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H E L L O   E V E R Y O N E! 
Due to the sheer amount of adaptations, I have also created a public voting list where I've placed the featured titles + those that did not make it to this article.

I am hoping that this will be a fun little read & everyone will have fun spotting differences between the source material and the adapted outcome, if any. 

In instances where I have also mentioned the date of the publishing, you may be surprised to see that certain plots birth in a society of a certain era different than ours, as well as maybe understand just why the drama you saw may have been a certain way.

A B O V E   A L L ,  I   H O P E   Y O U    E N J O Y!

I will confess — when I first had the idea of writing articles surrounding Thai novel adaptations, I had not fully comprehended the fact that more than 99 % of Thai lakorns are actually novel adaptations ha ha. ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ )

And before I could re-think this, I was already sailing on the sea of novel adaptation articles. Call me an adventurer or a fool, they smell the same to me right now, to be honest.

Within this article, I have featured a number of novels that have been adapted into Thai dramas. I have included the name of the novel as well as the synopsis derived from the novel. 

The Nymph's Bed by Jerd Jintana
A love story about a forest nymph called Vana whose forest is invaded by evil sorcerers in the search for the nymph's heart that can be located in a Vana tree. Because the tree is cut down and made into a bed, Vana finds herself traveling to the modern human world in order to protect the precious heart. There she meets Ton, who helps her save her forest. 
Dozens of Kisses by Waan Glîng 

A love story about a professional writer Gene whose novel is being adapted into a BL series, and the actor playing the main lead in the series, Nubsib, who is a wolf in disguise, pretending to be pitifully homeless just to move in with Gene and win his heart. And perhaps, Nubsib had spent years in love with Gene, trying to win his heart. 
The Virtue of Fire
by Kritsana Asoksin

Is a story of two friends, and a man between them. Jai Rerng and Pimala were friends with two very different personalities. Rerk was a man both friends loved in different ways. The story teaches about karma, friendship, marital loyalty, forgiveness, and a hard lesson of what goes around comes around. 

Ubaat Rai Ubaat Bak 
 by Choo Bulan 
When a Casanova finds himself falling for an unresponsive employee, little does he know is that her heart has little space for love because it is so filled with guilt. Little does he know that their lives have been already entangled together by their siblings and a car accident.  This novel tells a love story of love, revenge, forgiveness, and perseverance. 
Destiny of the Moon 
by Ploylaphat 

The author was only asked permission to use the title of the novel. (1) In the novel, the main character "Sasithon" traveled 500 years to the past in order to cure her mother's strange disease, and there met a man called Intu whose dead wife looked like her. In the drama, two girls who looked the same traveled into each other's time and found love and purpose. 

Confusedly In Love
by Cherin/ Itsaya

Having been dumped by three girlfriends in a row, Tullyana decides to quit dating girls and date a man instead. Unfortunately, this task is not as easy as it seems. The man Tul has set her eyes on only views her as a younger sibling. However, there is another man around her, her boss, Matt. But the thing about Matt is... Tullyana had once stolen his girlfriend from him. 
Ruk Plik Lok by Tepita
Naweeya has always been in love with her childhood friend, Kittiput. However, he has never viewed her as more than his friend and instead pines for Saruda.  One day, Naweeya collides with a single father, Partit, who also has unfinished business with Saruda. Somehow the four individuals find their fates entwined with each other and can't seem to untangle themselves from this bittersweet destiny.
Heart of Montra by Pranat 

Sometimes death is a pleasant dream for some people. Especially those who were like him, cursed by his love to live an eternity with a frozen diamond for a heart. Decades after decades pass and he can not die. Instead, he can only watch his loved ones die life after life, while he sits and waits for the one who cursed him to return and undo his suffering. To allow him to die. To reincarnate.

Cage of Sin by Chulamani 

When a home feels like a cage and good deeds are given rewards but bad deeds receive torment and punishment, what sort of karma will form in the four walls of such a home? This emotional and strong novel tells the tale of how one's actions are what controls their future and their karma. 
Manner of Death พฤติการณ์ที่ตาย by Sammon
The manner or behavior of death is divided into 5 categories: suicide, death caused by a human, death caused by animals, accidents, and natural causes such as disease. Dr. Bannakit, a forensic physician at a provincial hospital one day finds himself in the middle of a dangerous investigation full of threats when he refuses to issue the cause of death of a clear homicide — as a  suicide. 
Flower by the Edge of the Road by Chuwong Chayachinda 

First published in a magazine in 1972, "Roadside Dahlia" or "Dok Ruk Rim Tung" is a love story about a girl who dresses up as a boy in order to return to her home which now belongs to Mr. Patawee, and investigates her father's death. In between the investigation, the growing closeness of the two, and fighting villains that lurk in the dark   — the two find love. 
Qi Pao by Pongsakorn 

A hauntingly thrilling story of a beautiful peony detailed Qi Pao that holds the spirit of its owner who had been stabbed to her death on her wedding day.  The wedding outfit falls in the hands of a Thai curator, Pakeha, who looks exactly like the owner of the gown. And thus the girl finds herself travelling all the way to Hong Kong in order to bring justice to the woman who cries to her in her dreams. 
 Twilight Patterned  Lace
by Pongsakorn
When Duenpattra's grandmother's death was ruled out as suicide, Duenpattra who knew something was amiss began to investigate. While doing so, she comes across a night sky coloured black shade lace and a mirror left behind by her grandmother whose origins were mysterious. Then she also began seeing a mysterious man wearing just white pants in a mirror. 

Massaya by Phanom Thian

Massaya's parents were forsaken by his father's adopted family due to her mother being Malay. However, after many years her father's mother suddenly feels guilty and wants to have his now orphan offspring with her. Suddenly Massaya finds herself thrust into the upper-class Thai society and its rules. However, she is able to endure because of the support of a certain person who always stood by her side. 
He comes at Qingming Festival Next to My Grave by Larza

An amnesiac ghost whose grave no one has visited ever since he can remember feels extremely lonesome during the festival of Qingming when other graves are clean and filled with food. One day, however, he receives chocolate from a very unexpected little boy. The two meet again years later and somehow fall in love. 
The Cursed Fabric 
by Pongsakorn
Born in a period where the love of men is just like dew — abundant in supply for a period of time but suddenly lost when morning arrives — Princess Seeket found herself completely heartbroken by Prince Tad and committed suicide, cursing the wedding fabric she had spent months preparing to hold her spirit so that she seeks her revenge lifetime after lifetime. 
The Effect by SweetSky

A dark and morbid tale of a young boy who because of someone else's obsession and desire, finds himself facing the cruelness of the world and his peers. While traumatising and extremely dark, the drama did a job well done at adapting the plotline and showing the most bleakest and raw consequences of such devastating actions. TW: All sorts of TW applied
Trail of Silk by Pongsakorn 

Award-winning tale by Dr. Pongsakorn about the tragic tale of Princess Maneerin's first life, where she found herself in the middle of two Prince's love and a woman's intense hatred — until it cost her, her life. Then she was reborn years later as Rerin. Soon her past life decided to catch up with her, and so did her past lover, Suriyawong.
The Secret Code of Sompong, Younger Brother of Somchai 
by Wattra 
Best friends, Linda and Panin, lost not only their boyfriends but also their jobs on Valentine's day. To feel better, they decided to go dancing but were mistaken as prostitutes and arrested. This is how the two best friends found themselves going undercover in an entertainment company as men to help solve a murder mystery. 
Lovely Poison by Thommayanti 
Ubon, a royal dancer, fell in love with a soldier and gave him all of her heart and love. In return, she found only deceit and suffering when her husband sacrificed her in order to remain as a ghost and protect the royal treasures for the rest of eternity. Now she awaits the reincarnation of her husband so that she can finally take her revenge, and have him replace her as the protector of the royal treasure.
Puzzling Bride
by Sopee Pannarai
The mysterious bride is the story of a beautiful woman called Rada, who disguises herself as the bride of a rich man, Wipat, in order to take revenge on his mother. In the midst of the waves of revenge, however, love finds its way to the shore. Will forgiveness and true love be able to solve all of Rada and Wipat's problems? 
SOTUS by Bittersweet
All engineering freshmen must first undergo the SOTUS which stands for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, and Spirit. The head of the team, "Arthit" runs the entire system with an iron fist. However, when a certain know-it-all freshman called Kongpop appears, Arthit's entire world turns upside down. 
As Long as the Sky has the Sun
 by Daryl  
As an orphan living under someone else's roof, she knew that she would one day have to leave. In order to stay forever, she decided to get naked and seduce the son of the family Arthit. The plan was unsuccessful, but Arthit ended up absolutely disgusted with her and she was sent away in the name of studies. When she returned, she attempted to right her wrongs... but maybe it was too late? 

Once Upon a Time... In My Heart 
by Chayaapim  
Once upon a time, a cold mafia prince meets a loving princess on a cold and snowy day in the middle of Tokyo. However, there is a shadow that remains in the corner of the princes' heart and it is very hard to erase. Will this love just be a painful love story or an example of a love that prevails all? The answer lies in the heart. 
Pursue Love Back to the Heart
by Kingchat 
Nara travels to the Sathus farm in order to find her father, who she had thought had died when she was a child. However, in fear of not being accepted, Nara decided to quietly work on the farm and spend some time with her father before breaking the news to him. Thus, her name becomes Nuna. Although she's not good at most things, she still manages to catch the eye of the farm owner, Mr. Singh. 
Angel's Trickery by Pranat 
There is nothing Lallalit would rather spend her time doing compared to sitting in front of the mirror and admiring her beauty. It's so excessive that even the angels can not stand it. Therefore, they put a spell on Lallalit to turn into a jade swan/dove during the night. This situation allows Lallalit to reflect back on her character and the intention of the people around her. 
2 Moons by Chiffon_Cake 
Wayo has been in love with Pha ever since they were in High school. On the day he intended to confess his love, he overheard Pha telling his friends he was straight and could never like guys. This caused Wayo to feel devastated and he switched schools. Somehow, Wayo finds himself face to face with Pia in Uni. This is a love story of how two faculty moons fall in love.
Cubic by Princess 
The future is uncertain... Who  knows how our lives will go on tomorrow? We may encounter unexpected events that will change our lives. Just like Reuthainak, a 17 year old girl whose family packed their bags and fled, leaving her behind to be paid back for their debt, instead of her prettier sister who the debtor, a Hong Kong mafia had actually wanted. 

Only One in my Heart by Butsayamat
"I hate you... hate you, Anawat...!" Miss Ratchapitak shouted in her mind and turned away from the sight before her for reasons she could not understand. At the same time, she hurriedly opened the door of the car in order to look away and began getting out. In contrast, Anawat's movement was full of leisure as he moved toward the "Rainbow moon" building where his father was. 

The Royal Daughter-in-law
by Rojana
Because the elder sister must marry according to the wishes of the adults, even though she herself is unwilling, still duties can not be denied. Therefore, the younger sister decides to step into the path of this duty, and cancel the wedding! However, as the gap between her and her future brother-in-law shortens... their feelings slowly complicate from hatred to love.

Nakee by Tri Apirum
Khamkaew is a beautiful girl from Ban Don Mai Pa who has a mysterious origin that no know knows about. Ot even herself.  One day, Tossaphon, an archeology student, accidentally unearths a sculpture of "Nakee", the naga goddess. He becomes enchanted by the goddess, until he is ready to sacrifice everything in order to be with her. 
Father is busy, Uncle isn't Free by Eklikhit
The world is huge and there are many things to learn. When a child is born all he needs is love and protection from his family so that he can grow up happily. However, When a young man who enjoys living a happy life suddenly finds his nephew dumped on him by his brother, the young man can only find help from a nanny.  A nanny who he falls love in first sight with.
The Sixth Sense Series
(Love Perception - Naaraa; Fake Love Trap - RomKaew; Magic Snare - Songalin; Hundred Heart's Illusion - Gao Dtaem; Flame in the Wind - Pranat)
A novel series composed of 5 books, tells the story of 5 friends with supernatural powers. Each woman has a different ability, however, they come together through friendship to form a company called "The Sixth Sense". Along the way, they are touched by many ghosts, as well as true love.  
Chaotic Blessing by Kingchat
A story of a young woman who receives unintentional blessings but in the body of a little girl. 

What will happen to the young woman now? 

Will she be able to return to her former body? 
Rebellious Heart by Naaraa
When a soldier and a princess have to go through hardships in the middle of the forest to escape political war and reach Thai border, the two of them find the meaning of love. However, life is not simple as the princess has a betrothed waiting for her in Bangkok, and the soldier's mother is also matchmaking. How will the love story between the Thai soldier and Tai Luang's princess end?

Others in the series:
Others in the series:

Wayupak's Enchantment 
by Pranat
Tichakon writes romance novels under the pen-name "Hummingbird". One day she goes to a resort-vineyard to research for her new novel, and meets Wayupak, the playboy owner of Sailom Vineyard. In Wayupak's eyes Tichakon is a nosy troublemaker.  However, he can't seem to avoid her. Will the wind stop underneath a little bird?

Khun Chai Puttipat by Gaodtaem
Talented young surgeon, Khun Chai Pat", with a heart full of dignity finds himself breaking his own rules when he met a young woman who holds the title "Ms. Sri Siam" and is said to be the next concubine of a powerful general. Eventually, he finds that the girl is not just beautiful but also wise. She is not tarnished metal... but a beauty with a diamond heart. 
Others in the series:

Garden Dahlia by Sopak Suwan
A love story of a young Thai girl student "Wayun" who meets "Dr. Ramil" away from her home. However, their love is hindered when Dr. Ramil and his family refuse to accept the child in her womb. In her time of need, Wayun made it through with a young Russian friend called "Nikolai". After a while, Dr. Ramil feels unhappy without her... but will they have another chance? 
Like the Heart by Laksanawadi
The story of a young King of Kasik region who is feared for his cruelty and hot blood, and Princess Thansika, who is full of wisdom and determination. 

"She is not a river, but she is cool and sweet. She is not a stream, but she flows through the heart, to you, the one and only... Thusika, you are like the heart!"

Sacred Words to Inspire Love 
by ChomBulan
Because a single young girl bluntly asked Goddess Caesar for a strange blessing, she was caught by the magic of time — sending her almost three years into the future. Unexpectedly she finds herself married. And that too, to a man who is nothing like her usual expectations. Instead, he is a tiger who loves to tease and annoy her!
Glass in the Middle of the Groove by Thommayanti
Myawadee, a quintessential innocent girl who is well-versed in everything that makes up the forest and is knowledgeable about things beyond a textbook, has grown to have a sincere heart that is like glass, shining wherever she is. One day, after her father's death, she finds herself leaving the forest with a man who had promised her father to take care of her in his absence. 

Lay Bap Gaan, Paak Pop Payaagon by Wannat
"You may accuse me of being stubborn. But I am stubborn wanting the two of us back together again. I will wait for the day you return. Because that is the only thing that gives my soul the strength to breathe today. No matter how many hundreds and thousands of years pass, or whichever nation arrives, you must come back to me. Promise me." 
Throne of Flowers by Keedtaa
When the time arrives for the position of the leader of the Satayarak empire to be passed down, Anawin, the heir thought that the golden throne discoveres that in order for him to obtain his inheritance, he has to allow a young woman named Putchompoo, the owner of a chrysanthemum plantation, to guide and mold him into being a mature person. 
From Enemy to the Heart by Era
Athletic shooter and Hitman are two professions that are similar but extremely different. However, repeated failures in life have made the line between two paths blur for Jet. When he is handed his first target and finds out that his target, Sophia, is the older sister of a former lover — Jet realises that he will have to gamble with his life and possibly his heart as well. 
There is Only Love by Kingchat
The tumultuous story of Jaokha, a young and energetic detective who owns a private detective company and is hired to investigate cases throughout the kingdom. One day, the sister of a rich player hires Jaokha to follow up on her brother's behaviour in order to pair him and her friend up. How will Jaokha successively get the job done under the sharp gaze of the cunning man? 
The Month to Seduce the Star by Rompaeng
Praidao, a 32-year-old photographer is a single woman with high self-esteem who decided to have children through adoption. However, later she grew fascinated with the idea of getting a sperm donation and sets her sight on two targets: "Pongchan" a businessman, and "Mom Rajawongse Chanthaphanu" an influential superstar of royal descent. 
Deceitful Sea by Dariya
When the sea brought a young man with amnesia to the heart-shaped island. A young girl called "Moya" falls in love with the young man. Despite others telling her that he may not be the same "sea" she thinks he is in reality, Moya decides to love him until the end. Then one day, the young man's past caught up to him and he left, leaving only sweet memories of their love. But what will happen... if he returns? 
Bussaba's Cunning Love by Naaraa
Busababan applied for an internship at the Fox Creek Winery after graduating due to family problems and debts. She actually plans on marrying who she thinks is the owner of the vineyard in order to repay her debts, but soon finds out that the actual owner is the rough Thai-Indian man who she had mistaken as a worker, and was onto her plans from the beginning.
Previous Life by Gaewgao
Set Around 1947, Rajawadee Pachathorn graduated from a convent and became a teacher at Kunnaree Wittaya School which was originally a palace belonging to a royal family. It is here where Rajawadee meets the spirit of a prince. A spirit that she feels deeply connected to. Just what is the connection between her and the Prince's ghost?  
One Star in the Sky
 by Wanwat
Set in the era of the late Ayutthaya,  before and after the second loss of Ayutthaya, this is a story about war and love. It is centered around a young Thai-Turkish man with a beautiful face like a woman, who disguises himself as a eunuch to enter the royal court and investigate a murder, and Chomkaen, a lovely and naughty daughter of a rich man.
Raging Fire by Sophi Panerai
Resentment is like a raging fire... love is like a cold fire... these flames have merged with one another in two hearts. When her sister was left abandoned at the wedding, Yada decided she was going to seek revenge. On the other hand, Chakrit, deliberately brought shame to Yada's family in order to avenge the pain his family had suffered in his youth. This is a love story born out of vengeance and hate. 
Wanida by Kingchat 
First published well before 1950s, Wanida Wongwiboon is a young woman who had to marry a man that had taken a big loan from his father. Prajak Mahasak, a cavalry officer, had to marry Wanida in order to replace his brother in paying his debt to a big loan shark. Although innocent in all this, Wanida has to face an unwilling husband, his hateful mother, and... her husband's long-time lover. 
With the Power of Prayer
 by Kingchat 
With her last remaining breath, the girl raised her hand to face the direction of the temple and prayed with all her heart, "In this life, I have given them everything. But in the next life, everything they have done to me... I want to take it back!" Whether you believe in karma or not, with the power of her prayer, Vorada returned as Natthamon in order to seek retribution. 
The Red Moon 
by Chuwong Cayachinda  
Ban Nong Hong is a small village that lurks in the valley behind a dense forest. It is also where a most terrifying story takes place when a beautiful teacher arrives on the night of the red moon. On her first night, she finds herself coming face to face with the terrifying secret of the strange village. The next day, she meets the reclusive and mysterious Dr. Sama... 
To Love A Demon by Rapeeporn
Marut, a top lawyer, falls in love with a woman, Dao, who doesn't seem human and is under the power of the devil who compels her to lure men with her beauty and drink their blood. Together, Marut and Dao both overcome obstacles and prove that true love is meaningful and valuable. It is beyond the price of anything, no matter how wide the boundary between each other is. 

Thatdao Bussaya 
by Chum Panchaphak
In order to obtain possession of her true rights, a beautiful girl called Taddao Busaya has to transform into a cheeky young man and enter her father's family disguised as a servant. In order to find the true will left behind by her father, she has to patiently work towards revealing the truth. In the process of doing this, she finds love in the form of the noble Lord Yodkwan. 
The Cat's Diamond Eye 
by Pradit Kaljaruek 
Originally a screenplay written by Pradit Kaljaruek, the founder and original owner of  Kantana Group, this is a story about a cat with a diamond eye. In order to protect itself when harmed, it will turn into a giant killer cat. Everyone who has come into contact with this cat has mysteriously met a tragic end, die or become crazy. All except for one person, Busayamatr.
The Netherworld Heart by Hatwee 
A young girl who hopes to win the heart of a depressed young man with deep passion. Will anything come out of it when they find themselves having to live together?   Seeing her love and devotion, will he return to the bright and caring person he once was before? Or will he become heartless forever? 
Label the Colour of Love 
by Indigo
A love story between a foolish painter who is so humble that his body is almost buried in the earth, and a businessman who worships money above all. One day, an accident causes the painter to become a slave and work under the businessman to pay his debts. Is it possible that they will both drip their brushes in the paint of love? 

Honey-coloured God of Death 
by Ubpatam Kongkaew
She had never seen his face. However, even though she was not willing, she married him to repay her benefactor. He could not bear to know that she was not who he was originally intended to marry. So he tortured her to feel the pain he had felt until she could not endure it and would run away. Or... surrender.... and embrace a devil-like him. 
Fire Disguised as a Candle 
by Hatwee 
The one in the past life was like a candle, but the one in the future was like a raging flame. When a young model sees a girl with her face facing a lot of problems that the model was also facing — the young model was filled with vengeance. Then the 5 Chiang Mai gates opened to welcome her, allowing her to travel back to the past and clear all the unsettled scores. 
 The Leaf that is Plucked & Blown Away by Thommayanti 
First published in the 1980s, "Blown Leaves" is about Nira, who was born as a biological man, but knew in her heart that she was a woman from within. All around her, the world is beautiful and peaceful, and yet they are unwilling to accept her. So she changes herself... under the sculpturing knives of surgeons, she transforms into her true self, a woman.
The Tale of a Thousand Stars 
by Bacteria

A spoilt rich boy with a cardiac disease becomes interested in his heart's donor after a heart replacement surgery. Soon he finds himself traveling to the same forest village as a volunteer teacher, in order to find the Army officer mentioned in the donor's diary, as well as find a deeper meaning of life.
Wild Heart by W. Winitchaikul 
The Phichitpong family had two sons, Pak and Phakorn. However, Pak was always overlooked by his father. Until one day, he decided to run away from home. This left Amawasee, a relative from Pak's step-family's side, extremely upset since she had loved him for 10 years. Then one day, a man called Raj Ratchaphum returns into their lives... seeking revenge.
To Extremely Love the Enemy 
by Thepita 
Love allows people to do anything. It's like the love of Nantika, a good teacher who loves her sister more than anything. One day, when her beloved sister returns home disappointed in love after being tricked by a cold, rich man named Rachit, the plain Nantika transforms herself into a sexy woman in order to trick the rotten man and obtain revenge for her sister. 
The Sky Has the Sun, My Heart Has You by Chayachinda 
In a heart that was filled with vengeance, if pure love arises in such a heart.. will the fire of vengeance still remain? Paul Arrington, a young imposter, returns with a vengeance still ingrained in his heart, in order to obtain what once belonged to his mother — and was ripped away from her by his father, his new wife, and their adopted wife.
The Kitchen Master 
by W. Winitchaikul 
Emika, a student of the Faculty of Drama wished to get an A grade in a subject. In order to obtain it, she devised a wild plan to apply to be a maid in someone's house. She hoped this would allow her to write a play with the real experience of a maid's life. However, things did not go as planned...
A Loyal and Faithful Wife
by Saranjit 
First published in the 1950s, Padiwarada is a tale about a beautiful girl, Rin, who marries a police officer, Saran, in order to repay her adoptive parents for taking her in after she was abandoned as a baby. It is about her journey of creating love around her, of being a loyal and supporting wife in an era where love was quite different than it is today. 
Different Horizons 
by Krung Y. Chat 
Suralai, a young student who lives with happiness in everything suddenly finds herself poor and in debt. This leads her to travel and work for Chinphat, the owner of a rubber plantation. However, everyone in the town dislikes this man thoroughly for something in the past. Will Suralai be able to unknot the knot in Chinphat's heart? 
A Debt of Love in the Cage of Fire by Benjamin
On the night of Chalita's seventh birthday, the shots of gunfire killed everyone in her family. This event caused the traumatised girl to block everything away and repress her memories. On the same night, a fifteen-year-old Kevin Reeves was forced by his father to kill three people in order to spare one life — a small girl called Chilita.
KinnPorsche  by Daemi
Life is tough, and it is harsher for me. Other than studying, I instantly became the new bodyguard of a no-good second son of the mafia main family. And that rascal son wants me to upturn heaven. I feel like dying from tiredness because of my job and school. In the end, I just concentrate on teaching the rascal mafia son fighting techniques. He pays generously l so I must do my job well.  [R18, all TW applies!]
Saneha Saree by Pongsakorn
The fourth novel in Dr. Pongsakorn's "Ghost Fabric" series, Sanaeha sari was published in 2011, and is set around Nuannuerkaew and how she finds herself traveling to India for her sister's royal wedding, but finds herself embroiled in the matters of the royal family and a cursed saree that has chosen her to be its medium. In the midst of all of this, she also finds love...
I've been a huge reader for as long as I can remember. Specifically, since 4th grade when my uncle gave me a copy of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" for doing well in my annual exams. 

It has been 18 years, a huge chunk of my life, and I have never looked back.  Even when I began watching dramas and movies, I am unable to part from novels for a very long time and eventually find myself coming back to them.

I think this is why whenever I watch a drama or movie, I am always wondering whether they are adapted from a novel. 

Unfortunately, unlike Chinese novels which have greater chances of being picked up by amazingly hardworking translation groups, Thai novels do not get translated officially or by fan-translators, unless they have upcoming BL dramas such as 2 Moons or are officially done so, such as Love Destiny or Prissana

Despite the sweet and sour barrier we have between us and Thai novels, let's continue to be curious about the novels behind our lakorns because sometimes it surprises us, and sometimes it helps us accept and understand the lakorn better.  

Besides, it's always fun to learn. Stay curious! Bye Bye!

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