Not a drama, but a theater initiative by iQiyi which includes a few romance-themed dramas.


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[Removed] This page was created based on rumors alone. The producer has repeatedly reiterated (including in an interview aired today) that there won’t be any future side story, sequel or concert for/after Word of Honor.

It's a French-German-Italian-Belgian co-production


[Not Removed. It's co-produced with Japan, too.]

Hi~~ Honestly just looking for a little clarity on this title - I'm hoping this is the right place! The only information I could find on it, besides iKON's official YouTube channel, was on this site (not sure how reliable it is).

The teaser on the YouTube channel is a little confusing, since I'm not sure whether 'WELCOME BACK' is the series name, or literally a 'welcome back' for the iKON-ON series. There doesn't seem to be any other iKON-ON video on the channel labelled or tagged with 'Welcome Back' except for the teaser.

Also, this is the video that came out on Sept 29 2020, the first iKON-ON video after the teaser came out, and it doesn't seem to be a series of any sort.

Thanks :)

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Singapore drama not HK

There are several more Singapore pages. I think the admins keep them because they are planning to add Singapore to MDL in the near future. 


It's a French-German-Italian-Belgian co-production


Yeah it's totally not Japanese. The director is a nephew of  the actor Clément Harari, who isn't Japanese either (he was born in Egypt).  

[Co-produced with Japan]