de Lily Alice, março 21, 2023

It's only a matter of time till the release of Woo Do Hwan's much-awaited drama Joseon Attorney: A Morality, and ahead of the show's premiere, MBC unveiled a new teaser and still cuts of the actor's character Kang Han Su from the upcoming historical K-drama. 

The teaser starts with Kang Han Su (Woo Do Hwan) firmly saying, "There is no one in Joseon who can beat me in a lawsuit". 

Then in another scene, King Yi Hyul (Song Geon Hee), with a distraught expression, asks Han Su, "Is there a way?", and the lawyer confidently nods, suggesting that he is among those for whom nothing is impossible. 

Furthermore, the scenes portraying Yi Yun Ju (Bona) also draw attention to the atypical relationship between the foreign branch and the princess. And Kang Han Su's words, "I want to save his life," as if in response to the people earnestly earnest begging, make us look forward to the role he will perform in the villagers' lives as the lawyer of the foreign branch. 

Still cuts of the actor from the K-drama were also released. The series of cuts portray Woo Do Hwan giving different expressions in different situations, which corroborate the fact that the actor perfectly fitted into the character of the unrivaled lawyer Kang Han Su. From a killer gaze to a mischievous look, Do Hwan aces every expression to perfection. 

The production team of the drama commented, "Woo Do Hwan's unique acting skills will make the drama more gripping and will make viewers fall for his charm. Please look forward to the transformation of Woo Do Hwan, who has completely transformed from appearance to personality to fit the role of Kang Han Su of the foreign branch".

When and where to watch the upcoming K-drama Joseon Attorney: A Morality? 

Episode 1 of Joseon Attorney: A Morality will air on March 31 (Friday). Nothing has been confirmed about the K-drama's broadcast on OTT platforms. Meanwhile, check out the new teaser released by MBC.