TinkerBell Size Tales...Under an Hour

These are all an HOUR or Under!

*please note that this is a work in process*
For something a little longer see Itty Bitty Time Taker uppers
Something a little longer than those? Try Pint Size Stories

*Note- this list started off when I broke apart my original list I started back in 2015.Which was to have a list for me to easily find quick watches. I made the list public because others also like having that info.
 My goal now is to make it a comprehensive list of all movies & dramas under an hour. The way I'm doing it is through web searches for lists, posts by others, other mdlers lists and finds on youtube.  Some of the other lists are from Sleepy Strawberry, penel, Haitakaz,Kais, Gyumontevv.

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