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WARNING: Light spoilers on the images. 
Forewarnings for medium and heavy spoilers in the respective parts.
May contain disturbing images. 

While in the bathroom...

Native Title: 致命游戏

Country: China

Mystery, Horror, Comedy, Fantasy

Aired: February 2, 2024

Episodes: 78  |  Duration: 20 minutes
Tags: Censored Adaptation Of Same-sex Original Work, Bromance, Death Game, Survival, Ghost/Spirit, Murder, Death, Gore.

The Spirealm was adapted from the 2018 web novel "Kaleidoscope of Death" (死亡万花筒) written by Xi Zi Xu (西子绪) and published online by Jinjiang Literature City. Rosmei, a Singaporean-based publisher, has planned a 2024 release of its English edition, which would be print only (no e-books available) and sold exclusively in Singapore [Source: danmeinews].

Screenwriter Gao Wei cleverly adapted the novel into the script. Hong Kong director Danny Pang, who is known for his works in horror and thriller movies, directed this drama together with Lu Jin Cheng. The Spirealm was produced by Sichuan Juhao Film and Television Co., Ltd.

The drama started shooting in November 2022 and finished in March 2023 in Daying Film and Television City, Suining City, Sichuan Province. The filming location (bottom left) was transformed into a wintry and inhospitable village in the drama (bottom right).

Despite being airdropped with no promotion and retracted afterward, this drama had good ratings of 8.6 on MDL and 7.5 on Douban before this article was published (Note: Chinese audiences usually rated below 7.0 for idol dramas on Douban). However, we, Ling Jing Fen Si (灵境粉丝) aka the fans of this drama ("Ling Jing" is the Chinese name of the Spirealm, "fensi" is fans in Chinese), feel that this drama is still under the radar for many MDLers. Thus, we dug out more information beyond The Spirealm, that even those who watched it or read the novel may not know about.

Who are we?

Da jia hao! I'm Xiao Qilin, an avid dangai fan. I have watched almost all of them. I am heavily into C-dramas and only the bromance genre and non-romance shows that involve thriller, suspense, mystery, case-solving, and detective plots. I came to know about The Spirealm through one of the comments on MDL on another drama page. This drama seems like a low-budget project, the CGI, editing, and dubbing are lacking, but I don't give a damn about all this stuff because I only care about the plot, that's undoubtedly tremendous with wholesome bromance. My rating for this drama is 9.5/10.
Hello, fellow drama lovers. I’m daddyshome, an avid and experienced BL watcher, I enjoy the connection between two people falling in love hence why I started The Spirealm after seeing a Tiktok video, and the chemistry between Ruan Lanzhu and Ling Jiushi shocked me. I don't speak Chinese, so I had trouble with the bad subtitles and such and decided to read the novel to give me some stable ground to stand on. I'm so glad I did. I’d say that The Spirealm is a beautiful censored adaptation about an eccentric Ruan Lanzhu and a stern, but empathetic Ling Jiushi finding one another in the worst circumstances. My rating would be a solid 8.0 - 8.5 for chemistry and acting.
Hi, Cho Na here! I watch romance/romcom (BG) and non-romance genres (action, adventure, fantasy, mystery, supernatural, and thriller), so the dark elements in this drama are up my alley. I mostly watch C-dramas, so I will check out every newly released C-dramas. Bad sub or no sub doesn't bother me. Death games/survival themes always fascinate me, as long as they're not too frightening or gory. As a scaredy cat, I watched creepy scenes in this drama during daylight or when people were around, lol. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it very much! My rating is 9.5/10.

Ling Jiu Shi came across a VR game called Spirealm that became the solace of his life's misery. In this game, there is a dark corridor with 12 iron doors to enter. When he tried one door, he narrowly escaped from the wolf's claws in the forest and snowy mountains with the help of a mysterious man who welcomed him to the world behind the door. "What you find inside the doors is extremely dangerous, and you will lose your life if you are not careful." Then, Ling Jiu Shi discovered something strange. If he was in danger inside the door and returned outside, he would also encounter unexpected events in the real world [Modified synopsis from Baidu].


Ling Jiu Shi (Huang Jun Jie)

VR game designer. He decided to resign when his job was not going well. A beta game called Spirealm made him forget about his worries. He then mysteriously receives a CD of the full version and is sucked into a dangerous world inside the game.

Ruan Lan Zhu (Xia Zhi Guang)

A master player in Spirealm. He established Obsidian, an organization that helps new players navigate the treacherous game and survive, as well as after-care of the negative mental health effects affected by players.


Li Dong Yuan
 (Liu Xiao Bei)

White Deer boss

Tan Zao Zao 
Obsidian member
Cheng Qian Li 
Obsidian youngest member
Cheng Yi Xie
(Liu Ruo Gu)
Qian Li's twin brother/
Obsidian member
Zhuang Ru Jiao
(Yin Rui)
Obsidian newest member 
Wu Qi 
Ling Jiu Shi's friend

Chen Fei
(Yan Zi Xian
Obsidian longevity doctor
Yi Man Man
Obsidian member/former player

Other supporting characters are not introduced here because of spoilers. They are either game players from other organizations who compete with Obsidian, or non-player characters (NPCs) who hold the exit door keys or important clues in the game.

Xiao Qilin explores the bromance in this drama

WARNING: Medium spoilers. Read at your discretion!

Bromance in C-dramas is depicted platonically because of tight NRTA censorship. As an avid dangai fan (C-dramas adapted from danmei/Chinese BL novels), I like Chinese bromance where there is no physical romance but only implied romance of two men into each other with a neverending tease. I think China is great at creating bromance dramas because the production teams have to be creative in moving around censorship. C-dramas are comparatively longer than dramas from other countries, so they get more chances to focus on each character important to the story. Chinese bromance shows are so different because they always focus more on the overall narrative than the suggestive romance. It doesn't mean they're less enjoyable, just different.  

My favourite door is the 10th door (Box Girl), because here I get to see directly how much LJS loves RLZ, as he tries so hard to save RLZ when he realizes he's going to die. His thanatophobia expresses the amount of love in his heart for RLZ. 

I also have several favourite bromance scenes from the drama that I compiled below. The conversations are my translation.

 LJS = Ling Jiu Shi  |  RLZ = Ruan Lan Zhu  |   LDY = Li Dong Yuan  |  CYX = Cheng Yi Xie   |  CQL = Cheng Qian Li  

In Snow Village, there is a scene where LJS saves RLZ's life and to express his gratitude RLZ gifted LJS a necklace. When LJS was about to put it in his pocket, RLZ insisted that LJS wear it. Like possessiveness is on another level for this dude, lol!

At times when LJS is away from RLZ or in danger somewhere, RLZ appears out of nowhere to save him, lol! LJS asks RLZ why RLZ always protects him.

RLZ: "It's because you are good to others." LJS: "Is it really because I am good to others? Then why don't you rescue others?" RLZ: "It's because you are fun and interesting to be with." LJS: "Am I really that outstanding? How come I myself didn't know that?" RLZ: "Maybe you'll understand it later. But gradually you'll realize it yourself... [whispers to LJS] "It's also because there is a glowing light (halo) above your head."

In Sister Drum, there is a girl who wants to sleep in the same bed as LJS because of fear. The next morning...

RLZ: "What happened between you and that girl?" LJS: "What can possibly happen between me and her?" RLZ: "Aren't you interested in making her your girlfriend?" LJS: "There is nothing like that between us." RLZ: "What about your last girlfriend?" LJS: "I told you I was a virtual game designer and a programmer. How could I have time for being in a relationship, Let alone have a girlfriend?" RLZ [in seventh heaven!]: "Oh!" LJS: "Why are you asking about this all of a sudden?" RLZ: "Just asking!"

After teasing RLZ jokingly, the Obsidian team leaves RLZ and LJS at the dinner table alone. RLZ is about to vent his pent-up anger. 

RLZ [to LJS]: "Is it that funny???" LJS: "No, no, not that funny. LDY is different from you. He wants to find a girlfriend and you don't." This is the difference between Active and Passive [referring to the relationship status of LDY and RLZ]. RLZ: "Then what about you? Are you active or passive?" LJS: ..... [pondering]. RLZ: "You haven't thought about it ?" LJS: "I am usually busy at work. How can I find time for all this?" RLZ: "Don't worry, if you still can't find a girlfriend, you can find someone else to accompany you" [recommending himself] LJS: "Find someone else? Can I find cats?  They are good partners." RLZ [annoyed]: "You are single based on your ability." LJS [clueless]: "Can't I find cats? Okay... I will continue to play games then?"

In Woman of the Rain, RLZ gets himself beaten to cover LJS who was lying unconscious on the floor. RLZ is badly injured. Later LJS goes to visit RLZ in his room.

LJS: "Lanzhu, thanks!" RLZ: "How would you thank me?" LJS: "You tell me." RLZ: "I am not well." LJS: "You can take a rest first. After you are well, you can take your time to think properly." RLZ [as LJS was leaving]: "Don't leave... Stay with me a little longer!"

Even LJS learned to flirt back with RLZ!

RLZ [talking about CYX]:  "He doesn't want to go with us through the tenth door." LJS: "Why don't you try to convince him?" RLZ: "No one can convince him." LJS: "I will try to persuade him and if I succeed then you call me Daddy." CYX [ comes down]: "I want to pass the 10th door with you." LJS [looking at RLZ]: "Is this a coincidence?? Call me Daddy!!!"

daddyshome's favorite scene: In Satchan, RLZ teases that girl who has a crush on LDY, as she pretends that she is scared of the door god to get LDY's attention. RLZ [acting girly] "Lingling [LJS's game name], I think what she said makes sense, what if there is danger at night? You have to protect me!" LDY: "Don't worry, Zhou Meng! [RLZ's game name] I won't let anyone harm you. Because I can't let Ruan Baijie worry about you outside the door." [RBJ is RLZ's 'sister']

Cho Na's favorite scene: In Box Girl, the players can get a meal only after they open a box. LJS, RLZ, CYX, and CQL went to bed hungry. RLZ shared half of his chocolate bar only with LJS and pretended to eat the other half. When LJS asked if the chocolate was sweet, RLZ lied that it was sweet. The next day, RLZ's chocolate fell out of his pocket, and LJS found out RLZ hadn't eaten it. RLZ said he wanted to keep it for LJS in the future because he would protect LJS forever, whether in his lifetime or LJS's lifetime. But LJS ate today (since he opened a box), so he urged RLZ to eat the chocolate. 

My favorite quotes from this drama

     “I appeared because of you and will disappear also because of you....” – Ruan Lan Zhu     

     “You were fake, but our times were real.....” – Ling Jiu Shi     

     “You cannot die.... because I need you! ......” – Ruan Lan Zhu     

     “I'll choose to live in that world where you reside....” – Ling Jiu Shi     

     “You had always been the one I wanted to choose....” – Ruan Lan Zhu     

     “I cannot save everyone but I want to save all those who are dear to me, I want to save you....” – Ling Jiu Shi     

     "I will protect you forever...whether it's your lifetime or my lifetime...” – Ruan Lan Zhu     

     “No matter what happens, I will never forget you...” – Ling Jiu Shi      

daddyshome compares the drama with the novel

WARNING: Medium spoilers. Read at your discretion!

Plot Differences 

You read about the drama's plot described in the "Story" section. Now here is what the novel is about:

Lin Qiushi (Ling Jiu Shi's name in the novel) is a mild-tempered, courageous, and kind man. He enters the door world all of a sudden one day and finds himself enraptured by Ruan Baijie (Ruan Nanzhu cross-dressing). Note: Ruan Nanzhu is Ruan Lan Zhu's name in the novel. Lin Qiushi and Ruan Baijie are able to get through his first door, and Lin Qiushi doesn't think much of it until Ruan Nanzhu appears in his home and declares he is in charge of an organization that trains and takes people through the door world. It’s a life-or-death situation, where only those on the brink of death are allowed to enter the door world, and once you do, you have to keep entering doors to survive in the real world. Lin Qiushi and Ruan Nanzhu are compatible and challenge the world of doors head-on.

Bromance versus Romance (BL)

You read about Ling Jiu Shi and Ruan Lan Zhu's relationship depicted in the "Bromance" section. Below is their romance in the novel:

Ruan Nanzhu/Baijie never misses a chance to express his affection or attraction for Lin Qiushi. Lin Qiushi is more naive in terms of relationships (never had one), and doesn't know that Ruan Nanzhu is serious. Their connection is funny and so sweet sometimes, with Ruan Nanzhu insists on irritating every female player/door god in every door world by cross-dressing as a woman and throwing himself at Lin Qiushi. He even cuddles Lin Qiushi because it helps him sleep, and does the same for Lin Qiushi.

The Spirealm is a cute adaptation, full of bromance and a great family dynamic. The novel is more on the serious side, but it’s definitely a great story about two men loving each other so much they’d willingly die for one another. I’m a BL watcher and reader, and I enjoy romantic lgbtq+ shows and media. I’d say the chemistry in the drama is on the level of The Lost Tomb novel series, it’s definitely worth a watch. 

Horror/Gore Level

The gore is top-tier Saw (2004 American horror movie) level in the novel. I have to say if you are eating and have a weak stomach, do not read this novel. It is extremely detailed and explicit in every single way that someone dies in the door world, from someone being shredded alive by rain (Like in Sister Drum, but with actual blades) and then eaten by other skinless creatures to even expressing how one could hear a fish monster devouring a human being. The squelching sounds of flesh being chewed and bones ground by sharp teeth. In Sunny Doll, they get their heads cut off in the rain, then stand there motionless until their heads are put in the weather doll.

Body horror is also present: various situations described of humans being skinned (Sister Drum), ghouls eating people, and tiny children being drowned and given to a river god.

The drama is relatively tame, mainly due to censorship, and also because it would take a lot of special effects and makeup.

I’d say it would be (from the show) Sunny Doll is my favorite door, I loved the horror and gore of making the weather dolls. It was especially chilling because of the rain rule.

In the drama, people died being pricked during a rain of needles. In the novel,  people died being shredded by a rain of blades.

In the drama, a skinned woman is covered in metallic material. In the novel, she is described as red, bloody, and pure flesh. Her whole body is peeled, and only her flesh is on her bones, like a sort of jelly substance. 

Anti-capitalism Agenda

Anti-capitalism message in the drama is portrayed by a company overseas (I think Russia) sending this game out, but it's also mentioned that a Chinese developer created the software and made the game based on Ling Jiu Shi's image of what he wanted to create. Interestingly, a master villain is dead set on recreating the game to make even more money off of it, hence sacrificing his own people and naive beginners.

There is very little mention of capitalism in the novel. At first, there’s a theory that some foreign country unleashed something evil on China, but it’s never explored like in the show. As for other players, you have White Deer which is led by Li Dongyuan, who is not cool in real life but very excited and a bit on the short side with a temper and obsessed with Ruan Baijie. There are multiple “Veterans” (experienced door players) that try to manipulate the doors and get out first to get the hint, but most of them are independent people with agendas. There is also Bai Ming (a man in the novel, but a woman in the show) who falls head over heels for Zhang Yiqing. Bai Ming is underwhelming in appearance but a pro when in the door world.

Tan Zaozao (the actress) is a kind woman who refuses Nanzhu’s efforts to train her because of fear, but still sees him and Lin Qiushi as dear friends. Her death didn't make Lin Qiushi cry as much as in the show, but it definitely destroyed a part of him. 


WARNING: Heavy spoilers. Skip if you must.

The ending of the drama is considerably sadder than the novel. In the drama, Ling Jiu Shi exits the last door, and the game ceases to exist. All of his friends and opponents had never played the game (or their memories were erased once the game was completed), and only Ling Jiu Shi had any memory of Ruan Lan Zhu. Ling Jiu Shi then spends the next 50 years making a game to enter the Spirealm (or he dies) and meets his friends and Ruan Lan Zhu once again. Overall, it was sad. Our main couple is happy, but Ruan Lan Zhu is not actually a real person, he's a creation of Ling Jiu Shi. And so many characters die, but get a second chance in the door world.

The novel ending is bittersweet mainly because a lot of characters die (keep in mind, in the novel there is no game, it's either exit the door or die). The ending of the novel is considerably different due to many things: the novel is not a game, the novel is not soft, and the author mercifully graced us with a bittersweet ending for our boys. Lin Qiushi and Ruan Nanzhu enter the eleventh door and find themselves in an alternate universe where the doors never exist, and Ruan Nanzhu is back in high school. However, when it hit midnight every night, they would both end up meeting the people they’ve wronged and helped in the door world. Li Dongyuan helps Lin Qiushi, Ruan Nanzhu is held at his school unable to leave because he has his own demons to battle. Eventually, Lin Qiushi finds the key (too late) and sees that there are two: life and death and illusionary life. Illusionary life is the door world where his friends are all alive and happy, but the life and death door is the real world.

Lin Qiushi doesn't know which Ruan Nanzhu would pick, so he chooses to trust his gut and uses the life and death key. He ends up in a world where Ruan Nanzhu never existed, and Lin Qiushi is the leader of Obsidian. Bai Ming is his best friend, not Ruan Nanzhu’s, and he lives a whole year awaiting Ruan Nanzhu's arrival from the door. Only when Ruan Nanzhu gets out does anyone remember him, but only vaguely, like a background character. 

Cho Na researches the inspirations behind the drama/novel

Novel author Xi Zi Xu appeared to be inspired by many sources originating from many places worldwide. Below are the sources of inspiration brought up in both the drama and novel. There are a few more door worlds in the novel that are not adapted in the drama and thus are not discussed here.

Fitcher's Bird

"Fitcher's Bird" (German: Fitchers Vogel) is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm. In the tale, a sorcerer abducts three sisters one by one as his would-be brides. Firstly, he brings the eldest sister of the family back to his home.  Eventually, the sorcerer leaves but not before handing her the keys to all the rooms in the house and an egg to look after that was to be on her at all times. He forbade her to enter one particular room in the house under the penalty of death. Ultimately, the sister investigates the forbidden room out of curiosity. She discovers a shocking item and drops the egg. The sorcerer then kidnaps the second sister, and the same thing happens to her. Finally, by the time the third sister's turn, she manages to save them and kills the sorcerer [Source: Wikipedia: Fitcher's Bird].

Fitcher's Bird is my favorite door because instead of the typical ghost-hunting storyline, the solution is rather unpredictable with a sci-fi approach. And the triplets are cute but creepy at the same time!

In the drama: The triplets each hold an egg in their mouth to keep it from dropping

Sister Drum

Sister Drum is the second studio album by Chinese singer Dadawa which is heavily influenced by the music of Tibet (bottom left). In ancient Tibetan culture, Sister Drum, whose drumhead is made out of a pure girl's skin, was used to honor the gods. Only the skin of a pure girl could be chosen to make the drumhead. To prevent them from disturbing in the real world, those girls are made mutes. This cruel practice is now prohibited in modern Tibet. [Source: Wikipedia: Sister Drum].


Sky Burial

Sky or celestial burial is a Tibetan funeral practice in which a human corpse is placed on a mountaintop to decompose while exposed to the elements or to be eaten by scavenging animals, especially birds of prey like vultures and corvids. Although such practice is still held today, few such places remain operational due to religious marginalization, urbanization, and the decrease in vulture populations [Source: Wikipedia: Sky Burial].

Images and videos of sky burial practices found online are quite graphic, so below I only posted the screenshot of the charnel ground shown in this drama.


Satchan (サッちゃん) is a popular Japanese nursery rhyme written by Hiroo Sakata, about a girl from his neighborhood girl and a classmate nicknamed Satchan. Due to the popularity of this children's song, several different urban legends and spoofs associated with this song have sprung up in Japan.  In one version, an additional fourth verse alludes to Satchan being a leg-less ghost [Source: Wikipedia: Satchan].

Showing the leg-less ghost(s) in the drama is a spoiler, so below I only put the screenshot of the eerie hallway in a dilapidated school, full of nameless student papers, among other clues that the players have to sort out before time runs out and they become leg-less ghosts themselves!

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium (bottom left) is a former sanatorium located in the Waverly Hills neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Waverly Hills has been popularized on television shows and documentaries as being one of the most haunted hospitals, if not the number one, in the United States [Source: Wikipedia: Waverly Hills Sanatorium].

"Room 502" is also notorious. The room in the rooftop chambers is believed to have housed tuberculosis patients with mental illnesses and was allegedly the site of a nurse's death by suicide [Source: Courier Journal]. In the drama, Room 502 also becomes an important clue the players have to figure out (bottom right).

Lady of the Rain

In 1996, Ukrainian artist Svetlana Telets created a strange painting of a woman in the rain she named "Lady of the Rain" (bottom left). She has sold it several times, and each time it was returned due to the unsettling paranormal activity it brought with it. Telets claimed that while waiting for inspiration to paint, suddenly, she saw the image of a woman forming in her mind, clear as day - her face, colors, and shades. The work was finished in less than 5 hours after the artist claimed to have felt a strange sensation while painting the woman. Telets claimed that a hand guided her throughout the entire piece, and that, whenever someone bought it, it would be immediately returned, because of the woman's unsettling presence and quiet stare [Source: Far Out Magazine].

In the drama, not only the players have to deal with cursed paintings, but also the mysterious proprietress of the castle they're staying in who dresses in black, exactly like the woman in the painting! (bottom right)

Festival of the River God

River gods and goddesses, deities supposed to preside over a river as its tutelary divinity, were worshiped in China in ancient times. An example of the river god worship is depicted in early writings and artifacts about Hebo, the god of the Yellow River, the main river in Northern China. Animals as well as humans have been drowned in the river as sacrifices, including young women destined to become the god's wives [Source: Wikipedia: Hebo].

The Festival of the River God in the drama is shown with masked priests dancing and carrying human sacrifices.

Sunny Doll

Sao Qing Niang (扫晴娘) is a paper-cut woman statue hung under the eaves in Chinese folk prayers for the rain to stop and the sky to clear up. The woman carries a broom in her hand. The traditional folk custom of hanging sweeping Qing Niang statues is hard to see in China today, maybe in the countryside. However, the tradition is still practiced in Japan, and the doll is named Teru Teru Bozu ( てるてる坊主 ) [Source: Chinese Mythology Podcast].

Sunny dolls in modern days are made to be cute, and colorful, with playful smiles, to brighten the depressing rainy seasons (bottom left). However, there are multiple tragic legends behind the origins of sunny dolls. For Sao Qiang Niang, as the story goes, during a time of heavy rainfall, a girl was sacrificed to save the city by symbolically heading to the heavens where she would sweep rain clouds from the sky. Since then, the people remembered her by recreating paper cut-out figures resembling her and hanging them outside in the hope of good weather [Source: Savvy Tokyo].

Sao Qing Niang depicted in the drama is neither cute nor playful, but rather somber and frightening (bottom right).

Box Girl

According to WizKids, the distributor, Hako Onna ( ハコオンナ ) is a popular Japanese board game of horror hide-and-seek (bottom left) designed by Go Ejin. One player plays the “Hako Onna” (Box Girl), and the rest are “Visitors”, who are trying to escape from the mansion. As Visitors, you’ll try not to make noise as you search the shadowy rooms of the mansion for items to protect yourself, for information, and for a way to escape what you do not see, but know is there. But if you stumble upon the Hako Onna, you’re dead [Source: WizKids].

The myth that Hako Onna is based on a story of a poor little girl whose father hid her inside a box when thugs were coming for him. He forced her body into a space too small for her. The thugs killed her father and left, leaving the poor little girl to perish in her hiding place. A group of visitors then enter her home and are locked in by her ghost. The only way out is to search for the keys to the door or to find the little girl's doll hidden somewhere in the house and return it to her bones which are also hidden somewhere in the house! All the while trying to avoid peaking into shadows where the ghost is lurking [Source: Board Game Geek].

The Spirealm mimics the urban legend instead of the board game. The drama elevates the complexity for the players to find the props and clues with tons of boxes scattered everywhere in a huge mansion! (bottom right)

Hundreds of Ghosts at Night

Although the term "hundred of ghosts at night" (百鬼夜行) originated in China (mentioned by writers from the Eastern Han Dynasty and the Eastern Jin Dynasty), however, the display of "hundred of ghosts at night" was carried forward in Japan. Japanese painters, novelists, and cartoonists depicted the folklore of the legendary yokai parade that appears on summer nights and coined the ghostly parade as Hyakki Yagyō, as pictured below [Source: Wikipedia: Hyakki Yagyō].

Legend has it that during the Heian period in Japan, humans and monsters coexisted. The two spaces overlap. During the day, it belongs to humans, but at night, it is the world of monsters. The more deserted the ruins are, the more lively they are at night. All kinds of weird monsters appear on the scene, swaggering around like humans. Because there are so many monsters, it is like a mob going to a temple fair, so it is called "Hundred Ghosts Night Parade", and all humans who witness it will be cursed and die unless they carry magical protective items or recite mantras [Source: Sohu].

I don't want to put any screenshots where "hundreds of ghosts at night" inspired the door world, because I don't want to spoil who the villains or the door gods are.

MDLers who watched The Spirealm when it was released agree that despite the lack of official promotion and support, we found that the drama has a masterpiece source (novel) with a well-crafted adaptation into a drama to pass NRTA review, with overall well received by audiences in directing, acting, scriptwriting, and production values.

If you are the type of watcher like one of us, you might like this drama, too! So, if you haven't watched it, why don't you give it a try?

Thank you for reading and happy watching!

Thank you to the editors who edited our article! The images are linked to their sources; otherwise, they are taken from the drama poster and screenshotsAll GIFs are made by Cho Na from the drama scenes.

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