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unthinking Jan 20, 2024
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  • Ni Hao, Zhong Di Shao Nian

    1. Ni Hao, Zhong Di Shao Nian

    Chinese TV Show - 2023, 10 episodes


    the parts where they stay at each other's houses was the best!!! 

    the rest of the show was just mid.

  • Nian Nian Xiang Wang

    2. Nian Nian Xiang Wang

    Chinese Movie - 2023


    finally got around to watching it after waiting for it to be released for months!! 

    not the sweetest or the best youth rom, but i'll take it

  • Wo De Zhu Li Liushi Sui

    3. Wo De Zhu Li Liushi Sui

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 37 episodes


    by a stroke of luck, i have stumbled upon another work of bai jing ting.
    i'm not saying all of his works are great, but i haven't watched a bad show of his thus far... 

    this show has an interesting premise, aright plot development.
    wish it was 40 episodes long so the last 2 episodes didn't feel so rushed :l

    a lot of comments mentioned that the last 7 or so episodes wasn't fun to watch and i agree.
    it felt way too different compared to the rest of the show's lightheartedness.

  • Become a Farmer Season 2

    4. Become a Farmer Season 2

    Chinese TV Show - 2024, 43 episodes

  • Ping Heng Da Zuo Zhan

    5. Ping Heng Da Zuo Zhan

    Chinese TV Show - 2024, 4 episodes

    feels more like a giant advert than a reality tv show tbh... 

    activities in the show felt awkward, the 4 hosts feel like they haven't opened up with one another/the camera either.
    which is weird as i have seen three out of four of them on another show and they were far from this awkward!!

  • Mystery in the Box

    6. Mystery in the Box

    Chinese TV Show - 2024, 10 episodes


    concept was pretty interesting and fun to watch.

    some stories were more interesting than the others, but it is what it is.
    though i don't understand whats the point of adding a horror element to each of the episodes lol, seems unnecessary in some of the storylines

  • This Is My Island

    7. This Is My Island

    Chinese TV Show - 2024, 10 episodes

    first 3 episodes were good!!
    the boys built their own place of rest, scavenged for food, made their own fire. 

    then it went in the direction of every other variety show.. more games, living conditions were more comfortable (they got tents!!), food were provided


  • Shining For One Thing: The Movie

    8. Shining For One Thing: The Movie

    Chinese Movie - 2023


    ah, a new parallel universe story that's unrelated to the previous parallel universe. 

    i'm not sure if i enjoyed this parallel universe setting as much as the drama, perhaps because there's less time to set up the story and their undying love for one another.
    the jumping of universes by ML here is also a bit messy at times.. 

    didn't enjoy the plot hole where FL suddenly didn't go back to her original world after hearing ML's name at the end >:(

    i do like the end quote of "for every unrequited love, there's a happy ending in another universe" though!! warms up my hopeless romantic heart

  • The Truth Season 2

    9. The Truth Season 2

    Chinese TV Show - 2024, 20 episodes

  • Wonderland Season 4

    10. Wonderland Season 4

    Chinese TV Show - 2024, 20 episodes