GMMTV 2024 UP&ABOVE Lineup (Parts 1 and 2)

Part 2 now included - working on updated details

noodletales Out 17, 2023
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  • The Interest

    1. The Interest

    Thai Movie - 2024

    Apr 25, 2024

    Originally part of 2023 line up. 

    Bright’s final project with GMMTV. 

    Adaptation of Man in Love.
    Man in Love  (Korean original story)
    Man in Love  (Taiwanese remake)

  • My Precious

    2. My Precious

    Thai Drama - 2024, 10 episodes

    Mar 21, 2024 - May 23, 2024


    Supporting: Ohm, Chimon, Neo, View

    Series remake of last year’s movie. 

    Directors: Naphat Chitveerapat (My Precious the Movie) and Fon Kanittha (23.5, Home School, 10 Years Ticket, Who Are You, Mint to Be, …)

  • Only Boo!

    3. Only Boo!

    Thai Drama - 2024, 12 episodes

    Mar 31, 2024 - Jun 23, 2024

    BL - KeenSea (new pairing)

    Supporting: Book, Aun, Milk, Louis

    Director: Golf Sakorn (Enchante)

  • We Are

    4. We Are

    Thai Drama - 2024, 16 episodes

    Apr  3, 2024 - Jul 17, 2024

    BL Ensemble - PondPhuwin, WinnySatang, AouBoom, MarkPoon (Pawin removed from production)

    Director: New Siwaj (Studio Wabi Sabi)

  • Ploy's Yearbook

    5. Ploy's Yearbook

    Thai Drama - 2024, 16 episodes

    Apr 8, 2024

    Main: Namtan, Punpun, Aye, Film, Jaime, Earth, Jimmy, Toy, Joong, Mond

    Support: Neen, Piploy, Thor, Na, Kapook, Papang, June

    Screenwriter: Baison Jinatcha (The Jungle, P.S. I Hate You, Blacklist)

  • The Trainee

    6. The Trainee

    Thai Drama - 2024, 10 episodes

    Post Production - Awaiting Air-date

    BL - OffGun 

    Director: Pat Thachai (Enigma)

  • Peaceful Property

    7. Peaceful Property

    Thai Drama - 2024

    In Production (last checked March 1st, 2024)

    Tay, New, Jan, Mook

    Director: Dome Jarupat (The Gifted)

  • High School Frenemy

    8. High School Frenemy

    Thai Drama - 2024

    In Production (last checked March 1st, 2024)

    SkyNani (new pairing) - bromance

    Director: Fon Kanittha (23.5, Home School, 10 Years Ticket, Who Are You, Mint to Be, …)

    Remake of Korean series School 2013. 

  • My Love Mix-Up!

    9. My Love Mix-Up!

    Thai Drama - 2024, 12 episodes

    In Production (last checked March 1st, 2024)

    BL - GeminiFourth 

    Based on Japanese BL manga/ remake of Japanese BL series 

    Director: Au Kornprom (My School President)

  • Wandee Goodday

    10. Wandee Goodday

    Thai Drama - 2024, 12 episodes

    In Production (last checked March 1st, 2024)

    BL - GreatInn (new pairing)

    Director: Golf Tanwarin (The Eclipse)

  • Pluto

    11. Pluto

    Thai Drama - 0000, 12 episodes

    GL - NamtanFilm

    Supporting: Kapook, Ciize, Earn, Thor, Guy, Arm, Neen

  • Summer Night

    12. Summer Night

    Thai Drama - 0000

    Phuwin, Parn, Dunk (love triangle)

    Side BL - RyuJava (new pairing)

    Director: Captain Rawipon

  • My Golden Blood

    13. My Golden Blood

    Thai Drama - 0000

    BL - JossGawin (new pairing)

    Director: Ark Saroj (Shadow)

  • Kidnap

    14. Kidnap

    Thai Drama - 0000

    BL - OhmLeng (new pairing)

    Director: Noom Attaporn (Midnight Museum)

  • Enigma 2

    15. Enigma 2

    Thai Drama - 0000, 5 episodes

    Toey, Win

    Season 2

    Director: O Patha (Enigma, F4 Thailand, The Gifted)

  • Ossan's Love

    16. Ossan's Love

    Thai Drama - 2024

    BL - EarthMix

    Director: Au Kornprom (My School President)

    Remake of Japanese series. 

  • Leap Day

    17. Leap Day

    Thai Drama - 0000

    Pond Naravit, Dew Jirawat, Gun Atthaphan, Pahn Pathitta

    Born on the day and night of February 29, Day and Night are each plagued by a terrible curse that, every four years, will take from them the person they cherish most.

    Director:   Chik Sakon Tiacharoen
    Genres:  Thriller
    Tags:   Psychic Male Lead,   Curse,   Suspense

  • The Heart Killers

    18. The Heart Killers

    Thai Drama - 0000

    BL - FirstKhao, JoongDunk

  • Friendshit Forever

    19. Friendshit Forever

    Thai Drama - 0000

    New, Pat, Mook, Boun

  • Perfect10 Liners

    20. Perfect10 Liners

    Thai Drama - 0000, 30 episodes

    BL - ForceBook, JuniorMark, PerthChimon

    Adapted from the novel "Witsawakam Prasat" (วิศวกรรมประสาท) by JittiRain

    Director:   New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul  
    Genres:  Comedy,  Romance
    Tags:   School Setting,   University,   Adapted From A Novel  

  • Nós

    21. Nós

    Thai Drama - 0000


  • Hide & Sis

    22. Hide & Sis

    Thai Drama - 0000

    Main Cast: Piploy Kanyarat, Lookjun Bhasidi, Jan Ployshompoo, JingJing Warissara, Luke Ishikawa, Pepper Phanuroj, Gawin Caskey, Chimon Washirawit

    Support Cast: Guy Sivakorn, Ployphach Phatchatorn, Duangdao Jarukinda, Plai Paramej, Noom Surawut

    Genres:  Thriller,  Drama  
    Tags:   Multiple Mains,   Suspense  

  • Thame - Po Heart That Skips a Beat

    23. Thame - Po Heart That Skips a Beat

    Thai Drama - 0000

    BL - WilliamEst

    Main Cast: William Jakrapatr, Est Supha

    Support Cast: Lego Rapeepong, Hong Pichetpong, Nut Thanat, Tui Chayatorn, Fa Yongwaree, Samantha Melanie Coates, Ciize Rutricha, Leo Saussay, Drake Laedeke

    When Po is tasked with documenting boy group Mars' final concert before their disbandment, he inadvertently becomes the closest confidant of leader Thame. Thame's about to make his debut in South Korea, leaving the rest of the group behind. 

    Screenwriter & Director:   Mui Aticha Tanthanawigrai  
    Genres:  Romance,  Drama  
    Tags:   Idol Male Lead,   Forbidden Love,   Entertainment Industry,   Gay Romance,   LGBTQ+,   Idol Actor,   LYKN,   Idol Supporting Character

  • Break Up Service

    24. Break Up Service

    Thai Drama - 0000

    Main Cast: Off Jumpol, Jorin Khumpiraphan

    Support Cast: Godji Tachakorn, Kapook Ploynira, Foei Patara

    Broke, Jued will do anything for money, even work with Boss, a man who makes his living breaking relationships. 

    Adapted from the webtoon "Break-Up Service" (Break-Up Service บริษัทรับจ้างทำลายรัก) by Komai (กอไหม).   

    Director:   Nat Thachai Komolphet
    Genres:  Comedy,  Romance
    Tags:   Adapted From A Webtoon

  • Revamp: The Undead Story

    25. Revamp: The Undead Story

    Thai Drama - 2024, 10 episodes

    BL - BounPrem

    Director: New Siwaj

    Co-production with Studio Wabi Sabi

  • Sweet Tooth, Good Dentist

    26. Sweet Tooth, Good Dentist

    Thai Drama - 0000

    BL - MarkOhm

  • The Dark Dice

    27. The Dark Dice

    Thai Drama - 0000

    Main Cast: Gemini Norawit, Prim Chanikarn

    Support Cast: Aungpao Ochiris, Myme Nichapa, Teshow Promsakha, Prom Theepakon

    Director:   Keith Kritsada Kaniwichaphon

    Genres:  Thriller,  Drama,  Supernatural
    Tags:   Suspense  

  • The Ex-Morning

    28. The Ex-Morning

    Thai Drama - 2025

    BL - KristSingto

    Director: Lit Phadung (Love in Translation, Dangerous Romance, Love Mechanics, My Engineer)

  • Scarlet Heart

    29. Scarlet Heart

    Thai Drama - 0000

    Tu, Win, Phuwin, Fourth, Tay, Nanon, Perth, Force

    Director: Fon Kanittha

    Adapted from the novel "Bu Bu Jing Xin" (步步惊心) by Tong Hua (桐华)
    Famous Korean adaptation: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo