de Lily Alice, junho 24, 2024

Actor Song Kang Ho expressed regret about the global performance of Uncle Samsik. On June 24, during an interview with the local reporters, Song candidly shared his thoughts on the show not achieving global success, saying, "I do feel regret."

Uncle Samsik follows uncle Sam Sik (Song Kang Ho), a man who ensures three meals a day even during wartime, and an elite young man, Kim San (Byun Yo Han), who dreams of building a country where everyone eats well and lives well, striving together to achieve their dreams. The K-drama is set in the chaotic era of the 1960s.  

Talking about the K-drama's global performance, Song said, "There were many people who were immersed in the drama, but its subject cannot be related to by global audiences. Since it was set in an era that Korean viewers knew about but had not experienced, so I think global viewers felt disconnected. This was something we fully anticipated. And there's certainly regret in that aspect. But I believe this drama, amidst the flood of sensational and superficial OTT dramas, is a serious and deep one. I've met many people who praised its depth, distinctiveness, and the approach the drama took, which can't be seen in other works. While there's regret about its success on a global level, I feel a mix of complex emotions."

Some believe that Uncle Samsik, considering its historical theme and setting, could have been more successful had it been aired on a domestic broadcaster instead of a global OTT platform like Disney+.  Regarding this, the actor commented, "I respect Disney+'s choice. Though it didn't succeed globally, it's admirable that they took such a bold step with confidence and pride in Korean content, despite the inherent risks. I'm thankful and respectful towards Disney+." 

In response to feedback that the series felt repetitive without any major developments, he said, "I'm also a human, so I sometimes feel disappointed about how much appeal these kinds of stories will have for the viewers in today's fast-paced world. Nevertheless, since we focused on the depth of the characters that you can't see in other dramas, I am relieved that we did our best in that aspect. I fully understand and anticipated such [kind of] responses."

He continued, "Of course, there's regret (about the lack of success). How could there not be? But there's also the opposite. The most important task was the attitude towards creating and participating in the work. ... It would have been wonderful if the responses were good, but I'm [always] prepared to humbly accept whatever the outcome."

Regarding the message Uncle Samsik aimed to deliver, he said, "Although Samsik is not a real person and is a fictional character from Korea's turbulent 1960s, I wanted to convey [the idea] that characters like Samsik and Kim San could exist in some corner of our lives in [modern time of] 2024 as well. I thought it was a work that could help us look into ourselves through these characters." 

There was also feedback that Samsik has become a career-defining character for the actor. Song humbly responded, "It sounds like excessive praise. Whether it's a drama or a movie, I always focus on how a character should be absorbed into the work and [accordingly] act step by step, so I'm grateful for the positive feedback. I believe my approach to any project remains the same."