de Lily Alice, junho 19, 2024

No Way Out: The Roulette has confirmed its premiere date for July 31. 

No Way Out follows Baek Joong Sik, a detective who must protect Kim Kook Ho, a heinous criminal who becomes a target for murder due to the 20-billion-won bounty on his head after his release from prison.

Veteran actor Jo Jin Woong plays police officer Baek Joong Sik, who is tasked with protecting the heinous criminal Kim Kook Ho (Yoo Jae Myung).

Actor Jo Jin Woong commented, "I think he is a bit different from the detective characters I've played so far," adding, "I think Baek Joong Sik is a more humane and deeper character." 

The K-drama also dropped its poster.

No Way Out will premiere on July 31. There is no news yet about the K-drama's global OTT streaming service.