de Lily Alice, maio 26, 2024

The Roundup: Punishment surpassed 11 million moviegoers on its 33rd day of release, May 26, the same day the K-movie's lead actor Don Lee (aka Ma Dong Seokand his wife Ye Jung Hwa had their private wedding ceremony.

On the morning of May 26 (local time), The Roundup: Punishment surpassed 11,000,085 moviegoers according to the Korean Film Council's integrated computer network for theater tickets. The action thriller has recorded the fastest box office success among the 2024 releases. It reached the 11-million mark seven days quicker than Exhuma, which took 40 days to achieve the same milestone.

The Roundup: Punishment has overtaken The Roundup: No Way Out, the third installment in The Roundup series that recorded approximately 10.68 million moviegoers.  

The K-movie also recorded the highest opening in the series and among the 2024 releases, with 821,631 moviegoers. Moreover, The Roundup has become the first Korean film series in history to attract over 40 million moviegoers.

The Roundup: Punishment follows the story of detective Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok, aka Don Lee), who fights against Baek Chang Ki (Kim Mu Yeol), a former mercenary leading a large-scale illegal online gambling organization, and IT genius Jang Dong Cheol (Lee Dong Hwi). The K-movie also stars Queen of Tears actress Lee Joo Bin and Flex X Cop actor Kim Shin Bi, among others. 

Meanwhile, Don Lee and his wife Ye Jung Hwa held their private wedding ceremony somewhere in Seoul on May 26, three years after registering their marriage. Among the attendees were Lee Joon Hyuk, Son Suk Ku, and Hyun Bong Sik, among others. 


Congratulations to the couple and the team of The Roundup: Punishment.