de Lily Alice, janeiro 12, 2024

The upcoming tvN drama Queen of Tears, featuring Kim Soo HyunKim Ji WonPark Sung HoonKwak Dong Yeon, and Lee Joo Bin, is set to be released in March.

Queen of Tears tells the story of Hong Hae In, the daughter of the family that runs Queens Group, and Baek Hyun Woo, the legal director for Queens Group. 

The drama explores the crisis faced by the couple in their third year of marriage.

Scripted by Park Ji Eun, known for works like My Love from the StarThe Legend of the Blue Sea, and Crash Landing on You, and directed by Jang Young Woo (Bulgasal: Immortal Souls), Kim Hee Won (Little WomenVincenzo), the drama has garnered significant attention. 

Furthermore, the stellar lineup of actors, including Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won, Park Sung Hoon, Kwak Dong Yeon, and Lee Joo Bin, bring tears of joy to the audience.

Kim Soo Hyun takes on the role of Baek Hyun Woo, the legal director for the Queens Group, born and raised in the rural village of Yongduri. Baek Hyun Woo is a law graduate of a prestigious university.

Three years after becoming the husband of Hong Hae In, an unexpected crisis approaches Baek Hyeon Woo. 

Kim Ji Won transforms into Hong Hae In, the president of Queens Department Store. Having been wealthy since birth, Hong Hae In is a queen who has never bowed down to others. She chose to marry Baek Hyeon Woo and has been leading a splendid life until unexpected difficulties arise. 

Park Sung Hoon plays Yoon Eun Seong, an M&A specialist and former Wall Street analyst. Yoon Eun Seong is a famous investor known to everyone who returns to Korea after living abroad for a long time and begins to form a relationship with the Queen Group family. Although his abilities are outstanding, he gives off a somewhat mysterious vibe. 

Kwak Dong Yeon plays Hong Soo Cheol, the CEO of Queens Mart and Hong Hae In's younger brother. Having grown up with his dominating older sister, Soo Cheol leads a happy married life with his wife, Cheon Da Hye (Lee Joo Bin), who is her exact opposite. 

Lee Joo Bin takes on the role of Cheon Da Hye, the beautiful wife of Hong Soo Cheol. With an elegant and sophisticated appearance, along with a polite demeanor and intellectual charm, Cheon Da Hye receives abundant affection from the elders of the Queens Group. 

Queen of Tears is set to premiere in March.