de lo_ve, junho 7, 2024

Red Velvet's Joy will possibly return to acting after two years.

On June 7, several media outlets shared that Joy will join Kim Hye Yoon in the upcoming K-drama The Year We Turned 29. Kim Hye Yoon first received the casting offer in 2022 and she is still reviewing it. 

Meanwhile, Joy's agency SM Entertainment also responded to the circulating casting news. According to the label, "Joy received the offer to star in The Year We Turned 29 and she is positively reviewing it."

Joy was last seen in the 2022 K-drama Once Upon a Small Town wherein she worked alongside Choo Young Woo, Baek Sung Chul, Jung Suk Yong, Noh Jae Won, and Park Ye Ni

The idol actress started her acting career in 2017. She led the K-dramas The Liar and His Lover, Tempted, The One and Only, and more. 

Before Joy returns to acting, she will first actively join in the upcoming summer comeback of Red Velvet. The group will release a new mini-album before the month ends. Red Velvet will also celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. 

The Year We Turned 29 will tell the stories of three people with the same name and age. The K-drama will showcase how they will face different life crises such as love, work, exams, and more before they reach the age of 30. It will base its story on the popular Naver webtoon with the same name.

According to reports, Joy was offered to portray the role of Cha Woo Ri, an aggressive and cold flight attendant. 

The Year We Turned 29 was offered to Kim Hye Yoon in 2022. The production of the K-drama got delayed and on the verge of cancellation. However, due to Kim Hye Yoon's popularity nowadays thanks to Lovely Runner, it is reported that the people behind the new series are discussing producing The Year We Turned 29 again. It was also reported that the production team is working hard to cast Kim Hye Yoon and Red Velvet's Joy to lead the K-drama. 

The upcoming K-drama will reportedly air on MBC. 


What are your thoughts on the possible main leads of the upcoming K-drama The Year We Turned 29?