de Hazel Jung, julho 12, 2023

Woo Do Hwan, Lee You Mi, Oh Jung Se, and Kim Hae Sook have been cast in the Netflix series Mr. Plankton, which tells the story of the most unfortunate woman in the world, Jo Jae Mi, forced to accompany Hae Jo, a man mistakenly born with an eccentric 'seed,' on his final journey in life.

Woo Do Hwan, known for his sincere and pure portrayal of a young boxer in the Netflix series Bloodhounds, takes on the role of Hae Jo, a man who was mistakenly born with an unconventional 'seed' and had to choose a wandering life without a family. One day, news shakes Hae Jo's life, and he searches for his biological father.

Lee You Mi, who garnered attention for her intense presence in the Netflix series Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead, where she won an Emmy® Guest Actress Award, portrays the role of Jo Jae Mi, the most unfortunate prospective bride in the world. Jo Jae Mi, who always wanted a family, suddenly embarks on an unfortunate journey with Hae Jo just before her wedding to Jonggatjib's fifth-generation only son Eo Heung.

Oh Jung Se takes on the role of Eo Heung, the deeply rooted fifth-generation eccentric reader of Jonggatjib. Eo Heung uses a hidden card of premarital pregnancy to overcome opposition from the elders in the house and fulfill his marriage to Jae Mi. However, on the wedding day, Jae Mi mysteriously disappears with Hae Jo. Eo Heung sets out to pursue them relentlessly.

Kim Hae Sook portrays Beom Ho Ja, Eo Heung's mother and the daughter-in-law of Jonggatjib for 60 years. Beom Ho Ja has endured various oppressions and pressures as the daughter-in-law of Jonggatjib since the age of seventeen. Now, as the leader of a respectable small-sized business that runs the deep-rooted food business of the Pungyeong family, she exudes an overwhelming force and presence. Enraged that Jae Mi, the prospective daughter-in-law, accepted solely because she carried the 'seed' of the Pungyeong family, has disappeared, Beom Ho Ja stops at nothing to catch Hae Jo and creates a commotion.

Meanwhile, Mr. Plankton is written by Jo Yong, the author of It's Okay to Not Be Okay, and directed by Hong Jong Chan, known for the Netflix series Juvenile Justice and the drama Dear My Friends