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Yoon Sa Bong and Jung Yong Ju will be added to the confirmed cast of the upcoming K-drama Knight Flower.

On January 11, both Yoon Sa Bong and Jung Yong Ju's side have confirmed that they will be starring with Lee Ha Nee in the upcoming MBC Friday-Saturday K-drama Knight Flower

This will be the first K-drama of Yoon Sa Bong for 2024. Last year, the actress was part of several K-dramas such as Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun, Mask Girl, and Moving. This K-drama will also be her comeback to the historical genre almost after three years. Yoon Sa Bong is known for being part of the series Trolley, Forecasting Love and Weather, Lovers of the Red Sky, Hi Bye, Mama!, and more.

Just like Yoon Sa Bong, rising actor Jung Yong Ju's first K-drama for the year will be Knight Flower. The actor became busy last year with several projects such as Death's Game, The Deal, and Twinkling Watermelon.

Jung Yong Ju made his acting debut in 2021. He has appeared in the K-dramas Insider, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, and The Empire.

Knight Flower will be led by Lee Ha Nee, Lee Jong Won, Lee Ki Woo, Kim Sang Joong, Park Se Hyun, and Woo Kang Min.

The upcoming K-drama will tell the story of a widow named Cho Yeo Hwa. She has been a widow for 15 years and lives quietly at home during the day. At night, she's different. She becomes a person who's like a knight to the people who need help. In her journey, she gets involved with Park Soo Ho and begins to dream about the future once again. 

Knight Flower will be the collaboration work of directors Jang Tae Yoo (Hyena and My Love from the Star) and Choi Jung In (On the Verge of Insanity). 

In the series, Yoon Sa Bong will portray the role of Jang So Woon. She is the acting chief of the 200-year-old traditional flower troupe. She is one of Cho Yeo Hwa's people who will help her during the night. 

Meanwhile, Jung Yong Ju will portray the role of Bi Chan, a military officer. He is the kind and bright right-hand man of Park Soo Ho. Although he gets grumpy with Park Soo Ho, he has loyalty and does everything that he is told to do. 

Knight Flower is set to air its first episode on January 12. It will be part of MBC's Friday and Saturday K-drama timeslot. 


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