de Lily Alice, fevereiro 2, 2023

Amidst the high anticipation, the trailer for the upcoming drama "Taxi Driver Season 2" has finally been revealed. The trailer shows the Rainbow Taxi squad gearing up to catch the criminals. And, as usual, Lee Je Hoon is seen turning up the heat with his action stunts and epic driving.  

The trailer shows that a part of the drama will take place in Vietnam, where  Lee Je Hoon and Rainbow Taxi members will be 'returning the favour' to those who take advantage of the kind-hearted. As they begin to get close to the bad guys, Kim Do Gi finds his identity exposed. And then he is shown working out in jail, which hints that his plan has failed. 

In the coming scene, one of the bad guys asks Lee Je Hoon, "Who are you? Are you a cop?", to which he replies, "I'm a taxi driver. That's enough for my introduction. It's time for your punishment". This indicates that Kim Do Gi is surely up for some high-octane action and good old criminal chase. 

Apart from the trailer, we also get new still-cuts of the drama from SBS. This time the cuts show the rapport between Lee Je Hoon and the newly-joined member of the cast Shin Jae Ha, who is currently playing the role of Ji Dong Hee - Chi Yeol's secretary in Crash Course in Romance). 

The drama will portray Shin Jae Ha playing On Ha Joon - a newly-appointed engineer at the Rainbow Taxi company. 

The still-cuts show Shin Jae Ha (On Ha Joon) trying to win the favour of Kim Do Gi (Lee Je Hoon) by grabbing his hand and looking up to him as an elder brother. On the other hand, Kim Do Gi (Lee Je Hoon) also gives a warm look to Ha Joon, which hints at the cordial relationship between the two.  

When and where to watch the upcoming K-drama "Taxi Driver Season 2"?

"Taxi Driver Season 2" will air every Friday and Saturday starting from February 17. Tune in for the action drama on Kocowa and ViuTv