Princess, Ran Di — Yi Ci Liao Yu & Gu Yuxuan — Yesterday Once More

  • Leo Luo


    My love for him only increases day by day and would only continue to do so for the rest of my life if he didn't ever stop being so talented. But honestly, he shows no signs of being even slightly less than perfect in everything he does. I guess there's no escape. I have no choice but to be his fan forever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    First Drama: Ashes of Love

    Favorite Roles: Chu Wanning — Haoyixing (did hyx drop? No. do I still like him as CW despite not even seeing the drama? Yes), Yuan Shuai — Love is Sweet, Rong Qi — Princess Silver & Shangguan Tou — And the Winner Is Love

  • Bai Lu


    When she was born, the doctors asked for her autograph in advance because they could tell there's no way this girl is going to lead an ordinary life. And if I were to say that I love her — it would be an understatement. A huge understatement. You can even cast her as Tinky Winky in Teletubbies at this point and I'd still watch the shit out of it. 

    First Drama: Untouchable Lovers

    Favorite Roles: Jiang Jun — Love is Sweet, Lu Zhaoyao — The Legends, Da Xi — King is not Easy, Wang Xiao Qian — Untouchable Lovers, Xie Xiang — Arsenal Military Academy, Li Susu — Till the End of the Moon (her character in the novel was much more fleshed-out and I'll die on this hill), Cui Shiyi — One and Only & Jiang Xuening — Story of Kunning Palace

  • Zhang Ling He


    New obsession in town. Lemme just open the doors and welcome him in. He can stay here rent-free as long as he's willing to continue voicing his own characters because this man's voice is smooooth like a heated knife slicing through butter.

    First Drama: My Journey to You

    Favorite Roles: Gong Ziyu — My Journey to You & Xie Wei — Story of Kunning Palace

  • Song Ji Yang


    I love how Chinese names have such beautiful meanings like 莫愁 | Mo Chou means 'Free of sadness', 西风 | Xi Feng means 'East wind/wind from east', and 宋继扬 | Song Jiyang means 'Sleeping can only be done on bed and not on his talents.'

    First DramaThe Untamed

    Favorite Roles: Xiao Xingchen — The Untamed & Dafu — The Birth of The Drama King

  • Jackson Yi


    This guy scares me. He's too perfect. 

    First Movie: Better Days

    Favorite Roles: Li Bi — The Longest Day in Chang'an, Liu Bei Shan — Better Days & Wei Yihang — A Little Red Flower 

  • Wang Duo


    He's like a siren who captivates people through his eyes rather than his voice.

    First Drama: Bloody Romance

    Favorite Roles: He Shou Ye — The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity & Gu Qing Zhang — A League of Nobleman 

  • Shin Ye Eun


    If I wasn't broke, I'd build a shrine to worship her. 

    First Drama: Meow, the Secret Boy

    Favorite Roles: Do Hana — ATeen, Yoon Jaein — He is Psychometric & Kim Solah — Meow the Secret Boy & Park Yeon Jin — The Glory

  • Li Qin


    AND PEOPLE EXPECT ME TO SETTLE FOR LESS WHEN A WHOLE LI QIN EXISTS? Like how... just how am I supposed to keep my standards low when a living, breathing, walking perfection is right here on this godforsaken planet?

    First Movie: Jade Dynasty

    Favourite Roles: Lu Xueqi — Jade Dynasty, Shen Lige — The Song of Glory, Song Wen Nuan — Warm Hug & Lin Wan'er — Joy of Life 

  • Jenny Zhang


    This woman plays evil characters so well I want her to personally murder me. 

    First Drama: Story of Yanxi Palace 

    Favourite Roles: Niohuru Chenbi — Story of Yanxi Palace

  • Lu Xiao Lin


    If she's in a drama, it's safe to assume her performance is going to overshadow everyone else. I would legit watch paint dry if the paint's on her.

    First Drama: Gold Panning

    Favorite Roles: Ren Yueting — The Long Night & A Qiu — Gold Panning

  • Zhou Xun


    She never disappoints. Amazon can deliver me an insect repellent when I ordered a perfume bottle, but Xunjie wouldn't deliver a bad performance in her entire career. Saying she's bad at acting is like accusing a fish of being a terrible swimmer. 

    First Movie: Painted Skin: The Resurrection

    Favorite Roles: Xiao Wei — Painted Skin: The Resurrection & Bai Ni — The Yin Yang Master

  • Jing Bo Ran


    After seeing him, I'm convinced that fox spirits are real because there's no way a human being can be this charming.

    First Movie: Monster Hunt

    Favourite Roles: Song Tianyin —Monster Hunt and Monster Hunt 2, Lan Jue — A League of Nobleman & Fei Ke — Regeneration

  • Bai Jing Ting


    Please he's so damn handsome and pretty and hot and elegant and graceful and captivating and beautiful and alluring and dazzling and gorgeous and exquisite and godly and photogenic and lovable and talented and breathtaking and ethereal and celestial and charming and perfect, how can I not fall for him? (•᷄ɞ•᷅)

    Update: Your majesty, his stylist needs to be exiled. What's with these tent-like baggy pants he's been wearing around? He dresses like he wants to get kicked out of the venue.

    Update | the sequel: He's his... own stylist? Biggest betrayal of my life. Man took 'he can wear a trashcan and still look good' too literally. Stop it tingting, get some help.

    First Drama: Reset

    Favorite Roles: Xia He Yun — Reset & Lu Shu — Unique Way

  • Yeo Jin Goo


    Name a more versatile actor. 

    I'll wait. 


    Me still waiting for an answer a few centuries later like:


    First Drama: Orange Marmalade

    Favorite Roles: Clown Ha Sun/King Lee Hun — The Crowned Clown & Hwayi — Hwayi: A Monster Boy

  • Sean Xiao


    Saw a man so beautiful I started bawling.

    First Drama: Oh! My Emperor (both seasons)

    Favorite Roles: Wei Ying — The Untamed, Yan Bing Yun — Joy of Life & Bei Tang Mo Ran — Oh! My Emperor 

  • Meguro Ren


    Just found out that the world doesn't revolve around him, when it should. I'm greatly disappointed. I'll be packing up my bags and moving to Mars in about an hour or so, hoping my alien brothers and sisters have managed to create a society far better and more cultured than Earth.

    First Drama: Kieta Hatsukoi

    Favourite Roles: Sakura So — Silent & Kudo Kiyoka — As Long As We Both Shall Live

  • Yagi Yusei


    Man's more versatile than a potato. Give him any role and watch him do his magic, just like how you can sneak potato into almost everything. Still can't believe he is an idol-turned-actor, just like Jackson Yi and Ding Chengxin, what are people feeding their idols nowadays? Magical potions?

    First Drama: Utsukushii Kare (the novel is better and I'm never going to shut up about it although I admit the main leads' acting here had me in a chokehold)

    Favourite Roles: Kiyoi Sou — Utsukushii Kare 1, 2 + the movie, & Neccho — Mannequin Night Fever

  • Fandy Fan


    Let's normalise sleeping for 16 hours, staying awake for 7 and spending those 7 hours just staring at his face. And while we're at this, let's also normalise unemployment because that's going to be a huge part of my life after following aforementioned routine.

    Initially, I didn't pay much attention to him when I watched him in 'History2'. Although his character was cute and had that golden retriever energy, it was quite forgettable. It was only after I saw him in 'Oh No! Here Comes Trouble' that I realised... Damn, I really wanted to see this man smile happily for once in the drama. His portrayal of LYC was the most subtly executed performance I've seen of a lonely man who feels invisible in a crowd, who wants to approach others yet fears them at the same time. It's quite funny considering that 'History2' had him as the mc, while he played a side character in 'Oh No! Here Comes Trouble' (who only appeared for 1-2 episodes and in some parts, the entire screentime wasn't on him) yet the latter completely changed my opinion on his acting.

    First Drama: HIStory2: Crossing the Line

    Favourite Roles: Lin Yong Chuan — Oh No! Here Comes Trouble & Shen Jiawen — Copycat Killer

  • Wang Yan Yang


    Obsession is a strong word... 

    That's why I’m glad it exists because I’m obsessed with this man.

    First Drama: Ancient Detective

    Favorite Roles: Zhao Wohuan — Ancient Detective

  • Sakurada Dori


    If someone told me he's actually an anime character in disguise, I'd believe them.

    First Drama: Coffee & Vanilla

    Favorite Roles: Niragi Suguru — Alice in Borderland & Fukami Hiroto — Coffee & Vanilla (I don't like the characters themselves, I just like his acting) 

  • Ishihara Satomi


    After seeing her, I'm convinced that fairies are really. Because look at her, JUST LOOK AT HER! that's a fairy right there.

    First Movie: Mumon - The Land of Stealth  

    Favourite Roles: Okuni — Mumon - The Land of Stealth 

  • Lee Jong Won


    His looks are concerning, as scientists have recently discovered that a major cause of global warming on earth is him and his hotness. 

    First Drama: Amanza, but I actually discovered him from Eyedi's MV for 'Love Highway' and couldn't help falling in love with his smile

    Favorite Roles: Park Dong Yeon — Amanza, Jin Soo — Ghostderella, Go Eun Tae — How to Hate You & Hwang Taeyong — The Golden Spoon 

  • Jill Hsu


    There needs to be a slang word for "I'm intimidated by this women, yet so captivated at the same time that I can't take my eyes off her" because I'd get that tattooed on my forearm, a long line would hurt more than a word and I'm a coward yk. 

    I still remember how I saw her for the first time in 'Bloody Romance' and was as scared as a cat who slipped and fell into a bathtub. Her character was unhinged and the young me from then was an even bigger coward who thought "that's a bad guy right there, if I were in the mc's shoes, she'll slaughter me on day one and make a dress out of my skin" (in my defence, her character actually used to do it, peeling off people's skin and all...) but no matter how much I tried, my eyes kept darting back to her even if other characters were standing right there. She had this screen presence, this aura, that made me want to both take my eyes off her in fear and stare in awe. Of course, the latter won most of the time.  

    And even to this day, whenever I'm watching a drama where she happens to be in, I immediately notice her first. It's a pity she's underrated and mostly gets to play side characters, and that not many of her projects have piqued my interest (I don't have a habit of watching things solely because my favourite actors have acted in it), but I would give anything to see her play a character like Cha Luo again, or even to see her take on the role of Wu Zetian, she's always been my top choice for that part. This woman was born to play leaders.

    First Drama: Bloody Romance

    Favourite Roles: Cha Luo — Bloody Romance, Madame Liu — The Autumn Ballad & Li Lan — Lighter & Princess

  • Naran


    Day 1 of not trying to fall in love with her challenge: I'm holding on pretty well

    Day 2 of not trying to fall in love with her challenge: [disappears under mysterious circumstances]

    Day 3 of not trying to fall in love with her challenge: I got her name tattooed on my forehead

    First Movie: Creation of the Gods Ⅰ Kingdom of Storms

    Favourite Roles: Su Daji — Creation of the Gods Ⅰ Kingdom of Storms