de Lily Alice, maio 18, 2023

Netflix has unveiled stills for the upcoming series action drama Bloodhounds, which give a glimpse of two young individuals entangled in the cutthroat world of loan sharks, risking their lives to battle a formidable criminal syndicate.

The stills showcase the intense action and multifaceted characters surrounding Kim Geon Woo (Woo Do Hwan) and Hong Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yi). 

The sincere and pure-hearted Geon Woo and the righteous and kind Woo Jin become BFFs despite initially meeting as rivals in a boxing championship. 

However, their dreams and futures are overshadowed by the darkness cast upon them due to the pandemic. It is during this time that Geon Woo's mother falls prey to the sinister trap set by the illegal loan company Smile Capital, thrusting the two young men into the underworld of loan sharks. Kim Myung Gil (Park Sung Woong), a malevolent moneylender, preys on financially burdened individuals amidst the pandemic. As Geon Woo and Woo Jin discover the extent of Myung Gil's nefarious actions, they form an alliance with the legendary loan shark President Choi (Heo Joon Ho), and prepare to confront him head-on.

The drama is helmed by Jason Kim, known for his exceptional work on Midnight Runners. By incorporating the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, director Kim elevates the audience's emotional connection to the series. Described as a "fast-paced action drama where two young boxers take on the malevolent loan sharks with their fists", Bloodhounds promises to interest global Netflix viewers with its eye-popping action sequences and the protagonists' authentic and compassionate performances as characters in the face of harsh reality.

Bloodhounds will hit our screens on June 9. The action drama will air a total of 8 episodes exclusively on Netflix.