Can (M) on my account be removed? I'm assuming it stands for muted. When I don't have VIP running, I can't comment and it's not fun. I wasn't given a reason for this either, I just noticed it on page and it's been going 8 months. 

Help lift this 

I was too coy to ask earlier but for some reason my VIP stopped debiting me and the site page won't load so I can resubscribe.

I'd appreciate a fix, Merci

Aoi Community Manager

I believe we did give a reason. Please stop spamming requests to join Discord. I went ahead and unmuted your account.

I never got a message. And I saw others do it and didn't find their account muted, neither were their messages deleted so I was confused if there was something else. 

I saw others open a forum about discord before and I had one up too but mine was shut down (also didn't receive a message) and theirs wasn't - theirs are still up and running. 

I'm really confused what it is I'm doing differently. I would appreciate if you'd let me know.

And thank you for unmuting me.xx

Aoi Community Manager

We did send the notice, and that's how we know. It doesn't matter if other accounts do it, since we usually ban them. Please be careful.