There are several more Singapore pages. I think the admins keep them because they are planning to add Singapore to MDL in the near future. 

Yeah, I found that out when looking at a different Singapore page, about 2 hours before your comment! We just need someone keeping track of the titles that are tossed all over the place-HK for that, Summerdaze listed as SK, etc. We need a 'hidden' Singapore option for the existing ones since nation can't be left empty.

these are likely cancelled since there is no news regarding this around past 3/4 years ago




It's not a separate spinoff show but a new segment in the show starting from around ep. 399.


seem to be based off a rumor, can't really find any info on it either

not sure if this show has been cancelled, can't find any info past 2019 articles




Singaporean movies, sources https://movie.douban.com/subject/35274297/ and https://movie.douban.com/subject/35374750/

If you look at the top of the page w/your post and the last post of p.3, you'll see a mention that they are currently leaving Singapore content up since they're planning on adding it at some point. :) 

https://mydramalist.com/701443-faded (Malaysian short film - GagaOOLala)
https://mydramalist.com/705637-will-you-be-my-boyfriend (Laotian series - World of BL)

https://mydramalist.com/683209-youths-in-the-breeze is an anthology series (DramaWiki, Baike Baidu). The pages below are two of the stories included in Youths in the Breeze (all three sub-series have also been released as separate short films, which are basically compilations of their respective episodes). I didn’t realize they were part of an anthology when I originally submitted them :(

Thank you~