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Many Hong Kong Dramas can be difficult to find for fans that don't live in Asia. That is one of the main reasons why it is not as popular as Korean Dramas or Chinese Dramas towards oversea fans. However, there are still many talented singers and great songs that I would recommend even if you haven’t watched the drama.

Hubert Wu

Hubert is an amazing singer and has sung many OSTs for various TVB dramas. He also has his own Youtube channel where he covers songs from many different artists. I highly recommend everyone to check out all his songs if you haven’t heard them before.

                                                   The Exorcist’s Meter(Main OST: I Was Here)

This song is written for the character he portrays in the drama. He also wrote and sang the OST for The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0 which aired on May 4. Both songs are great and are used to show the different personas he will have in the series.

                                                      Karma Rider(The Butterfly Lovers)

Karma Rider is a show inspired by the Chinese tale Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, a story where the couple ended up reincarnating into a pair of butterflies. Hubert also sang the main OST for the show which is called Enlightenment.

Fred Cheng

Fred gained popularity after winning the music show Voice of the Stars and since then he has sung for multiple TVB dramas. He is a really talented singer and I recommend people to check out all his mv. He is currently engaged with Stephanie Ho which is another singer that I highly recommend.



This is Fred’s most popular music video. Personally, the show itself did not really stand out to me however this OST is a song that I absolutely love.

                                                            Life on the Line(Main OST: Fearless)

The show focused on the job of ambulance personnel and featured several actors and actresses that have gained popularity in recent years.

Stephanie Ho

Stephanie has sung and acted in multiple TVB dramas. Recently she has become an independent artist and has released her first song on her youtube channel.

                                                           Legal Maverick(In Front of Love)

Legal Maverick is probably my favorite show that TVB has made. I recommend people to watch it if they are able to find it. Some of the scenes do not have an accurate representation of real-life however it does shed a light on problems that we could see in our society.

                                                  Over Run Over (Main OST: True Lovers)

The show is about the characters going back in time to the same three days to try and prevent different problems from ever happening.

Vincent Wong

In recent years Vincent has been starring in many dramas since his role in Over Run Over. He also has started singing for many of the dramas he has acted in.

                                                          Fist Fight (Main OST: Extraordinary)

Fistfight was a show that I really enjoyed watching and was filmed in several different countries. I would recommend anyone that is interested in action to give this show a try. 

                                                        Legal Mavericks (Main OST: Insight)

This song encapsulates the theme of the drama really well and is a good contrast compared to the one that Stephanie sang. This is also the second drama that Vincent has acted in with Tracy Chu.

Hana Kuk

Hana songs are really well sung and she is very talented. She has sung songs for multiple movies and dramas in Hong Kong.

                                                               Fist Fight (Don’t Be Afraid)

I really like the beat of this song and think that the music video was filmed really well. Both the OST for this drama is excellent and I definitely recommend it.

                                                          Life on the Line (Last Forever)

This is another song that I find really calming and has a beautiful melody. The show itself I think was decent and you should check it out if you have spare time.

Kayee Tam

Kayee has sung for multiple TVB dramas and has also acted as side characters in a few. All her songs are really different in style so I recommend you check out several of her songs to see which one you’ll like more.

                                                              Big White Duel (Can You Hear)

The song itself is written in all English and for those that are interested, there is a Cantonese version of the song that she sang with Kenneth Ma, who starred in the show. However, the English version is sung based on the story of the drama, while the Cantonese version isn’t really related to the story.

                                          Apple-Colada (Main OST: Accompany You)

I have not watched this drama yet so I currently have no comments on it. However, I really like this song and think that it is really catchy.

Auston Lam

Auston Lam is probably most known for his role in Come Home Love. He also has acted as side characters for multiple dramas the most recent being Brutally Young.

                                              Come Home Love (No Lies No Tears)

I love all the songs he sang in Come Home Love. All the songs he sang in the series are related to the character he plays in the show. He has also sung The Puppet Said and The Angel Said for the series.

                                       Our Unwinding Ethos (Main OST: Legends)

The show itself is pretty interesting and is focused on the idea of how people try to hide the truths by disguising them as legends.

I hope those that are reading this article were able to find a song that they like. I might be writing another article that would recommend more songs that I personally like. Also, you can leave some comments on ideas that you would be interested to read about.

Edited by: BightestStar (2nd editor)

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