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* Hello all and welcome to my first article*

Should I introduce myself? :P My name is Miodrag, but you can call me Mio, I am from Serbia and very inexperienced in this. Bear with me!~ XD

For my first article, I decided to write about dramas that are premiering this Fall in Thailand. It wasn't my first choice to write about (Korean, Chinese dramas - Hello!) but I'll give it my best. *hands up* I do watch Thai dramas too, just not as much as others. (: 

Is everyone ready to find a new favourite drama that'll make you happily waiting for each new episode?

Let's go then and see what Thailand prepared for us this Fall.


Raeng Tian

Tiansee was dumped by her gold-digging boyfriend because she's middle class while his new girlfriend Ratikorn is rich. Disappointed and hurt, she turns into a bitter person who hates men. One day she gets emotional while driving and gets into a car accident with Tiwa, who happens to be Ratikorn's brother.

Premiered on: 2nd September [GMM25]

My Ambulance

This TV series will tell the story about what happenes in the emergency department in a hospital.

Premiered on: 6th September [GMM One]

Mahatsajan Ruk Karm Gradart

Sky is a beautiful, single female astronomer at a planetarium who receives a gift: a thick wooden-covered book and magic pen from Vanda, her aunt who has been taking care of Sky since childhood.

Premiered on: September 9 [True4U]

Ruk Mai Roo Job

A woman has had three loves. Two were snatched away by other people, so she didn't believe in love anymore and lost hope of meeting a nice guy. But when a nice guy does come along, she leaves and doesn't return.

Premiered on: September 9 [GMM25]

My Love From Another Star

An alien named Achira, who comes to Earth for research, sees a woman in trouble and decides to save her. His heroic action gets him stranded on Earth for 300 years as he was late returning to the spaceship and it left without him. With only three months left before his long-awaited departure, he meets actress Falada and realises that she is the woman he saved all those years ago. Will Achira choose to return to his planet or stay on Earth after finding himself developing feelings for the famous actress?

Expected premiere: September 17 [Ch3]

The Effect

Shin is a 1st-year university student who is considered an outsider. Due to his clumsiness, he becomes acquainted with Keng, a 4th-year student. The two become close, but when nasty rumours about them start to be spread, things become sour.

Premieres on: September 20 [LINE TV]


A Gift For Whom You Hate

The shop of a certain person wearing a mask sells gifts for people that you hate. There are four levels of gifts; making the receiver ashamed, scaring the receiver, hurting the receiver, and making the receiver die. Do you hate someone so much to give them this gift? Your hatred is their responsibility.

Premieres on: October 11 [GMM One]

TharnType The Series

Type is a dark, tall and handsome freshman. Although he’s a warm boy, he is homophobic because he was molested by a man as a child. His life turns upside down when the new year of college brings along a fascinating person in his life, a gay roommate, Tharn...

Premieres on: October 7 [GMM One]

Dark Blue Kiss

Sequel to Kiss The Series; story centers around Pete and Kao.

Expected premiere: This October [GMM25]


On the school's blacklist are Viking, the school leader; Buntad, the best in academics; Title, who always wins with money; Jimbe, a friendly, cheerful and beloved guy; Andrew, a handsome guy who can make every girl be obsessed; Highlight, the school's secret keeper; Traffic, who's behind the scenes of badness and the leader; and the school's secret mission, that's assigned for them...

Expected premiere: October 12 [GMM25]

I Am Your King The Series 2

Continuation of Season 1...?! 

Expected to premiere: This October [Ch9]

Hotel Stars The Series

Plot, where you at?! I tried to find it but no luck. But you can watch this teaser trailer!!

Expected to premiere" This October - but it's still not confirmed -


One Night Steal

Je is a girl that has luck all the time, while Not has terrible luck. One night these two came across each other and their luck reverse. Je was unhappy about this settlement, so she's planning to get her luck back.

Premieres on: November 3 [GMM25]


Thai Remake of Korean drama 'Voice',

Expected premiere: November 7 [True4U]

One Year

Mook, a single mother who lives with her 5 daughters, finds love with Tum, a widower with two children. They want to get married, but they're not sure if their children would be okay with this decision.

Expected to premiere: November [LINE TV]

Until We Meet Again The Series

Parm (19) who is a freshman in T- University has grown up always feeling like he is waiting for someone. Being riddled with sad dreams that always left him waking up with a wet face, fear of loud noises, and a birthmark on his temple. Dean (21), the third year swimming club's president at T- University has also spent his life searching for someone whose face he can not remember. The red thread of fate that had tied them together in their past life once again pulls the two boys back to each other, tying them to each other and a past that might not be worth remembering, but a love that is unforgettable.

Expected to premiere: November

  • I want to point out that some of these dramas are a big question mark with premiere dates. I tried looking around for some info, but it is tough to find and me not knowing Thai does not help. So, forgive me for that but keep an eye out, they might premiere in Winter, so maybe my next article will be about them. :P

We have come to the very end of my first article.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope we meet again in another article or just around MDL!

I hope you found a new exciting drama to look forward to and watch this autumn season when the weather is getting cold, and we all love to be more inside. (or maybe it's just me...)

If you have any more dramas to add to this list, feel free to comment and say "Mio how could you forget *input drama name here*?" :P

Until Next time~