Japanese actresses whom I watched in a minimum of two different dramas/movies. The actress played the main role at least in one drama/movie and played the main or the support role at least in one drama/movie. The sequels, seasons, and series are considered as one unit of drama/movie. The dramas/movies mentioned are ONLY the ones I completed, the dropped ones are excluded.

The sorting is based on the amount of black hearts (main roles) and then alphabetically based on their names in MDL.

The list is NOT about my favorite Japanese actresses.

This list is moved from the original list that now contains actors: ❤️ MOST WATCHED JAPANESE ACTORS  

❤ = main role, ♡ = support role

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Number 1 ; ❤❤❤❤ Number 2  - 7 ; ❤❤❤ Number 8 - 12 ; ❤❤ Number 13 - 31 ; ❤  Number 32 - 53

Cho Na Mar 31, 2023
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