de Lily Alice, maio 14, 2024

Note: Reader discretion is advised as the text contains descriptions of suicide. 

The Seoul Central District Court's 25th Criminal Division held the fifth trial for actor Yoo Ah In's drug case on May 14. Yoo Ah In was indicted on charges of habitual propofol use, illegal prescription and purchase of sleeping pills under another person's name, marijuana use, and evidence tampering.

Yoo Ah In appeared in court wearing a black suit. He told the press, "(What I have to say) is the same as what has been known so far. I apologize for not being able to talk at length every time." The trial is reported to have lasted more than two hours.  

Today, two doctors — Dr. Oh and Dr. Hwang — were scheduled to testify, but only Dr. Oh attended. They were the ones who prescribed medical narcotics to Yoo Ah In.  

During the trial, Yoo Ah In's doctor disclosed several details about the actor's medical condition, revealing his case to be severe. 

According to Dr. Oh, Yoo Ah In first visited his hospital on June 29, 2021. When asked about his condition at that time, he replied, "He wanted to treat his sleep disorder, chronic depression, and panic symptoms." 

Yoo Ah In mainly consulted about his depression and insomnia. Dr. Oh stated, "At that time, he said he had been receiving treatment for depression since he was 27." He also disclosed Yoo Ah In's dependence on Stilnox, saying, "Yoo Ah In said he was taking more Stilnox than before." 

It is reported that Yoo Ah In's condition of depression, insomnia, and panic disorder was severe. Dr. Oh mentioned, "When I looked at his chart during the second visit, I recommended short-term hospitalization. However, (Yoo Ah In) said that it was impossible due to his schedule." 

Dr. Oh also recalled when Yoo Ah In visited the hospital for the first time in a long time on April 29, 2022. He mentioned the actor's condition worsened: "He had lost a tremendous amount of weight. The suicidal thoughts had increased. He mentioned feeling 'restless,' 'anxious,' 'unable to concentrate,' and 'distracted,' which I also noted in his chart. Due to these symptoms, I remember prescribing medication to help control his anxiety."

He continued, "He also said that he wanted to run away from the drama set,and recalled, "He also had thoughts about death. It didn't seem like he had been thinking about it for a day or two [he's had those thoughts for a long time]."

Mr. Oh remembered Yoo Ah In as different from other celebrities. "Other famous people and celebrities also come for consultations. The difference with Yoo Ah In is his chronic symptoms. A notable point is that the consultation times were very long. While other celebrities often requested only medication like 'just control my sleepor 'just control my panic disorder,Yoo Ah In had consultations lasting about an hour and a half to two hours even from the first visit," said Dr. Oh, according to Koreaboo. 

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In continues to receive drug treatment at Dr. Oh's hospital. The actor is also trying to cure his depression.  

Dr. Oh added, "(Yoo Ah In) is making a lot of effort. Since the incident, he has been honest about the treatment direction. Whereas he used to come irregularly due to his busy schedule, he now comes regularly every four weeks." 

Yoo Ah In's trial has been ongoing since last November. The sixth trial is scheduled for June 18, where Dr. Hwang, who was absent, is expected to testify.