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Yang Hye Ji might work with Kim Tae Ri in the upcoming K-drama "The Demon."

On December 5th, media outlets reported that Yang Hye Ji would be one of the casts of the upcoming drama series titled "The Demon." Kim Tae Ri will reportedly be the main lead of the upcoming series. 

This will possibly be the comeback drama of Yang Hye Ji. She last starred in the 2021 series "Nevertheless," This year, the actress didn't appear in any projects. 

Aside from "The Demon," Yang Hye Ji will also reportedly star in the upcoming K-drama "Bad-Memory Eraser" with JYJ's Kim Jae Joong, Jin Se Yeon, Lee Jong Won, Jang Eui Soo, and Kim Kwang Gyu

Yang Hye Ji made her acting debut in the 2016 web series "Secret Crushes: Season 2." Since then, she has starred in several K-dramas such as "Rich Family's Son," "Dear My Room," "Big Issue," "Failing in Love," "When the Weather Is Fine," "Live On," and more.

If Yang Hye Ji confirms her casting, she will play the role of Baek Se Mi in the upcoming series. Baek Se Mi is a high school friend of Ku San Young, the character of Kim Tae Ri. She will work closely with Kim Tae Ri's character and the two will prepare to become public officials together. 

"The Demon" is a mystery thriller that will revolve around a woman who is possessed by a demon and a man who can see the demons that possessed the woman. The two will work together to find out the truth about the mysterious deaths surrounding the five bodies.

They try to figure out the truth behind the mysterious deaths related to the five sacred objects.

The upcoming series will be the collaboration between writer Kim Eun Hee ("Kingdom" and "Signal") and director  Lee Jung Rim ("V.I.P").

"The Demon" will reportedly premiere next year. The series will exclusively premiere on SBS.


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