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Mild to Major Spoilers for Nothing But You! Read at your own discretion! 

This can be easily read in both light and dark mode. Let's travel down the momery lane with a truly motivating and gorgeus story from the C-Drama World!

"Song Sang Chuan is a young, yet quite talented tennis player in his twenties, with one unyielding will power. He used to play badminton, but has recently turned his attention to tennis after his career stalled. Liang You An, meanwhile, is a professional woman in her thirties. Her own career has also taken an unexpected turn – and she decides to take up tennis at a new club in a bid to make a change in her life. She happens to join the same club as Song Sang Chuan…

He falls instantly under a heart grasping spell, totally smitten with Liang You An regardless of the fact that he is 10 years her junior. He tries every trick in the book to woo her, but she is very skeptical of his advances, as she is concerned that he is far too young for her. But over time, she comes to learn that his intentions are pure – and that his feelings for her are genuine. While many people around her express scorn, she starts to wonder if she might just fall for this passionate young athlete…" (Source: Viki)

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Leo Wu as Song San Chuan

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Song San Chuan suffered a lot of setbacks on the badminton field and in life alike, since he experienced betrayal, lies, abandonment. Meanwhile, all that started with a very strict schedule during childhood, set by his mother, who simply wanted him to become stronger and mature even faster by continuing to climb the laddder of success in competitons. Although, fate had other plans in store. When he least expected it, during highschool, his mom suddenly  left him alone with with his uncle, An Cong, who in time bacame his adoptive father. 

At one point, he decided to retire all together from the sports field because San Chuan was hit by one emotional trauma he could not get over. When it came to a certain score during matches, everything seemed to be frozen on court for him. Slowly, his luck and life started to change in a better direction, all because of one person: Liang You An, who brought him endless posibilities, and so much more.

Zhou Yu Tong  as Liang You An

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Liang You An is professional sports manager who is serious about what she does, putting all her effort and soul in everthing she sets out to accomplish. Sometimes, she does this way too much and without even noticing, You An bexomes a workaholic. Nevertheless, she maintains an optimistic view of life, dreaming of something rather simple: gaining more personal free time, even if only 10 minutes per day, being driven by her powerful will to succeed even further at what she loves. What's most praiseworthy of her is the fact that she makes accurate decisions based on intuition and feelings when it comes to atheletes and coaching procedures, rather than cold numbers or data. Not many people in her field would have the guts to do this, the unconventional way of approching things or issues that are bound to appear ocassionally.

Let's take a peak at the English titles of each episode: 

Continuation for the last episodes:

Ep. 1. ML: Hi, Liang You'an.

Ep. 2. FL: You moved me with your resolution.

Ep. 3. ML: Are we already acquaintances?

Ep. 4. FL: It's hard to approach you.

Ep. 5. FL: Is letting go more courageous than persevering?

Ep. 6. ML: Jie jie, can you buy me a cup of coffee?

Ep. 7. ML: Will we... not meet again?

Ep. 8. FL: Heart rate: 108.

Ep. 9. FL: What if... we succeed together?

Ep. 10. FL: You seem to possess the ability to create a spark in everyone.

Ep. 11. ML: If..., let's go on a date!

Ep. 12. ML: I'll work hard to be your strength.

Ep 27 FL:  Jealous? No, I Wasn't.

Ep 28 FL: Happy Birthday, Song San Chuan!

Ep 29 ML: Liang You' an, Do You Like Me? FL: - Yes. I Do.

Ep 30 FL: Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend? ML: Yes, yes, yes.

Ep 31 FL: You Had Been Crushing On Me for This Long?

Ep 32 FL: Song San Chuan, Are You Ready?

Ep 33 ML & FL: We're All Passionate Fools.

Ep  34 ML: I'll Provide For You, For This Family

Ep 35 FL:  I Really Don't Like Arguing With You

Ep 36 FL:  Hi, Mr Strong. ML: What's Wrong, Ms. Smarty?

Ep 37 ML: When It Rings Again, It Means I'm Back 

Ep 38 ML & FL: You Are The Best. Nothing But You.

The End.

Not giving more details about these titles 'cause they have plenty of sooilers. Those who have seen the entire drama will know or notice what I mean.

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Ep. 13: FL: Does Song San Chuan... like me?

Ep. 14. ML: Liang You An, thank you for inviting me to join tennis.

Ep. 15. ML: For now, I can't take back the fact that I like you.

Ep. 16. ML: Did you... find someone else behind my back?

Ep. 17. ML: Jiejie... will she open her heart one day?

Ep. 18. ML: Stubborn... aren't you, Jiejie?

Ep. 19. ML: Let me interview you, Ms. Liang. What kind of man do you like?

Ep. 20. FL: I want to see you. ML: Then I'm coming right now.

Ep. 21. ML: I... am her BOYFRIEND!

Ep. 22. FL: Sorry. I screwed up.

Ep. 23. ML: I'll use 10 trophies to get a chance to be by your side.

Ep. 24. ML: Don't worry. Let me carry you!

Ep. 25. FL: When you miss someone, there's only one thing you can do.

Ep. 26. ML: Liang You An, I'm okay now. Thank you.

(Photos source: MyDramalist, Weibo, WeTV)

Moving on to the real deal, the most captivating and inspring quotes:(Photo source: WeTV Official on Twitter)

Picked by me: 

Song San Chuan: "I'm the precedent." (When it comes to switching sports)

By Nilambar: 

Song San Chuan: "Liang You'an, raise your head and walk out of the office. I'll follow you." (After firing her, when her boss was insulting and embarrassing her in front of her other colleagues.)

Song San Chuan: "All the terrible things you've done, including you faking your injury, it's not that karma doesn't exist. It's just that it isn't time yet." (When San Chuan beat up Jin Yi for making that false statement, which led to Liang You'an losing her job.)

Jiang Jiao Jiao: "I just don't understand. People these days earn their sense of pride through lying." (Afterwards, when Liang Tao had to pay wholesome money for the prank Jiao Jiao pulled at the restaurant.)

Song San Chuan: "To shut him up, there's only one way. I must become a successful badminton-turned-tennis athlete. Only this can prove that you made the right choice by recruiting me. As for other methods, they're just senseless."

Song San Chuan: "I promised to work hard to be your strength, I can't afford to slack off."

By 4everfangir1

"Practicing badminton for you is like fulfilling the responsibility of an arranged marriage. Playing tennis is like the happiness of marrying someone you truly love." - Jiao Jiao to San Chuan (Ep. 17) 

"Why am I always failing? Is it because I always choose to run away during the most difficult times and at the last minute? But you, at times when everyone would give up, persevere on without letting go." - Coach Yan to San Chuan (Ep. 33) 

 By Berbox Kay lee Zona

"Sometimes letting go is so much courageous than holding on." - Song San Chuan

"As for the perfect person, I don't know when he'll appear. That's why I'm not willing to bet on this uncertainty with another uncertainty." - Liang You An

By atikamelia

"If I do encounter someone like him (refers to perfect person) and he dislikes me because I cannot give birth, I don't think he's perfect for me then. As a woman, giving birth shouldn't be the only reason he's loving me." - Liang You An

"It's not that I like someone who's ten years older. I just like Liang You An." - Song San Chuan 

By ErickaRamirez

"I’ll work hard to be your strength so that you can be yourself" - Song San Chuan

"No matter what others say, I always believe you’re the treasure I found." - Liang You An

By vvn2154

"Badminton is different from tennis, in Badminton the ball has to stay up in the air, in Tennis it has to land everytime.  After meeting you, my heart has landed." - Song San Chuan

By vicarious:

"God helps those who help themselves and I am the God of this club." - Coach Yan

By Berd

"Love makes one tireless." -Jiao Jiao 

"I want to be your emergency contact." - Song San Chuan (Ep. 15)

 "If I'm rejected, I will try harder." - Song San Chuan (Ep. 15)

By JulesL:

"Why must it be looking up or looking down at each other? Shouldn't the best love be seeing each other at the same level?" - Song Sangchuan (Ep. 28) (After Liang You An told him her concerns about them when they get older. Right now he admires her because she is 9 - 10 steps ahead of him so she is more mature, rational, and has a life plan. What happens when he is in his 30s and she in her 40s... what if he ultimately wants someone who will admire and look up to him...)

By Alwayswithgyu:

"People have a lot of things they fear, but most of the time they are just scaring themselves." - Song San Chuan (Ep. 8)

Picked by me: 

"You're the best. Nothing but you." (Last quote.)

A big Thank You to everyone who helped me out on this search for quotes, I had lots of fun reading them!

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