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| ᐕ)⁾ Hey! [closes the door & goes back in, that's enough socialising for today]


| ᐕ)⁾ Hey! [closes the door & goes back in, that's enough socialising for today]

●  ●  ●  
For as long as one can rememberthe villagers have spoken in hushed tones of a spectral presence that lingers in their town; it is said that a swarm of glimmering butterflies appear in the forest at night, following the butterflies only leads the lost travellers, such as youto a ghostly woman standing under a treewho will then whisk you away to her cottage and subject you to her incessant caterwauling about the dramas she's watching...

And of course that's me, the ghostly woman

Welcome to my humble abode! Don't mind the dust and cobwebs in the corner, we ghosts aren't really known for our cleanliness. Next time don't trust the butterflies so easily, I've bribed them all with roses and peonies.
Manhwa + huas
Snowfalls & rainfalls 
Basically I like pretty things falling from the sky as long as they aren't meteorites heading towards my house
L I K E S 
Money :) 
More money 
Scent of winter 
Chirping of birds
You (your money) 
Stories full of angst, just give me something to cry about because I cry anyways
P E O P L E 
 O S T S
Romanticisation of serious issues,
 dark topics/themes are nice when they're handled with care or allow for multiple interpretations beyond simply eliciting pity for a (terrible) character. I just can't take edgelords seriously
D I S L I K E S 
No money :( 
& whoever is telling these exorcists to go after me like geezlet me have a body in peaceWhat else do you want me to do? Possess a doll and become a bootleg Annabelle? 
❛❛ Be careful, the weaver bird weaves a dream. 
Once you fall within, you'll never be able to leave.❜❜
Come heretake a seat
Aren't you tired from standing for so long? 
When I was alive like you, 
I'd start to feel tired at the mere thought of standing
or well, doing anything at all. Something that still hasn't changed.
So sit like you didn't just get abducted by a ghost, feel at ease, and hold this warm cup of expired tea 
●  ●  ●  The real torture—ahem, caterwauling has just beganI'll be talking about a couple of things, like my usual preferences.

Angst. Pain. Suffering. Agony. The very essence of torment woven into the fabric of existenceMain characters literally dying. Two lovers separatingEnding so sad it got statues weepingVillains cackling. Blood spitting competitions. Enough tears to flood a kingdom. Give them to meGive them all to meI'm purposely stepping on legos as we speak and I don't regret it one bitIt's not that I have never or am incapable of watching fluffyfeel-good dramas. Heavy storylines are just more memorable to me.

Folk horror and Atmospheric horror is my thing. Give me that gloomy tone, a dreadful feeling you’re immersed within as if locked inside a room without any doors or windows, slow yet steady pace, music so subtle it almost feels like the silence, and a local folktale spoken by a suspicious-looking side character. Plus points (& my heart) if it has an historical setting. That's it. That's my ideal horror drama/movie, something that... I haven't seen altogether in one movie or drama before. I just took out what I liked in the horror content I've seen so far, threw them into a blenderand then that word-smoothie came out for you all to read. Everyone, please pray for me to possess a writer, a producer, and a director, so I can make that shit myself.

Since I've already mentioned 'historical settingmore often than you'd get unskippable ads on youtube, let me elaborate on thatwhen I say 'historical setting' I'm including everything from historically accurate palace intrigues brimming with power struggles and schemes to laws of physics-defying cultivation dramas with fancy robes and fancy moves. I know maybe I can use the word 'costume dramas' instead but I despise it because, at the mere sight of those two words, my brain immediately thinks of two people in clown costume creating unnecessary drama and having beef with each otherlike clown on clown violence you know. I can't help it. They outlawed the lobotomies, there's nothing I can do about my brain anymore. Regardless, one thing's for sureunless they suddenly started fighting with swords and strutting around in intricate robes in modern dramas, I'm never ditching my beloved historicals
As a child I used to roll myself into a bundle and pretend like I'm a mermaid. Years have gone by, but they could never take away my love for mermaids, sirens, and other mythical sea creatures (excluding kappasthey look like toads reimagined by someone high on seaweed). If sirens are real and I saw one, I'd probably swim to her myself before she could even open her mouth to sing. I absolutely adore any kind of content involving them & dramas rank the highest on the list, since there's a very few sights prettier than the shots of a mermaid swimming around with a tail that glows like the moonlightI'm still sad that they don't appear as often in dramas, I need more mer-protagonists in my life and on my screen. 
Despite having my favourites — I'm stillat the very core, a mood watcherThings listed above just happen to be my go-tos, stuff that I'd look for first during my drama-slumps the way you look for snacks in the kitchen at night after watching cooking videos online. There's no particular genre, country, or anything that I avoid at all costs. And once something catches my eyes, it's bound to be in my watchlist within a few seconds. I love watching dramas just like everyone else on here so they don't have to be the same, they just have to entertain.

❛❛ Would you like to help the fox in his search? He has lost a blue butterfly carrying a precious tressure. Trace its wings with your fingertips once you find it & the tressure shall reveal itself to you.❜❜ 

Wait, you...survived?
Both the expired tea and my lengthy rants? 
Nobody has managed to do that before, 
Many would fall asleep, others driven to insanity
I either picked up another ghost or someone with the patience of a monk
But I'll end this soonI had a lovely time chatting with you and hope you did the same 
      ● I'll just quickly list down two things before biding you goodbye, but you can skip them if you want to.
F R I E N D   R E Q U E S T S 
If you want to send one, then do it! I always accept friend requests even if we haven't interacted before. I'm also open to dms, although I'm more active on the feeds
If you received one, then we either had a really nice conversation, I saw you being unfathomably cool in a comment section or I loved your profilehence I decided to superglue myself to you
R A T I N G   S Y S T E M 
I don't follow a specific rating scale when evaluating dramas; instead, I base my rating on how much I personally enjoyed watching them. However, I tend to consider 7 as my standard rating, which I give to titles that I found average or enjoyed but not to the extent of loving themBesidesI wouldn't really recommend putting any importance on my ratings because 1) Everyone's got their own taste, my yum might be your yuck or the other way around | 2) Come on, I'm a ghostWe're only relevant during halloween. Do you see reporters coming up to us and asking for our opinions on global warming? 
May the butterflies guide you to muchmuch happier places

...Like my abode again, but after a good clean up. If the butterflies aren't enough to deceive you next time, I'll bribe the dragonflies. Or the mosquitoes clan, depends on my budget


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