Cast list of my dream c- drama

if i could invest in a drama and be the casting director of a crime drama with time travelling similar to unknown number 2019/signal2016

these will be the casts of it. btw FL would do something to get memory lost and get adopted by an old couple during her college years. ML would hate her because something related to FL happened to his best friend which caused him to die and he hates fl. (she didn't and wasn't suspected for killing him tho but related to her dad ) after being found she got adopted by a police couple. then 15 years later they meet again. FL is the new medical examiner of the department moving from shanghai. they met again but FL has memory loss and does not remember him.  PS: if this castlist gets 20+ likes i'll write a more detailed sypnosis and yall can imagine these people playing the characters.

(dear ppl who say yang chaoyue can't act , try watching her new dramas she has improved a lot and her pace of improvement is really good. in a few years she can def be an A-Lister)

An chuxia Mar 31, 2024
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