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We are Laia and Aehsassy, bringing you a masterlist of Japanese Fantasy and Supernatural Dramas. Even after watching 100s of Jdramas, we thought making a recommendation list on this particular genre from Japan would be tough. However, to our absolute surprise, there were already many shows based on these themes on our watch list, and it was a great experience sharing each other's favorite shows. 

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1. The fantasy and supernatural fiction genres would often overlap and may be confused for each other, though there exist some crucial differences between the two genres. 

  • Fantasy usually takes place in another world, where fantastical creatures or magic are normal. 
  • The supernatural genre highlights supernatural creatures or happenings within the real world. Moreover, supernatural fiction also tends to focus on suspense and mystery and less on action and adventure. [Source: Wikipedia]

2. This article, as already stated on the title, consists of both Japanese fantasy and supernatural dramas, and some dramas that can get mainly categorized in another genre (either medical, romance, tokusatsu, slice of life...), but have added a few supernatural or fantasy elements in their stories (e.g. time travel).

3. Our article has no spoilers related to the dramas mentioned, so feel free to scroll down!

Alongside our top-rated dramas, we tried to include other good dramas; if not the best, we will leave the choice to you to pick your perfect drama ;)

Now, without further delay... let's start!

Tamiou (2015)

What will happen when Muto Taizan, Japan’s prime minister, a desirous dad who possesses great debating skills but dislikes interviews, and his son, Sho, a childish young man that has been skipping college but is genuine when defending his feelings, discover they’ve switched bodies?

Tamiou follows a hysterical journey of a naive young man suddenly thrown into ruthless politics and an old proud man who’s made to attend college.

49 (2013)

Dan is an outcast at school and at home. One day, his dad’s spirit enters his body, leading to a clash of two opposite personalities. Now, with his dad residing in his body, Dan’s daily life suffers a significant change where he becomes the popular student no one imagined him to be before.

49 shares an amusing yet emotional journey of two souls who, despite being dad and son, never got the opportunity to understand each other in life.

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan (2007)

Koume is a high school student who doesn’t talk to her father Kyoichiro, anymore. After eating a mysterious fruit, both of them swap their souls and now have to pretend like each other.

It’s a mini-drama with not much depth but still cute moments and a decent storyline. If you are an Aragaki Yui fan then this one's for you.

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan (2022 remake)

It’s an upcoming remake of Papa to Musume no Nanokakan 2007. In this modern setting, how will this dad-daughter duo survive the soul swap?

This drama features Iinuma Ai and Mashima Hidekazu in the main roles.  

Shimobee (2021)

Yurina, a high school girl, casually downloaded a mysterious app. Since then, whenever Yurina is in trouble, a silent, mysterious old man servant appears and helps her. But why is he helping Yurina? 

This drama also features a cute love story between Yurina and her childhood friend Tacchan who now seem to forget her as he acts cold towards her. It was a cute drama with loads of enjoyable moments.

Watashi no Ojisan: Wataoji (2019)

All the bad luck suddenly falls on Hikari Ichinose when she gets determined to do her best at her new workplace. Still, things don’t go as planned as she messes things up on the first day; thinking about resigning, she suddenly meets an old man who introduces himself as a fairy. 

This drama is slow-paced and mainly about character development.

Boku, Unmei no Hito Desu (2017)

It’s a romantic comedy between Makoto Masaki and Haruko Kogetsu who both have struggled in their relationships for a long time. One day God appears in front of Makato and tells him that his relationship always fails because his fated partner is Haruko and he must chase her.

For me, the main highlight of this drama was the interaction between God and Makoto. I swear their bromance was vigorous and full of laughter. The nagging of god to chase Haruko fast or someone else will steal her away and Masaki being a total devotee but also throwing tantrums like a spoiled kid make this drama worth a try.

Kanakana (2022)

Higurashi Masanao, a legendary ex-Yankee, now runs a tavern in the town of Niura. One day Masanao met a 5-year-old girl named Kanaka who can read people’s minds. Kanaka is pursued by his evil uncle who knows about her special ability. Vowing to help Kanaka, Masanoa takes her in and thus a mirthful journey begins between Naive Masanao who never overthinks anything, and careful Kanaka who doesn’t want anyone to know about her ability.

It consists of 28 episodes with each episode being 15 minutes long which makes it easy to binge-watch. The flow of the story is simple but engaging.

Semi Otoko (2019)

Okawa Yuka doesn’t figure out a reason to keep living and is putting up with an unhappy life until she meets Semi, a cicada who has come as a human. A super cute and heartwarming drama that gets the viewers into a different perspective, the one from all the small creatures who coexist with us. 

As the drama goes on, you realize that while we all are so focused on our world and problems, we are, reassuringly, not alone.

Hoshi Kara Kita Anata (2022)

It is a Japanese remake of the popular Korean drama My Love from the Star. With a smaller budget and fewer episodes, it doesn't give the same vibe as the original, but it has its charm. 

With cute leads and a fast-paced story, you will enjoy this hilarious ride with the behind-the-scenes clip at the end of each episode.

Koi wa Deep ni (2021)

Hasuda Rintaro, the second son of a wealthy family, appears arrogant and distant, and Nagisa Mio is an oceanographer who seems to be hiding a secret. It's a forbidden love story of these two people who start as enemies. Without much focus on the fantasy element, it’s like your normal office romance with bickering leads. 

You have to watch the special episode Koi wa Motto Deep ni - Unmei no Saikai Special if you don't want to miss an adorable closure to this drama!

Aono-kun ni Sawaritai kara Shinitai (2022)

You just confessed to someone you’ve started liking recently and, surprisingly, they accepted. Everything’s going well, but they suddenly die in an accident and return as a ghost. That’s Aono-kun for you, a drama featuring a bit of an airhead FL who shares a genuine love for her new boyfriend. Will death be enough to keep the two teenagers away from each other? 

Far from being a cute rom-com, but more of a creepy story with a few spine-chilling scenes, Aono-kun can attract those who are more into horror dramas.

Itsuka, Nemuru ni Tsuku hi (2019)

Morino Hotaru is a second-year high school student who gets into an accident. When she wakes up she finds a handsome man in black clothes standing right beside her. His name is Kuro and he’s a grim reaper. Kuro assign Morino some tasks and they set on the journey to complete them, you will see Morino whining and complaining and Kuro babysitting her. It follows an emotional journey of life and regrets as we get introduced to many characters. 

The twist and turns in this drama are quite unpredictable and fit the fantasy genre perfectly. This drama is such a treat for the fans of Koseki Yuta.

Shinigami-Kun (2014)

Shinigami-kun is a newbie grim reaper. Apart from pronouncing the death of those who are scheduled to die, he also has important tasks such as dissuading people who are about to commit suicide or avoiding unplanned fatalities. However, he does lots of things that make his superior lose their temper and usually end up getting disciplined.

Shinigami-Kun displays a great balance between depressing and comedy scenes and being led by a kind and gullible ML and showcasing a light grim reapers story, it ends up offering a unique and original watch. This drama is either a hit or a miss for people watching it.

Fuujinshi (2022)

After watching many Japanese Fantasy dramas, I can confidently say Fuujinshi has the most aesthetic cinematography. Osagami Kakeru is a blade master tasked with sealing the ''blades of filth'', the task gets more formidable with time, and many hidden secrets are uncovered. 

If you love action dramas with super cool and unshakable MC, this one's for you; the fight scenes were splendid and the swordwork was smooth. The dark theme complimented the storyline nicely.

GARO (2005)

Saezima Kouga has taken on the title of Makai Knight in order to safeguard humanity from evil manifestations known as "Horrors." While fighting them, he comes upon Kaoru, whom he saves from a Horror but she’s hit with its evil blood. Those who have been tainted by a Horror's blood must be cut down, or they will die terribly in 100 days. 

A mature story centered on the main leads growing friendship and Kouga’s main role as the protector of mankind filled with spectacular fighting scenes and exciting twists.
Seirei No Moribito (2016 - 2017) is a historical fiction based on Nahoko Uehashi's Moribito novel series. Balsa is a bodyguard-for-hire. She accidentally saves the life of prince Chagum and then is given the duty to protect him from his father by Chagum’s mother, “The Queen”. The psychopathic king and courageous balsa were the highlights of the story for me. Over time Chagum grows into a fine young man while keeping alive the admiration & respect he has for Balsa as his savior and mentor.  

This series is divided into three parts, each featuring a separate arc of the story, but everything is interconnected as a whole. Usually, live action lacks the cinematic impact on the viewers caused of various reasons like bad CGI or low budget. Contradicting this stereotype we have for live action Seireo No Moribito sets a marvelous example of not only showing the true essence of the story on the screen but also making it one of the best action-based fantasy dramas coming out of Japan.

Samurai Sensei (2015)

Takechi Hanpeita, a samurai of the Tosa domain, unwittingly travels 150 years in time. He gets recruited to a small private school in the remote countryside and solves all kinds of problems in the village with methods unique to a samurai. This drama has a perfect mix of suspense and comedy. His reaction to all the modern pieces of equipment and trends is the core of this drama. 

Despite having a not-so-unique storyline, this drama excels in the aspect of engaging viewers with many interesting arcs.

Rekishi Meikyuu Kara no Dasshutsu (2020)

Someone from the future is removing crucial events from history? Who’s going to fix this and avoid its consequences? Jun, along with her classmate, Ehata Reito, get told they have the duty to travel back in time and fix all this mess before it affects their present and future. 

A perfect drama to lighten up the mood and led by two high schoolers with opposite personalities but surprisingly great teamwork, and whose actors share a good comedy timing that makes it great to kill and pass the time.

Saint☆Oniisan (2018)

Jesus and Buddha are living on Earth in modern times of Japan. They enjoy each day by talking about simple things in the human world that amuse them. It’s a cleverly written drama with a hefty amount of inside jokes. I loved this quirky way of representing two religions peacefully co-existing with each other. If you are looking for something short and fun, this is a model choice. It is followed by two sequels Saint☆Oniisan 2 (2019) & Saint☆Oniisan 3 (2020). 

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4-punkan no Marigold (2019)

Hanamaki Mikoto is a paramedic with a unique psychic ability: he can see the moment a person’s life ends; this ability seems nothing but a curse to him because no matter how much he tries, fate never changes. He lives with his step-siblings and secretly adores his older step-sister Sara; will do anything to protect her. 

Filled with so many comforting moments, it’s worth a try. I avoided it for some time thinking it will be a tearjerker given it's a step-sibling romance but to my wonder, they handled this theme very beautifully. It's a must-watch drama for fans of Fukushi Sota.

Shitteru Wife (2021)

Shitteru Waifu is the Japanese remake of the Korean drama Familiar Wife. Japanese drama format mostly consists of 10 episodes, unlike Korean dramas which are usually 16 episodes long. Motoharu’s life didn’t turn out as he thought it would, trying to escape from the reality he avoids facing the troubles. One bizarre night he accidentally travels back in time to start over his life and re-discover his love for his wife.

This drama is a classic example of how you can have limited time but can still pull off a variety of emotions without missing out on anything.

Ashita mo Kitto Kimi ni Koi wo Suru (2016)

You want your crush to fall in love with you even if it means changing yourself completely! Yuki wants to be the girlfriend of Shota, who doesn’t notice her for who she is. But she’s desperate and it's then when she realizes that she can repeat the day when she met Shota over and over. She plans to conquer his heart by slowly gathering information about his ideal type and pretending to be one. But how long she can fake it? This outlandish drama is undoubtedly engaging. 

Todome no Kiss (2018)

Dojima Otaro, a popular host, thinks that love makes people unhappy, and his only interests are money and power. While working, he meets a mysterious woman, who kisses him and before he knows it, he gets killed. To his surprise, the moment he regains consciousness he realizes he’s a week in the past. 

Confused at first by this woman’s pursuit, but soon wanted to take advantage of it, Otaro will soon get involved in an exciting and thrilling journey where he’ll discover a new facet of his outside his blatant selfishness. This drama is the superlative piece of art performed gracefully by Kento Yamazaki as male lead and is a must-watch for all his fans.

Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (2016)

Fukamachi Shohei is a researcher who comes from the future. Coming to this present year, he realizes he’s lost the drug that allows him to go back to the future. Mihane, a high school student and member of the photo club, smells the scent in the science lab of the drug Shohei was trying to recreate and gains the ability to leap through time. 

A unique 5-episode drama focused on an interesting and forbidden romance, accompanied by some cute trio friendship and a nostalgic touch of a summer scenery you would love to witness.

Boku Dake ga 17-sai no Sekai de (2020)

Kota and Mei were high school students when Kota died unexpectedly. Mei goes to her hometown seven years later and visits a spot with mid-winter cherry blossom trees, which were meaningful to her and Kota. Kota suddenly appears in front of her. Will he be able to express his feelings to Mei this time?

The drama offers an emotional, and somehow individual, journey of two people who were always meant to be with each other, showing how someone tries to move on from a traumatic event that left them stuck in time.

Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai (2020)

Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai features some of the one-shots based on the manga series JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken. Kishibe Rohan is a manga writer accompanied by a bright and bubbly editor Izumi Kyoka. Kishibe Rohan can read anyone like a book and rewrite the pages of their life. He uses this ability to write realistic stories and takes pride in his work, he’ll follow just anything if it interests him and his reasoning skills are unmatchable. 

Comprising just three episodes, this drama will take you on a bizarre ride of mystifying events, plus it has a second season with more of a horror element to it. 

Junkyouju Takatsuki Akira no Suisatsu (2021)

Since Fukamachi Naoya met his deceased grandfather on the Blue Lantern Festival day, he developed the ability to know when someone’s lying, as their voice becomes distorted. Due to this, he decided to avoid having close relationships. Now, in college, he meets a peculiar professor, Takatsuki Akira, whose talks and statements seem to contain no deceit. 

A perfect drama for those interested in Japanese folklore and mystery dramas, tagged along with a charming bromance and aesthetic cinematography. It is followed by a second season Junkyouju Takatsuki Akira no Suisatsu 2

Tengoku to Jigoku: Psychona Futari (2021)

If you love watching twisted characters face-offing each other then you shouldn’t miss this one. A gripping run and chase between a psychopathic killer and a forthright police officer begin when a murder case happens, just before the case is resolved both the MCs swap their soul and now must protect each other from dangers. 

The exceptional acting of Haruka Ayase and Issei Takahashi made this drama super satisfying to watch. It's the perfect combination of fantasy and thriller.

Shiro demo Kuro demonai Sekai de, Panda wa Warau (2020)

Miss Panda is a mysterious vigilante with exceptional physical abilities that have appeared recently in the city. She is controlled by Morishima Naoki, a university student who looks after her. This drama portrays their journey where they try to expose hidden realities that neither the police nor the media will address. 

Who is a good person? Who is a bad one? Who determines that? This is an exceptional mystery and recommendable drama for Yokohama Ryusei’s fans.

Switched (2019)

Kohinata Ayumi, a sweet high school student, is happily going on a date when she gets a call from Zenko Umine, who tells her she’s going to die, at that moment, Ayumi sees Umine jump off a building. Before Ayumi knows it, she wakes up at the hospital, but now, she’s in Umine’s body. 

A captivating drama that takes us on a ride of splendid performances, accompanied by important messages of inner beauty and an emotional taste of true friendship.

Death Note (2015)

Death Note shares Light Yagami's, an ordinary university student whose life takes a 180-degree change once he finds a death note, which arouses his twisted sense of justice; he becomes Kira and begins murdering criminals. Contrastingly, L, a private detective, takes on the challenge to catch Kira.

An intriguing drama with twists and thrilling moments found in each episode, plus going hand in hand with formidable performances from the main lead actors.

Youkai Sharehouse (2020)

Mio Meguro’s life fouled up when she’s scammed by her boyfriend and has no money left to get through. It’s when she discovers a sharehouse filled with mysterious creatures known as yokai. Yokai doesn’t trust humans and Mio Meguro lives in constant fear of getting eaten alive. 

It’s an uncanny horror-comedy featuring various folk tales and a bizarre love triangle.

Shoujiki Fudousan (2022)

What will you do if you can’t lie anymore? Nagase Saichi is the top salesperson at a real estate agency who uses smooth lies to con his customer and reach the top of the sales chart. One day he ignorantly shatters an old monument which results in an unavoidable curse that he can't lie anymore. 

This results in an uproarious journey as our main lead works in public dealing sector and can’t use lies to please his customers.

Omukae Desu (2016)

Tsutsumi Madoka is a college student who hardly ever expresses his feelings. One day, he meets a weird-dressed grim reaper. He, noticing Madoka can see him, introduces himself as Nabeshima. It seems Madoka shouldn’t have been able to see him! From now on, Madoka will join Nabeshima and his colleague Yuzuko, plus his college senior Aguma, in an amusing yet emotional journey where they’ll help the spirits of dead people rest in peace.

Despite being a bit of a childish drama in some moments, it's definitely worth giving it a shot!

Theseus no Fune (2020)

Tamura Shin is a man who’s been resenting his dad since little as he was accused to be a murderer and changed his family’s fate 30 years ago. One day, while he was heading to the murder scene, he is suddenly covered in a mist, and goes back in time to the past, a few months before the murder took place. Now, after meeting his father from that time, he begins questioning if those accusations might have not been true. 

This drama will present you with an interesting story with over-dramatic turns that build an intriguing mystery.

Erased (2017)

Satoru just discovered he has the ability to travel back in time moments before a dangerous event. When his mother suddenly gets killed, Satoru is sent back 18 years, when he was still in elementary school. There, he realizes he’s got the chance to avoid the kidnapping case that caused the death of three of his childhood friends.  

Filled with captivating and spectacular sceneries and landscapes, plus an awesome mother-child bond, Erased is one of a kind time travel drama that should definitely be added to your watchlist!

JIN (2009)

Minakata Jin has spent the previous two years in pain since his fiancee is in a vegetative state due to a surgery he performed. One day, he passes out in the hospital and finds himself sent back in time to the Edo era. He is suddenly assaulted, but he escapes thanks to a guy named Kyotaro. While defending him, Kyotaro suffers a head injury, but Jin manages to save his life. Now, despite catching Kyotaro's sister attention, Jin is determined to return to the present. 

An amazingly-done medical series, with an interesting and deep plot and remarkable performances from the cast. 

Ima Ai ni Yukimasu (2005)

Yuuji is a first-grade student, who is having a tough time understanding what has happened to his deceased mother and the fact that she won't be coming back. When Takumi, Yuuji’s dad and him arrive at an old ruined building where they used to play, Yuuji's mother, Mio is waiting there, completely alive and healthy. However, she has no memory of them.

A drama that presents a story that we’ve mostly already seen, but touching and with a great character-development, plus a beautiful rural scenery.

Q10 (2010)

Heita is a high school student, whose life’s viewpoint takes an interesting turn when he meets Q10, a robot who looks like a high school girl, and is transferred to his class. Despite this drama having romance as one of its genres, don’t expect a cute rom-com, as Q10’s message goes even further than that. It is bizarre, yet thought-provoking. 

From likable and peculiar, though really human, characters to a wonderfully delivered script, Q10 offers a fantastic and unique journey that you won’t meet in any other school drama.

Samurai High School (2009)

A hilarious drama that follows the story of Mochizuki Kotaro, a wimpy high school student. One day, while visiting a library he gets recommended an ancient book about a heroic general from 400 years ago. To his surprise, he notices the general shares the same name and age as him, and he gets told that he may be a descendant of his. 

Later, he gets involved in trouble caused by a classmate, but he acts cowardly and doesn't help him. However, he suddenly experiences a flashback that turns him into a courageous samurai!

Fake Motion: Takkyu no Osho (2020)

FAKE MOTION: Takkyu no Osho features Idols from various J-pop groups like M!LK, SUPER★DRAGON, DISH//, Genin wa Jibun ni Aru’ and BULLET TRAIN.  Set in an alternate reality where table tennis resides above everything, many high school students get involved in intense rivalry to become the King of Table Tennis. 

Every showdown is unpredictable and each player possesses a unique skill that can’t be defined by normal human standards. However, the music of this drama overshadows the storyline, as it’s filled with upbeat tracks which perfectly serve the sports theme.

The High School Heroes (2021)

The High School Heroes features idols from the group Tokyo B Shonen. A group of six students stands up against the evil principle of Gosei School. Without a doubt, this drama has an engaging story and cool characters, but the production value brings down the whole serious atmosphere of this story. The music, however, was great and the tension between the evil organization and the upright students was very entertaining despite it being childish at times. 

If you love masked heroes and they bring a nostalgic feeling to you then this one’s for you. The acting and story setup won’t be disappointing.  

Oniichan, Gacha (2015)

Oniichan, Gacha features male idols from different groups under Johnny's agency. This drama is something out of the ordinary, A vending machine that dispenses older brothers who are like daydreams and an elementary school student who wants somebody to take care of her. Miko comes from a poor family filled with irresponsible members, she wants someone to support her and treat her gently, it’s when she discovers the special vending machine and keeps taking out all kinds of brothers every day. Every day is a new adventure but she seems to be not pleased. It sure was a weirdly entertaining ride.

Manatsu no Shonen: 19452020 (2020)

This mini drama also features idols from the group Tokyo B Shonen. Have you ever thought about what our world will look like to someone who lived in the past and never imagined escaping that time? A thunder falls down and mysteriously a man wearing a dirty military uniform travels to the future from the era of war in Guam. As he spends the summer with six high school students, many things alter around them in a hopeful way.

Compared to The High school Heroes, this one has a more meaningful story with real-life-based problems like controlling parents and bullying.

Kamisama no Ekohiiki (2022)

Kamisama no Ehohiiki tells a beautiful story of 4 high school students who are confused about their sexual preferences and a God who is looking over their journey. To gain confidence before confessing to his crush, Yashiro makes 100 shrine visits which get God’s attention, but wait his crush is a guy? God finds it interesting as it recalls him of some past event that still inhabits his heart. 

This drama weighs up on various key aspects of sexuality while featuring a funny soul swap and a god with a captivating aura. It’s a must-watch. 

Cherry Magic (2020)

Being a virgin at 30, Adachi Kiyoshi suddenly gets a special power, which is the ability to read other people's minds when touching them. Confused and pretty overwhelmed by the sudden ability, his life takes a new turn when, one day, he touches Kurosawa Yuichi, and discovers Kurosawa likes him! 

From showing a delightful and healthy couple to an amazing supporting cast and a wholesome atmosphere, Cherry Magic is a one-of-a-kind and memorable drama that'll make you love the main cast from the very first minutes!

A Man Who Defies the World of BL (2021)

Mob, a college student, has recently discovered he lives in a world where scenarios we usually see in BL stories are common, leading him to witness all his friends and acquaintances falling in love with each other. 

A hilarious parody drama where our ML shares an inner monologue, describing how it is to live in a BL world when he likes girls and wants to avoid ending up in any situation like those. Though that's pretty difficult as such scenarios keep popping everywhere he goes!

Hidarime Tantei EYE (2010)

Ainosuke was born with a weak left eye. One day, his older brother inexplicably dies and Ainosuke receives a cornea transplant from him. After the surgery, whenever he’s hit on his left eye, he starts seeing unfamiliar images. He begins investigating, thinking they can explain his brother’s death. It won’t be as easy as he thinks, though, as a criminal organization make its move at the same time. 

A thrilling and engaging drama that’ll keep you more and more intrigued as the episodes go by! [⚠️: Please check this special before watching the series, or else you will be spoiled in the first episode of the drama.]

Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito (2017)

In the past, Higurashi lost all his senses, except his sight. Even so, he’s a private detective who finds lost things relying on his special and powerful sense. Yoko, his daughter’s nursing teacher, asks him one day to find an important object for her. While talking to his doctor, he is told that, if he keeps using his special sight, he might end up going blind.

An original and well-executed detective drama accompanied by a cute dad-daughter bond. [⚠️: I recommend checking this special before watching the series!]

Mirai Sentai Timerranger (2000)

In the future, the Time Protection Department was formed to monitor and prevent time-travel crimes. A villain crew deceives four TPD cadets into enabling them to time-travel to the year 2000 to conduct multiple crimes. The four cadets follow them, but they run into a problem: the Timeranger program needs 5 members to start the first operation. As a result, they force Tatsuya, a martial artist from the present, into joining them and becoming the Timerangers!

A greatly done series that offers an entertaining watch, filled by unique villains and a great and amusing team bonding.

Kamen Rider Den-O (2007)

Ryotaro is a young man with really bad luck. One day, he finds a mysterious girl riding a time-traveling train. As if things couldn’t get any weirder, he's possessed by an entity called Imagin. But this doesn't end there, as Ryoutarou from now on must become Kamen Rider Den-O and fight the evil Imagins who attempt to change the past! 

A hilarious ride joined by some emotional moments, plus a memorable friendship between the main lead and the supporting ones that'll make you witness peculiar and delightful cast chemistry.

Ultraman Geed (2017)

After escaping from the raid of a monster, Asakura Riku and his partner Pega. Thanks to the operating system REM, he transforms into Ultraman Geed, who, according to the inhabitants of the city, seems to them to have a certain resemblance to Belial, a villain, consequently raising suspicions of him being Belial’s son. From these experiences, Riku decides to rebel against the inherited destiny that has been forced upon him. 

An action-packed drama led by a lovely main hero, and a likable supporting cast!

Ultraman Z (2020)

Devil splinters, fragments of a past villain, have been creating havoc in the universe. A mysterious being appears and wants to use these to destroy all planets. While Ultraman Zero and his disciple, Ultraman Z, are fighting this being, they start approaching Earth. There, Haruki, a passionate young man, joins STORAGE, the anti-monster robot army designed to defend Earth. 

Such a fateful encounter between Z and Haruki will lead to a fun and entertaining drama filled with exciting battles and intriguing villains.

Mahou Sentai Magiranger (2005)

The Infershia, malevolent beings, have resurfaced to seek vengeance after being imprisoned within the Earth for fifteen years. When the Infershia invades, 5 siblings witness their mother change before their eyes and hand them MagiPhones to turn into a magic 5-person team. Now, gifted with magical abilities, the 5 swear to live up to their family's legacy. 

An entertaining series with wholesome and hilarious interactions between the main cast and a hidden mystery that’ll only make you want to keep watching!

Kamen Rider OOO (2010)

Hino Eiji is a homeless wanderer with a troubled background filled with tragedy. The moment he returns to Japan, he encounters Ankh, a medal-formed being known as Greeed, with whom he will battle against the Evil Greeeds as Kamen Rider OOO. OOO shares one of the most solid plots you'll find in a Kamen Rider series. 

Filled with a good amount of well-developed characters, this series will offer you an amusing and interesting watching experience that’ll include lots of exciting action scenes and, at times, touching ones.

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