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Zhang Yuxi a rising star of China. How well do you guys know her? In this article, I'm going to mention everything that I've discovered about her. When I discovered her in 2019 in her first main lead drama, she used to look like a living Barbie doll. But as time flies, people change. She is still beautiful with her short hair.

Birth and Life Before Modeling and Acting

Birth date: 29 January 1993 (age 28 in 2021) in Dunhua, Jilin, China
Nationality: Chinese.
Height: 5 ‘7

The Beginning: Year 2009

In 2009, she won the championship in the Rayli Kanebo beauty competition. She launched her career as a model after winning the 7th Ruili cover girl contest in 2009. At that time, Zhang Yuxi was only 16 years old. Then she started her career as a model in China. At that time, she was only an internet celebrity. After winning the competition, she started modelling. But at that time she wasn’t recognized.

Plastic Surgery

As she became more famous, the left picture went viral because of how different she was looking in that picture.

People accused her of getting plastic surgery. But there isn’t any proof of her getting plastic surgery. Later, people agreed that she is a natural beauty.

Her pet:

Debut and Early Work

Man Comes to Tang Dynasty (2013)

In the year 2013, Zhang Yuxi debuted in the acting industry as a supporting actress in Man Comes to Tang Dynasty. This was her first drama. Her character's name was Er Nu. Her character in this drama feel kind of weird but as a newcomer, her acting was quite good. This drama is available on YouTube, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have any subtitles, which is the reason why even though many people wanted to watch this, they couldn’t.

Struggles After Debut 

After debuting, she didn’t get recognition and had to struggle to make her position in the industry. She worked in three movies from 2014 to 2016 as a supporting role or as a guest.

The Talking of the Tiger Mountain (2014)

She appeared as a guest in this movie which was released in 2014. It was her first movie work.

Forever Young 

In 2015, she again appeared as a guest actress in a movie named Forever Young. Her appearance felt special to me. But she had just few scenes.

The New Year's Eve of Old Lee (2016)

In the year 2016, she again worked in a movie as a guest actress.

Relationship with Wang Sicong

Wang Sicong is a Chinese businessman and the only son of Chinese tycoon Wang Jianlin. Zhang Yuxi is considered as the most beautiful ex girlfriend of Wang Sicong.

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoilers for the next few dramas!

First Main Female Lead Drama - Year 2016

My Little Princess (2016)

A must watch drama for Cdrama fans. My favorite drama. I don’t know how many times I have watched this drama. It’s a great rom-com. Everyone did a great job in this drama. Mike Angelo and Xixi are first main leads. Let’s talk about the characters:

Zhang Yuxi as princess Lin Xing Chen, the only heiress of the Lin family. She's a lonely princess but people think that she is a spoiled brat. A very rich girl.

She is raised by her step mother and very good at playing guitar and violin. A good hearted person. Engaged with childhood enemy. Crazy for his uncle since childhood. A badass with a habit of spending a lot of money. A BL manga reader.
Mike as Jiang Nian Yu, the handsome and smart boy of the school. Every girl's sweetheart. A poor boy. Helps everyone. Has a big fear. Good at playing every musical instrument.

The first two pictures are the imagination of princess Lin Xing Chens BL fantasy between her fiancé and the main lead. In the third picture, you can see her fiancé aka childhood enemy played by Kenji Chen. The fourth picture is the character we usually see in dramas as first lead, a naive girl.

Why you should watch this drama 

Year 2017

Relationship with Kenji Chen (My Little Princess co-actor aka the second male lead)

Zhang Yuxi disclosed their relationship in February 2017 on Weibo by posting a picture of them. In one interview, Zhang Yuxi said that while working with Kenji Chen in My Little Princess, he caught her attention and after the filming she called him and invited him for a coffee. After a few dates, she confessed her love. They often posted their photos on Weibo and Instagram. While filming other dramas, she said she always missed him. They used to raise a cat together, which is now raised by Zhang Yuxi. Kenji Chen is 8 years older than Xixi and is a Taiwanese actor. He got noticed after starting as Ah Jin in the movie Love At First Kiss. He once revealed to that it was Zhang Yuxi who helped him to get the role of Ah Jin.

Main Lead Projects

Magic Star (2017)

In 2017, her first drama was Magic Star. She was the second female lead and worked alongside Leo Wu.

Dear Prince aka My Little Princess 2

In the year 2017, Dear Prince was released, but this time with the vice versa. The princess was an ordinary girl and the ordinary boy was a dramaland prince. In season 2, they kept Zhang Yuxi and the second lead girl, all other cast was new. Zhang Yuxi played the role of a voice actor with a fear of talking in front of many people. This drama has a lot of kissing scenes. And the pain of being in love. Gonna make you cry a lot.

I Cannot Hug You/Embrace The Love

In this drama, Zang Yuxi played the role of a vampire girl. Go, go, watch it now on YouTube.

Supporting Drama

Die Now (2017)

Year 2018

Main Lead Drama

I Cannot Hug You Season 2

Guest Role

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (2018)

Year 2019

In 2019, she didn’t have any main lead roles in dramas but she shot for three movies and three dramas.

Please Give Me a Pair of Wings (2019)

Her first time working with Han Dong as they have since collaborated four times.

Her acting was on fire. People who criticized her that she can’t act mature after watching her in this drama had their opinion changed.

Break Up with Kenji Chen After 3 Years Relationship 

On 19 August, Zhang Yuxi posted that she and Kenji Chen are no longer together. As reported on ET Today, the Chinese actress, who has been dating her My Little Princess co-star since 2017, shared the sad news on Weibo, saying that she was lucky enough to have experienced happiness with Kenji.

"The journey is more precious to me than the ending. Goodbye, [Kenji]. I hope we will both have successes in the future," she wrote.

In response, the Taiwanese actor wrote, "Even though it has not been easy, I hope we will get better."

Rumors of a crack in their two-year relationship sparked back in June, when Zhang took to social media to express the challenges of trying to make things work. Their breakup is considered the most gentle breakup in the Chinese entertainment industry. Netizens commented that they felt sad as they imagined how cute their child would look.

In 2019, she also posted photos with her parents. After seeing her mother, people agreed that she is a natural beauty.

Major Breakthrough - Year 2020

Intense Love (2020)

One of the most famous drama of 2020. This drama gave her huge recognition.

Movie Work in 2020 As Main Lead

Beauty Skin

2nd time working with Han Dong.

Mermaid Bound

Enormous Legendary Fish

3rd time working with Han Dong.

Supporting and Guest Roles in Dramas

Love And Redemption (2020)

Her supporting character in this drama was everything. Her acting touched our hearts.

My Unicorn Girl (2020)

Her guest appearance was liked by all. 

Some special events of her life that should be mentioned:

1. Mike D’Angelo and Aom Sushar shippers trolled her for acting with Mike in My Little Princess. But still, many people loved their pair. And she again shared the screen with Mike in 2018 in Happy Camp.

2. Zhao Lusi and Ding Yuxi shippers. Ding Yuxi was caught by Zhao Lusi and Zhang Yuxi shippers. Many people criticized Zhang Yuxi.

3. Cheng Yi and Crystal Yuan shippers still troll her as she has paired with Cheng Yi after working in Love and Redemption as brother and sister in law.

4. Zhang Yuxi signed with H&R Century Pictures as an actress in 2019.

5. It’s rumored that she and Ding Yuxi were dating in 2020. Here is why:

Pending Drama 

Hard Memory: Prisoner Under Fire

This drama was about to be released in 2017 but it wasn't. Zhang Yuxi was a supporting actress in this drama.

Upcoming Dramas 

Dream of Chang’an/
Meng Xing Chang’an

She was most trolled for acting in this drama with Cheng Yi by L&R fans. Many people said they will not watch this drama at the beginning but as times flies, people changed their opinion about this couple after seeing their chemistry. She played the role of a female bodyguard of a crown prince. Her fourth time working with Han Dong and the second time with Cheng Yi.

South Wind Knows My Mood

Her most different character according to Zhang Yuxi. She played the role of a female doctor. Third time working with Cheng Yi.

Love At Night

An office worker. Second time working with Liu Xue Yi.

Fun Facts about Zhang Yuxi's Dramas:

1. Most of her dramas are female-centered
2. She plays the role of a rich female in her most dramas
3. She is a good kisser and she usually chases the male lead first               

Long-Lost Siblings of Zhang Yuxi in the Chinese Industry

Sebrina Chen and Zhang Yuxi worked together in My Unicorn Girl. People commented that they looked like sisters. And Sebrina is Xixi's younger sister. Xixi was a guest actress in that drama.

Simon Gong is considered as Zhang Yuxi's male version:

I tried to write everything about her in short words so people can know everything about her. She is a great actress. And in the end, people loved her with Cheng Yi even after trolling her a lot. Her smile is very beautiful.

Watch her dramas, you definitely will love her. That’s all. Thanks for spending your precious time on reading my article.

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