Hi there!

Since yesterday, it's impossible for me to publish a review with the status "completed".
I add the drama to my list, its status is "completed", but this isn't taken into account when I want to publish my review.
I can't tick off the fact that I've finished watching the drama. And when I mention that I've seen all the episodes, it makes no difference. The dramas are finished and fully broadcast.
I've tried it in both English and French. The result is the same: I can't publish a review in "completed" status.

See capture:
Statut complete: https://ibb.co/GCZLWQD
Review : https://ibb.co/JB3ycx3
But: https://ibb.co/b6Gjd7p

Sorry if the subject already exists, but I couldn't find it.

It should be working now, thanks for reporting.

Yes, it works.

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