de lo_ve, abril 8, 2024

The upcoming K-drama DNA Lover reveals its official main leads.

On April 8, TV Chosun announced that Jung In Sun, Super Junior's Choi Si Won, Lee Tae Hwan, and Jung Eugene will lead the upcoming weekend K-drama  DNA Lover. 

The upcoming K-drama DNA Lover will tell the romance story of a genetic researcher who always ends up in failed relationships, and tries to look for her destined partner through genes.

Director Sung Chi Wook (Tomorrow and Kairos) and writer Jung Soo Mi (Born Again) will collaborate to create the romantic comedy K-drama.

The production team of the K-drama shared, "Please look forward to the great performance of the four actors in DNA Lover. The story will include elements like romantic comedy, family, healing, mystery, and more that are suitable for all genders and ages. 

DNA Lover will officially premiere in June. It will have a total of 16 episodes. 

Jung In Sun will portray the role of Han So Jin. She is a researcher at the Beneficial Gene Center. She is obsessed with finding a partner that has the best genetic match with her. This will be her comeback K-drama after almost three years. 

Choi Si Won will portray the role of an obstetrician and gynecologist at Shim Hospital named Shim Yeon Woo. He always wins the hearts of women but when his partner becomes obsessed or controlling over him, he ends the relationship abruptly. This will be the first K-drama of Choi Si Won for 2024. He was last seen in the TVING K-drama Death's Game where he made a special cameo appearance. 

Meanwhile, this K-drama will be Lee Tae Hwan's grand comeback after he was discharged from the military. In the series, he will play the role of  Seo Kang Hoon. He is a good-looking firefighter whose top priority is Han So Jin. If Han So Jin calls him, he will answer it within a second. 

Lastly, Jung Eugene will portray the role of Jang Mi Eun. She was the ex-girlfriend of Shim Yeon Woo. She currently works as a columnist. Aside from this upcoming K-drama, Jung Eugene will also star in the upcoming films A Desperate Pursuit and Boss


Are you going to watch the premiere of DNA Lover this June?