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noodletales Jan 1, 2024
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  • A Journey to Love

    1. A Journey to Love

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 40 episodes


    Started watching in 2023 (episodes 1-20).
    Finished watching in 2024 (episodes 21-40).
    Completed on 1/3/24

    Quick thoughts:
    Starting off the year strong with this nearly perfect cdrama. I was enthralled throughout most of the drama and watched with rapt attention a majority of the time. Around episode 25, I felt like things became rushed due to not having enough time to delve into many plot points as deeply as I believe was originally intended during production. The standardization of cdramas forced to have 40 or less episodes probably caused this. For once, I think this is a drama that actually needed more than 40 episodes to tell its story, or needed slightly better pacing and balance. I also would have liked a bit more of an epilogue and less ambiguity. I adored pretty much all the main characters. Even the insufferable ones. The acting and the chemistry between all the actors was so natural. I really felt the losses in my gut and shed a number of tears for them. The OST is also fantastic! Final verdict: 9.5/10

  • Reset

    2. Reset

    Chinese Drama - 2022, 15 episodes


    Watched on 1/4/24

    Quick thoughts: This was very bingable and kept my attention 90% of the time. I really enjoyed the pacing and how we got to spend a lot of time with the main characters attempting to solve the mystery. I'm not sure I was entirely sold on the culprit and there were some moments when I would scream at my TV due to the illogical behavior of the characters. Also, the copaganda was a bit heavy handed. Final verdict: 9/10

  • Mestres do Yin-Yang: O Sonho da Eternidade

    Watched on 1/5/24

    Quick thoughts: The was a beautiful and poetic if somewhat slow film. The acting and special effects were top notch. The two MLs and the secondary ML and FL all had excellent chemistry. The story was a bit confusing but is fairly well explained by the end. I'm not entirely sure how much of this film will stick with me beyond the general dreamy vibes to be honest. Final verdict: 8/10

  • Você É Minha Glória

    4. Você É Minha Glória

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 32 episodes


    Completed on 1/8/24

    Quick thoughts: God I loved this drama. I identified so much with the ML and his whole plot revolving around his career and reflecting on life choices. I’m slowly discovering Dilraba is a top tier actress and Yang Yang is a personal favorite of mine even if I don’t always love his dramas. Their chemistry is passionate and intimate and natural. I really believed in their affection for one another. The pacing of the story and development of the plot and characters was really well executed. As with most cdramas, there was an emotionally charged ending that brought happy tears to my eyes. The sound quality was rough ant lot of the time and I can really understand why so many cdramas are dubbed over to hide this problem. But I love when the actors are able to use their own voices so I will take the dialogue from a fishbowl if I have to. I’ve watched and enjoyed hundreds of Thai dramas with much worse sound than a cdrama could fathom. Final verdict: 9/10

  • BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star

    5. BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star

    Korean TV Show - 2023, 8 episodes


    Completed on 1/10/24

    Quick thoughts: I cried so so many times. 10/10

  • The King's Avatar

    6. The King's Avatar

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 40 episodes


    Started in 2023. Completed on 1/12/24

    Quick thoughts: Nearly dropped this several times throughout the middle 20 episodes but persisted. Last ten episodes were the best but I also found a lot of plot elements to be very vaguely conveyed. There were a number of threads that seemed dropped or underdeveloped. Really liked the ensemble of characters and the three female leads were so interesting and different from one another. Yang Yang was fantastic in this and I think it might be his best role I’ve seen so far. The CGI was really good and the gameplay was impressive. One of the best OSTs ever. Final verdict: 8/10

  • Ossan's Love

    7. Ossan's Love

    Japanese Drama - 2018, 7 episodes


    Completed on 1/14/24

    Quick thoughts: I put off this series for ages because I just wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it but I actually did. It’s got that hyper Japanese comedy style that takes a lot of getting used to, but luckily it’s something I enjoy. The cast of characters are all delightful and I like that everyone has their own storyline no matter how small. There were many elements of the plot that frustrated me but it’s also a product of its time so I got over it pretty quickly. I’m now very attached to these characters and will be immediately continuing with the sequel movie and season 2. 

  • O Amor de Ossan O Filme~AMOR ou MORTO

    8. O Amor de Ossan O Filme~AMOR ou MORTO

    Japanese Movie - 2019


    Completed on 1/14/24

    Quick thoughts: This was wickedly fun and jazzed me up greatly for Ossan's Love Returns (which I'm watching now). The action sub-plot was insane and yet inspired. I love Japanese comedy.

  • Amor O2O

    9. Amor O2O

    Chinese Drama - 2016, 30 episodes


    Completed on 1/17/24

    Quick Thoughts: This was a rough ride. Sometimes I really enjoyed it, but most of the time it pissed me off to be honest. It definitely had its time and place in history, but 2024 is not it.

    Note: Took a sharp turn into anime after watching Love O2O. Watched like a dozen in less than a week. I'll list them between each drama on the list:

    After Love O2O: 

    1. Heaven Official's Blessing seasons 1 and 2 = 10/10
  • Given

    10. Given

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 6 episodes


    Completed on 1/25/24

    Quick Thoughts: Genuinely liked this, but after having watched the anime, I can see why so many people don't enjoy this adaptation as much. The music was beautiful though and I felt the depth of the emotions of the characters better in this than in the anime. Oh and the kiss was actually so good! I think if this had more episodes and could have told the whole story, it would have been a lot better and potentially been able to rival the anime.

    After Given (live action series):

    1. Given (anime series + movie + special) = 9/10
    2. The Stranger by the Shore (movie) = 10/10
    3. Yes, No, or Maybe? (movie) =5/10
    4. Sasaki and Miyano (anime series + specials + movie) = 9/10
    5. Junjo Romantica (season 1-2) = 7/10
    6. Junjo Romantica (season 3) = 6/10
    7. Dakaretai Otoko (anime series)  = 8/10
    8. Dakaretai Otoko (movie) = 6/10
    9. Mignon (mini series) = 10/10
    10. Hyperventilation (short film) = 8/10
    11. Suzume (movie) = 10/10
  • Amor Pelo Amor

    11. Amor Pelo Amor

    Korean Drama - 2024, 8 episodes


    Completed on 2/1/24

    Quick thoughts: CINEMA! ART! THE FULL DEPTH AND BREADTH OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE AND EMOTION! Not perfect (mostly due to episode constraints causing some rough editing choices and narrative beats) but damn near so.

  • Sahara-sensei to Toki-kun

    12. Sahara-sensei to Toki-kun

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 8 episodes

  • VIP Only

    13. VIP Only

    Taiwanese Drama - 2023, 10 episodes

  • Pit Babe

    14. Pit Babe

    Thai Drama - 2023, 13 episodes

  • Cooking Crush

    15. Cooking Crush

    Thai Drama - 2023, 12 episodes

  • Batalha das Solteiras

    16. Batalha das Solteiras

    Thai Drama - 2024, 6 episodes

  • The Sign

    17. The Sign

    Thai Drama - 2023, 12 episodes

  • O Amor Dura Para Sempre

    18. O Amor Dura Para Sempre

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 10 episodes

  • No Meio de Uma Tempestade de Neve de Amor

    19. No Meio de Uma Tempestade de Neve de Amor

    Chinese Drama - 2024, 30 episodes

  • Proposta Perfeita

    20. Proposta Perfeita

    Japanese Drama - 2024, 6 episodes

  • Ossan's Love Returns

    21. Ossan's Love Returns

    Japanese Drama - 2024, 9 episodes

  • Like Love

    22. Like Love

    Chinese Drama - 2014, 15 episodes

  • I Love You As A Man: Part 2

    23. I Love You As A Man: Part 2

    Chinese Movie - 2015

  • Cherry Magic

    24. Cherry Magic

    Thai Drama - 2023, 12 episodes

  • Man Suang

    25. Man Suang

    Thai Movie - 2023

  • Dead Friend Forever - DFF

    26. Dead Friend Forever - DFF

    Thai Drama - 2023, 12 episodes

  • Sukiyanen Kedo Do Yaro ka

    27. Sukiyanen Kedo Do Yaro ka

    Japanese Drama - 2024, 10 episodes

  • A Lição Parte 2

    28. A Lição Parte 2

    Korean Drama - 2023, 8 episodes

  • Anti-redefinição

    29. Anti-redefinição

    Taiwanese Drama - 2024, 10 episodes

  • Intern in My Heart

    30. Intern in My Heart

    Thai Drama - 2024, 10 episodes

  • O Amor É Melhor na Segunda Vez

    31. O Amor É Melhor na Segunda Vez

    Japanese Drama - 2024, 6 episodes

  • Desconhecido

    32. Desconhecido

    Taiwanese Drama - 2024, 12 episodes

  • Médicos em Colapso

    33. Médicos em Colapso

    Korean Drama - 2024, 16 episodes


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