de Lily Alice, setembro 5, 2023

The drama EVILLIVE, starring Shin Ha Kyun, has teased a spine-chilling performance. On September 5th, the production team of the Genie TV original series EVILLIVE, written by Seo Hee and directed by Kim Jung Min, unveiled a character teaser.

EVILLIVE is a noir crime drama that tells the story of a lawyer who turns into a villain after meeting a wicked criminal. 

The drama has garnered attention with its powerful cast lineup, including Shin Ha Kyun, Kim Young Kwang, and Shin Jae Ha.

The teaser aptly shows the transformation of Shin Ha Kyun's character, Han Dong Soo, who crosses the line to become a villain in the drama. It begins with Han Dong Soo saying, "I should never have set foot here from the beginning". Then, the tautly stretched rope is narrowly cut, mirroring how the rope Han Dong Soo has been holding onto within himself is also broken. Having crossed this threshold, Han Dong Soo transforms into a ruthless villain. His dialogue, "Try it once. Experience what it's like to be bullied. What it's like to be trampled on", raises curiosity about why he has unexpectedly crossed the moral line.

Shin Ha Kyun, being a veteran actor, has unparalleled acting prowess and never fails to impress viewers with his performances. 

The teaser gives a glimpse of how he ably portrays Han Dong Soo, whose journey towards becoming a villain is triggered by a mysterious inner turmoil, through a spectrum of expressions. The spine-chilling smile that fills the final frame, coupled with the captivating EVILLIVE title, evokes awe, making this drama a must-watch for thriller genre fans.

EVILLIVE will premiere on October 14th. Watch the teaser below