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Kim Soo Hyun and Park Eun Bin's K-drama father Jeon Bae Soo confirms his next work.

On April 30, actor Jeon Bae Soo revealed his next project after the hit tvN K-drama Queen of Tears. According to media outlet Star News, the actor will join the cast of the upcoming Disney+ historical K-drama Murky Water

This will be one of the upcoming K-dramas of Jeon Bae Soo. He will also join the cast of the upcoming series The Whirlwind, Queen Woo, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2

Aside from several upcoming K-dramas, the actor is also booked and busy with several movie castings. Jeon Bae Soo will also star in the new films The Grotesque Train, Control, and The Land of Happiness

Jeon Bae Soo recently starred in the highest tvN K-drama rating of all time, Queen of Tears. He starred as the father of Kim Soo Hyun's character Baek Hyun Woo. 

He is also known for being the father of Park Eun Bin in the hit ENA K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Jeon Bae Soo has starred in various hit projects such as Queen of Tears, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, All of Us Are Dead, Mr. Queen, When the Camellia Blooms, Stranger, Fight for My Way, and more.

Murky Water is a fictional historical K-drama. It will revolve around a man who started from the bottom and stepped up to a legendary status. The story will showcase power and ambition in the Joseon era. 

Jeon Bae Soo will work alongside Rowoon, Shin Ye Eun, Park Seo Ham, Park Ji Hwan, and Kim Dong Won

Murky Water will be the next work of director Choo Chang Min (Masquerade) and writer Chun Sung Il (All of Us Are Dead). Both the director and writer have previously worked with actor Jeon Bae Soo.

Jeon Bae Soo will portray the role of Kang Won Soo, the head of Hanyang's upper stage.

Murky Water is set to have its first script reading next month. The cast and crew will also begin filming soon.

The upcoming K-drama will exclusively premiere on Disney+ and it will have a total of 9 episodes.


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