de lo_ve, dezembro 19, 2023

Seo Ji Hye will reportedly join the upcoming JTBC K-drama Family by Choice.

On December 19, media outlets reported that Seo Ji Hye will be added to the cast of the Korean version of the hit Chinese drama called Go Ahead. She will possibly work alongside confirmed main leads  Hwang In Youp, Jung Chae Yeon, and Bae Hyun Sung in the upcoming K-drama Family by Choice

Seo Ji Hye's side hasn't responded to the casting reports yet. 

Meanwhile, if Seo Ji Hye decides to join Family by Choice, this will be her follow-up project after the 2023 K-drama My Perfect Stranger with Kim Dong Wook, Jin Ki Joo, Lee Won Jung, Lee Ji Hyun, and Lee Kyu Hoe

Seo Ji Hye was recently seen in the movie The Wild together with Park Sung Woong, Oh Dae Hwan, Oh Dal Soo, Joo Seok Tae, and Seo Ji Hoo

The actress made her name known through the 2017 entertainment program Heart Signal Season 1. In 2018, she started her acting career and became part of the hit K-drama My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Since then, Seo Ji Hye has starred in various K-dramas such as Doo Teob's Pretty Easy School Life, Instant Romance, Mystic Pop-Up Bar, Crime Puzzle, Love All Play, and more.

Family By Choice will revolve around men and women who are not blood-related but spent their teenage years together just like a true family. After 10 years, the three will reunite and meet again for the first time.

The Korean remake will be the next work of director Kim Seung Ho (Joseon Attorney: A Morality and Twenty-Five Twenty-One) and writer Hong Si Young.

Seo Ji Hye got the offer to play the role of Park Dal. She graduated from the university her mother wanted. She then proceeded to go to law school to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer. 

Family By Choice will officially premiere on JTBC next year. 


Do you think Seo Ji Hye should confirm her casting and officially join Family By Choice?