de lo_ve, fevereiro 2, 2021

Park Ha Sun, Ahn So Hee, Red Velvet's Yeri and more are confirmed as leads on tvN's Drama Stage 2021.

Drama Stage 2021 will include 10 one-act plays and it will begin it's broadcast on March 3rd 2021. This one-act play project successfully debuted in 2017 with fresh and original productions and it will continue even this year. 

Below is the lineup for Drama Stage 2021: 

"Attention Seeker" with Ahn So Hee and Kwak Dong Yeon

A black comedy drama that will tell the life of an influencer who's known for lying. As the influencer pretends to be a goldsmith, a killer will kidnap her.

"Agency Man" with Gong Seung YeonGo Bo Gyeol, and Yoo Teo

A suspense psychological drama about a woman who became a surrogate mother and decides to live the life of the client who hired her.

"The Fair" with Nam Gyu RiChoi Byung Mo, and Cha Hak Yeon/ VIXX's N)

A drama where the protagonist seeks punishment through the new system (Virtual Crime Program - VCP) for the criminal who broadcasted seven murders live on the internet.

"Deok Gu is Back" with Woo Hyun and Yang Kyung Won

A family drama about Deok Gu who returns after he went missing for 5 years. Deok Gu's family wants him to pretend he's dead because of the insurance money.

"Love Spoiler" with Lee Joo Bin and Kwon Soo Hyun

A love story between two wounded men and women in the dystopian era, where the expiration date of love can be determined through genetic testing. 

"Lucky" with Kim Woo Seok and Park Se Wan

A fantasy romance drama where a genie appears in front of two young men and women who are struggling with reality to grant their wishes. 

"Mint Condition" with Red Velvet's YeriIm Chae Moo and Ahn Woo Yeon

The drama will narrate the story of an old man who turned into a young man in his twenties due to a malfunction of an MRI machine, he begins to live in harmony with young hip-hopers and adjusts to his youthful life. 

"Park Seong Sil's Fourth Industrial Revolution" with Shin Dong MiBae Hae SeonHeo Young Ji and Kim Do Hyun

The drama will tell the story of a call center counsellor who struggles to keep the job he has from the AI counsellors.

"The Road to Obstetrics and Gynecology" with Park Ha Sun

A black comedy where a pregnant woman struggles to survive and give birth during a zombie apocalypse.

"EP, Goodbye Dorothy" with Han Ji Eun and Kim Joo Heon

A psychological follow up drama between an internet reporter and a digital funeral director who will solve the mystery of the hidden camera crime.


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